8 Pieces of Poker Etiquette

The rules for all forms of poker are there in black and white, well they are somewhere in black and white trust me. Certain hands beat others, bets have to be of a certain size and so on and so forth.

In addition to the laws of the game, there is poker etiquette that you need to adhere to otherwise potentially face the wrath of your fellow poker player. Here are eight such piece of poker etiquette you should already be abiding to and if not, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Do Not Slowroll

Slowrolling, that is waiting for longer to reveal your cards than necessary when you have a very strong hand that is likely to be the best at showdown, is massively frowned upon and has probably caused more black eyes and bloodied noses than any other poker related incident.

Don't do it. It's unfair to your opponents and make you look like an ass.

Don't Be Smelly!

If you're planning on playing live poker at any point please ensure you have had a wash and put some clean clothes on. In the live arena you are often sat very close to your opponents and the game is hard enough without having to stop your gag reflex because someone at the side of you smells like an old Shire horse. The same goes for bad breath, if you have the breath of a thousand lizards either don't talk or chew some gum. Thanks.

Don't Act Out Of Turn

It is impossible to act out of turn while playing online poker, but oh so easy in a casino. Not only will repeat offenders eventually receive a penalty, acting out of turn can completely alter how a hand would have played out and this can upset the Poker Gods, which is never a good thing to happen.

Don't Talk About The Hand That's In Progress

While it is tempting to give a big sigh and tell your table mates that you would have flopped quads with your 8c-2s, don't. Like acting out of turn, talking about the hand that is taking place can drastically change how the hand plays out. Try to remain as impartial as possible as to not give any of the active players any idea into what you could have held.

Don't Berate The Dealer

You want a happy dealer at your table because a happy dealer deals faster, they help keep the game progressing and they let your little mistakes go unpunished more often (think acting out of turn). One sure fire way to make your dealer unhappy is to berate them if they make a mistake themselves or their last deal puts a horrific bad beat on you. Did that dealer preselect those cards? No they didn't, so get off their case.

Get It Quietly

Winning a hand of poker feels good, especially if that hand won you a decent chunk of change. It's good to be happy, but remember that in order for you to have won, someone else had to have lost. A wry smile, or visualising a fist pump is all well and good, standing on the table air-humping screaming "can you feel it, huh, can you feel that?" is not.

Don't Angle Shoot

Although angle shooting isn't necessarily cheating, it sure should be. An angle shoot is attempting to bend the rules to gain an advantage. For example, moving your hands in such a motion that someone could perceive you're pushing all-in only to not actually move your chips. This would allow you to gauge how your opponent would react to such a move.

There are dozens of ways to angles shoot, most of which are likely to get you actually shot if you play poker with the wrong crowd.

Never Physically Attack Your Opponents!

The smelly guy who has been talking about the hand in progress and over-celebrate may deserve a smack in the face but you're not the person to give him it. Likewise, remember that despite the money aspect of poker, poker is still a game and if you have to bray someone when you lose a hand then maybe poker isn't the game for you.

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