How to play pocket pairs with a short to medium stack

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Annette gives an in-depth look at how she goes about playing pocket pairs when short stacked.

Ok, so there have been a lot of posts about this lately, and I made a reply to one of them that I think lot of people missed, so I'll copy it here again. It's a big leak in peoples' games to over value pocket pairs when short stacked, and I often see terrible overshoves because people just don't know what to with them. Here's a chart for what I do in these spots.... now, I'm not saying this is the correct way to play them, but at least it will keep u out of trouble most of the time and the mistakes wont be too big.

Assuming UTG at 9 handed table: (Very small or no ante)

Edit- This of course depends on the table and their calling ranges, but this is just some pointers if you are at a random table with no reads on the players

50x bb+
limp or raise

25x bb +:
raise all pps

20x-25x bb
22-55 fold
66+ raise

15x-20x bb
22-66 fold
77+ raise

12x-14x bb
22-88 fold
88+ raise and call shove

10x-11x bb
22-77 fold
88+ shove

9x bb
22-44 fold
55+ shove

8x bb or less
shove any pp

With antes later in tourneys:

22-55 fold
66-88 raise and fold to shove
99+ raise and call shove

22-77 fold
88+ raise and call shove

22-77 fold
88+ shove

22-33 (cant decide what to do with 44 lol) fold
55+ shove

9x or less:
shove any pp

Just felt like taking some responsibility and get some poker back up on the board after all this drama :)


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Comments (4)

  1. Henning | 21 March 2008

    does the second numbers with Antes refer to the M - the big blind + small blind + antes?
    or what is that x times the...?

  2. Ken | 25 March 2008


    Thanks for the info. The people at my Poker Hangout would really like to see some hand histories from the 180 sng you played blind. Appreciate it if you could help me out.

  3. pigsfly16 | 12 August 2008

    Thanks for the PP post Annette! Only the pp of fives made me gasp!

    Bon Chance.


  4. ivanildo | 31 January 2009

    But theres one thing.. how do u play after the flop with the pp. one thing is to know that u should raise but for example in this situation:

    12x-14x bb
    22-88 fold
    88+ raise and call shove

    but imagine u raise with 99 out of position and get called by 1 player, the flop brings 1 or 2 over cards and u're out of position.

    what do u do in that spot.?

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