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Annette 15

An online prodigy turned inaugural WSOPE main event champion breaking the record by being the youngest ever bracelet winner. Annette had been a Betfair pro for a matter of days before winning the Main Event and putting her name down in history. Annette can be seen regularly playing on Betfair under the alias Annette 15 and now has her own $20K GTD tournament every Tuesday and Friday evenings 19:30 UK time.

Quick chat from the rail…

1 – Can you tell us about your family and background?
I live my mother in Stavanger located in the South West of Norway and I am on the lookout for a new place following my poker success.

2 - Online or offline?
Before the WSOPE I would always have said online as that is where I have had the most success however, following the WSOPE I want to take my online results offline.

3 - Best online and offline successes?
Offline is easy; my 1st place and £1,000,000 win at the WSOPE is bar far and away my biggest win to date.

Online is a little harder to pick my best success I would probably say a 1st place for $117,000 in an online tournament, however I am really excited about my own tournaments and the other tournaments on Betfair

4 - Preferred game?
It has and probably always will be NL Hold’em, but if I have more time I enjoy playing PL Omaha.

5- Most memorable hand?
This has to be my pocket 7’s against Tabatabai’s 65 to a flop of 765, I bet, he reraises, I move all in and he calls, the turn and river don’t help win and I’m £1,000,000 richer ☺.

Away from the WSOPE I was in a tourney with 16 left, I was in the cut off with 62d, the flop came Q96 two clubs, I check…the one caller raises I reraise, he reraised again and I move all in – he quickly folded giving me about 1/3 of his chip stack. That was nice!

6 - Do you have a specific approach to your game?
I’ll always take this tourney by tourney, I’m very good at labelling other players and I am able to quickly adapt my approach to suit, I’m always looking to isolate the fish and dominate the callers.

7 - What would be your ultimate final table?
It would have to be a mixture of personality, flare and aggression; I’d love to play against Negreanu, Hansen, Farha, Brunson and Harrington.

8 - Aims for the coming year?
I really want to cash at an EPT and am looking forward to building and establishing my relationship with Betfair. I’ve got the Aussie Millions coming up and my own tournaments on Betfair, as always I am looking forward to my next win!