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Tales of the Vegas Virgin - Day 7 - Interview, Craps and WSOP

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The excellent Simon Zammit completes his first week of blogging for Betfair Poker at the World Series of Poker.

I rolled out of bed and dragged myself into the bathroom and the shower worked wonders as I felt like a new person; recharged and ready for action!

First order of business was a repeat of Monday morning which has been the only sad thing on my trip - saying goodbye to my friends. This time, Richard was next to go back across the pond (probably still is) to good, old Europe.

We met around 10:30 and walked a few minutes into the Wynn and had breakfast. Richard and I went over the trip so far and also recalled a few hilarious moments from last night (thanks Rob). Of course, the body shots chapter of the evening was also brought up which made me smile again.

After breakfast, we met up with Rob at the Eastern Bar for a small discussion and my phone rang with some rather interesting news. Petri, from Card Player Magazine, called to ask for an interview but this time, I was to be the one on camera! Richard was pleased to see me a bit worried and excited as I have never been on TV (intentionally) but explained that it's not that hard..

As soon as the clock hit 13:00, Richard gathered his belongings, shook hands with Rob and I and departed to experience once again the pain and suffering of a ten hour flight! Day 2B was underway and about eight Betfair players were still in action, accompanied of course by Peter Jepsen. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, aliases C Jakob, DIMEFI and bifta had been knocked out but was happy to know that Peter had gone from about 27k up to 45k which was a good start.

I met up with the Card Player team just after 14:00 and proceeded to walk towards the Registration Area, which houses all the official WSOP posters where interviews are done. After quickly going through the questions - WSOPE, Free Million Dollar Game and Caesars Cup, we proceeded with the interview but I stuttered more than Elmer Fudd would do if he were high! Thankfully, I took a deep breath, relaxed and take two went really well and the whole five minute interview took place without further interruption.

Sami, Managing Editor of Card Player, also handed out the latest issues of the Swedish language magazine which also had a full back poster of Annette and the Free Million Dollar Game - nice! After the interview was sorted, both Petri and Sami promised to email links for yesterday's interviews with John, Annette, Sorel and myself so will hopefully post them on the blog tomorrow! Paul and Rob collected me at the entrance of the tournament room and we headed towards Peter's table.

Unfortunately, he had just lost a 20,000 pot and was down to 23,000 but he soon got back up to 28k. We had a quick chat and then I left him to do what he does best, win some poker. Rob and I headed towards the Feature Table whilst Paul went to see how the remaining Betfair qualifiers were doing. I was smiling when I saw Phil Hellmuth sitting to the right of a Norwegian player who I had played poker with yesterday (and also took $500 from) which was amusing. After a few minutes, Phil was involved in a massive pot which started as follows:

UTG - Folds
Player 5 - Folds
Player 6 - Folds
Phil - Raise to 2,700
Norwegian - Folds
Player 9 - Raises to 5,000
Dealer - Folds
Small Blind - Folds
Big Blind - Folds

Rob and I looked closely as Phil then proceeded to re-raise 10,000 and was instantly re-re-raised by the young player to 18,000 chips! Phil took about three minutes to calculate his possibilities and amazingly announced the two most exciting words we could hear, ALL IN. The excitement was short lived and the player folded within two seconds and Phil actually showed pocket Queen's. Personally, I was surprised that he would risk walking into a monster pair of King's or Aces with that hand but then again, he won eleven Bracelets and millions of dollars so I'm pretty confident he had it all worked out.

After spending about another hour taking pictures and looking at some interesting hands, all three of us headed towards the Fashion Mall for a very American lunch, Food Court. We then proceeded to buy tickets for the Betfair players and ourselves for a Hypnotist show tomorrow night and all of us were happy that the tickets were half price. It was about 17:00 when both Paul and Rob decided to teach me how to play Craps so we headed towards New York, New York for some cheap lessons. Rob and Paul are pretty confident Crap players so my bankroll of $20 was a bit different from theirs.

Dice soon started rolling and Paul was taking care of both his and my own bets, teaching me the game, the evil and unspoken number "7"and words such as Yo, which is a fancy was of saying eleven. This is because eleven sounds a lot like seven and apparently, Craps is the most superstitious game of them all! I also got to roll the dice a few times (poorly) and after an hour or two of playing, all of us made it out of the Casino with a profit - I started with $20 and exited with $71 so happy days!

We got back to the Encore and agreed to meet at 21:30 for dinner and a few drinks and since I have been writing this blog, I will not make it as the time is now 21:15! Oh well, a bit of waiting never hurt anyone! Finally, also happy to report that Betfair qualifier E V V O is now on just over 70,000 chips! Well done and keep it going!

Till then, this is the Vegas Virgin signing off!

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