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Sorel so close to WSOP bracelet...again

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Sorel 'Imper1um' Mizzi once again came within touching distance of winning a coveted World Series of Poker bracelet, but unfortunately finished as runner-up in Event#35, the $5,000 Pot-limit Omaha tournament.

Eleven players returned for the third and final day but Jeppe Nielsen's early exit at the hands of online legend, Cliff 'JohnnyBax' Jospehy meant they were down to a ten-handed final table.

Another well-known and well-respected online superstar, Isaac Baron was the first to bust from the official final table and was followed to the rail about an hour later by Samuel Ngai. Danish pro, Peter Jetten and Van Marcus were the next casualties ensuring the remaining six players would all win at least $67,663.

Sorel turns into the aggressor

Mizzi then ramped up the aggression at the short handed table, making min-raises preflop and three-betting in position, both of which allowed him to add nicely to his stack. He was then involved in a big hand with Rifat Palevic, who started the day second in chips, when Palevic completed the small blind and Mizzi checked his option.

A flop of AhTc9h saw the Swede lead out for 40,000 and a call from Mizzi. Palevic then slowed down when the 7d fell on the turn, opting to check-call a 115,000 bet from Mizzi. The river was the four of clubs, Palevic checked, Mizzi bet 300,000 chips, which was around the size of the pot and after two minutes Palevic made the call only to throw away his hand in disgust as Mizzi showed he had turned a straight with Jh8s5d5h. That pot took Mizzi to around 1,300,000 chips.

Cracking Aces

Soon after Mizzi knocked out Felipe Ramos in sixth place when he managed to get all-in preflop with Ah7dJc9c against AsAd6dTc of Ramos. A flop of 2dTd4s completely missed Mizzi and extended Ramos' lead as it also gave him the nut flush draw but the 8h on the turn gave Mizzi some hope and a full wrap draw on the river, minus any diamonds of course. The dealer dealt the Jh on the river and Mizzi completed his straight and now had 2,100,000 chips, almost double of his nearest rival.

Mizzi then once again clashed with Rifat Palevic, doubling him up initially before eliminating him when they both made two-pair by the river after being all-in preflop, but the Betfair pro's Aces and threes beat Palevic's Aces and two's. Dan Hindin exited soon after to make it three handed when he was unlucky to run his KKxx into Richard Austin's AAxx preflop.

Explosive final hand

After playing small ball poker, an explosive hand occurred that saw two players eliminated at the same time! Richard Austin called from the button, Sorel Mizzi completed from the small blind and Cliff Josephy raised to 150,000 from the big blind. Austin called and Mizzi unexpectedly re-raised pot to 750,000. Josephy moved all-in for 195,000 more. Austin then went into the tank for a minute before flat calling. After confirming that he could not reraise, Mizzi also called the all in.

The flop came Kc9d3c and Mizzi went all-in for 680,000 which Austin quickly called. The players turned their cards onto their backs to reveal they had all hit the flop in some way, shape or form.

Sorel Mizzi - AcAh5d3d
Austin - QhJs8c5c
Josephy - AdKhKs8d

The eight of spades on the turn was effectively a blank for each of the three players but the 7c on the river completed Austin's flush and with it handed him the $5,000 Pot-limit Omaha title.

It was the second time Mizzi has finished as runner-up in a WSOP PLO event having come second behind Theo Jorgensen at the 2008 World Series of Poker Europe in the £5,000 buy-in tournament.

Mizzi's third cash of the 2009 WSOP took his live career earnings to over $1,500,000 and surely that elusive bracelet cannot be too far away for one of pokers hottest stars.

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