Super Bowl Sunday: 15 reasons to stay up for the big game

Bill Belichick will be preparing for a New England Patriots win this Sunday
Bill Belichick will be preparing for a New England Patriots win this Sunday

Super Bowl XLIX sees Seattle Seahawks taking on New England Patriots in a battle to win the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy. Here at Betfair we realise it doesn't kick off until 23:30 though, so here we've given you 15 reasons to stay up to the bitter end...

"Let's face it, you don't get many opportunities to stay up until 3am on a Sunday night/Monday morning drinking beer and eating junk food and it be socially acceptable, so this is as good a reason as any to get into American Football."

1. Tom Brady is one of the greats, but isn't without controversy

New England quarter-back TomBrady is about to feature in a scarcely-believable SIXTH Super Bowl, finally breaking out of a joint-record held with John Elway. His record currently stands at 3-2, but the 'Deflate Gate' controversy has meant his reputation has been called into question. Read a fascinating profile of him and the recent allegations here.


2. Both coaches want to win at all costs

New England coach Bill Belichick has a rap sheet as long as his arm - Spy Gate, Formation Gate and now Deflate Gate are all episodes that divide opinion throughout the world of NFL. He'll operate on the margins of fairness in his quest for success. What's more, Seattle coach Pete Carroll isn't without controversy either. This is a game with a fascinating subtext.

Read more about it here.

3. Our writers have it all sewn up. Or do they?

Fancy a bet on the big game? Well we've got three NFL experts to tell you what their bets will be on Sunday night. And let me tell you, they're in pretty big disagreement. Find out what they think here.

4. The outcome is actually pretty hard to predict

The handicap (Seattle +0.5) is saying that this should be the closest Super Bowl in history, yet it doesn't always work out like that. In fact, many Super Bowls in the past that have been predicted to go close have turned out to be about as one-sided as a fox hunt. So, in short, who knows? Exciting!

Check out some of the most dramatic and surprising shellackings throughout history here.

5. The Patriots have loads of good players worth watching

Rob 'Gronk' Gronkowski, the aforementioned Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis, Julian Edelman... the list goes on and on. Luca Bercelli profiles the Pats' best operators.


6. Seattle aren't too bad themselves

Hell, they're in the Super Bowl aren't they? And in Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch they've got some superstars themselves. Luca gives us the skinny on the Seahawks here.


7. The Patriots stormed back after a stuttering start

Certain people were predicting the Belichick/Brady era to be over after a dreadful start to the season, which included a 41-14 battering at the hands of Kansas City. Brady couldn't throw a touchdown pass for love nor money. And then they started to gather steam...

8. The Seahawks also stormed back after a stuttering start

One of the great things going into this Super Bowl is that just about everyone is divided on who will win. It's a close one to call. Further evidence is here in the similarities between the two teams' seasons; New England weren't the only ones to start slowly this year...

9. Check out the Legion of Boom in action

The brilliantly-named Legion of Boom is Seattle's all-conquering defensive unit that has led the NFL in numerous defensive categories. They're usually a brutal joy to watch and are the cornerstone of the Seahawks quest to win their second successive Super Bowl.

But make sure you watch from behind the sofa - two words: BIG HITS.

10. The adverts are usually absolutely sensational

If you think of the greatest ads to have ever been aired, a lot of them first saw the light of day during the Super Bowl. US advertisers know everyone is watching and therefore spend great time and expense on presenting their brands during the biggest night of the sporting calendar. My favourite Super Bowl ad is the inimitable 'Terry Tate: Office Linebacker'. Watch it below:

11. The Half Time Show

Of course, where would the Super Bowl be without the world famous Half Time Show? Over the years, such artists as The Rolling Stones, Prince and Michael Jackson have graced the Greatest Show on Turf, and this year we'll have Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz entertaining us while we crack open our second crate of beers. You can even bet on the colour of Perry's hair. Blue/Green looks a shoe-in at 3/1.

12. We've got 58 markets on the Super Bowl alone to bet on

That's right, even the most picky of bettors will be able to find something to bet on during the game. From First Offensive Play to the Colour of the Gatorade Poured Over The Winning Coach, just about everything imaginable is available to win a bit of money on.

13. It's perfectly acceptable to stay up drinking and eating until 3am on a Monday morning

Let's face it, you don't get many opportunities to stay up until 3am on a Sunday night/Monday morning drinking beer and eating junk food and it be socially acceptable, so this is as good a reason as any to get into American Football. Get the snacks and beer in, kick back on the sofa and commit to a night of indulgence.

14. We've picked out the five best bets for you

Not content with throwing a whole load of free, exclusive Super Bowl content your way, we've also asked our team of experts, our very own Legion of Boom if you will, to let you know what the best five bets for the game are. So, if you're struggling to decide what to plump for, allow us to help you out.

15. You can play one of our exclusive Twitter/Vine games for a chance to win free bets

And if you're looking to waste some time ahead of the big kick off, use the #ThisIsPlayTime hashtag to win free bets through our exclusive Super Bowl Vine games. You never know, it might be a night to remember on the betting front!

Want to know more about betting on NFL? Check out our How To Make Money Betting on NFL article here

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