NFL...Only Bettor: Season preview and outright bets

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On NFL...Only Bettor Kieran O'Connor, Mike Carlson and John Balf are joined by Jim Sannes to pick bets for the season. Listen to the podcast and read the bets summary...

"My dark horse is the Seattle Seahawks at 19/1. That's awfully sweet for a team that I think could win the NFC West. A real good value bet."

Strange start could mean messy games

John: "It's going to be a strange start to the season. There has been no preseason games so we could see some messy contests."

Mike: "I agree that there are a lot of unknowns. There's no substitute for playing. Consequentially, defences will be way ahead of offences. Teams like the Patriots, which rely on the scheming, will be at a disadvantage, and it will be difficult for coaches."

Jim: "How teams communicate will be very interesting, especially in the defences. I think offence will do very well."

Tier one teams

Jim: "I've gone for the New Orleans Saints at 11/1. That's a good price for a team with a lot of continuity from last season."

Mike: "I took the Saints and Baltimore Ravens in my preview. But my dark horse is the Seattle Seahawks at 19/1. That's awfully sweet for a team that I think could win the NFC West. A real good value bet."

John: "You won't get better odds all season than the 13/2 on the Ravens you can get now. Their offence will be a hell of a threat and they will take the AFC North with ease."

Tier two teams - 20-50/1

John: "Cleveland are 30/1 but they have an incredibly talented roster and have strengthened their coaching team."

Jim: "I'm going with Browns too. They've got talent. If they get certain players fit and firing they could click. They've also beefed up their defence."

Aaron Rodgers Packers.jpg

Mike: "I don't think the Titan, Packers or Vikings will be as good as they were last season. The Steelers might be a surprise but will face a fight to get out of their division. I'll go with the Buffalo Bills 25/1 as my tier two pick. If want to take a shot, they're worth it."

Jim: "I'm staying away from the AFC but if you want a bet to win the NFC then I'd back the Saints at 6/1."

Third tier - 55-100/1

Mike: "The Dolphins 70/1 are probably a year away from getting their act together but they are a solid team that could surprise some people. The NFC North looks pretty open and I think the Lions have a shot at winning it at 9/2."

John: "The Las Vegas Raiders 55/1 have assembled a strong roster and have a lot of potential for growth. It will be interesting to see how they respond to moving to a new city."

Jim: "For a long odds bet, I want a team with a lot of unknown entities and the Denver Broncos 55/1 fit the bill. They're defence could really suck of they could be really good. They're a really interesting team."

Season bets

John: "For most rushing yards, I think there's a chance the favourite Derrick Henry won't do as well as he did last season. I think the Chiefs Clyde Edwards-Helaire 22/1 is going to have a good season."

Jim: "For passing yards Jared Goff 11/1 looks like a bet. He is a good quarter-back with decent players around him. At those odds he's value."

Mike: "Josh Jacobs will do a lot of running so at 14/1 I like him for rushing yards. As for passing yards, I think Ben Roethlisberger is a good bet at 13/1."

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