Super Bowl 50: Freaky first round trade only makes Seahawks stronger

Jimmy 'The Freak' Graham gives Seattle a real threat in attack

The draft is all about the 'BPA' and a handful of weaker teams will rue the day they passed over Leonard 'Wild Hair' Williams says Luca Bercelli, who was more impressed by the trades made by Seattle, Miami and the New York Jets...

"This year it's the trading block that will have the biggest knock-on effect. Look for the Jets and Miami to get much better, and for Seattle to make up for last year's Superbowl sickener by dominating in all areas - 6.25/1 to win it all in 2016, that's value."

This year's draft (to be known from here on in as the 'Are you kidding me' draft) will be remembered for two reasons. Firstly the dearth of top quality players available, and secondly for the ridiculous picks made by several of the teams who should have known better.

You can't go wrong in the draft if you stick to taking the BPA (best player available) especially in the first round. Fair enough, it's easy to get blinded by the prospect of a 'franchise quarterback' so I don't blame the Bucs for taking Jameis Winston with the first overall pick, nor the Titans for being tempted by Marcus Mariota at number two. But remember ladies, for every Andrew Luck, there are countless Jake Lockers, Blaine Gabberts and Christian Ponders (all three taken in the top 12 in the same year).

No: quarterbacks aside, it should be a no-brainer to go with the BPA. Just look at the Texans in 2014. They had the best defensive end in the whole league, but when standout college player Jadeveon Clowney, also a defensive lineman, was available with their number one pick, they bit the commissioner's hand off. They didn't worry about the glaring void they had at multiple other positions. When a Rolls Royce backs up into your driveway, you get in.

Put it this way, if Manchester United were in desperate need of a centre back (and they are); who do they go for if offered John Terry or Luis Suarez? The answer, my friends, is not Jonathan Terrence.

So, with picks one and two out of the way, and Leonard (wild hair) Williams still sitting there as the widely acknowledged best player in the draft (QBs excluded...or even included, according to some experts), what did the knucklehead Jaguars, Raiders and Redskins do? They all took lesser positional players and swerved the BPA elephant in the room (the kid is 302lbs after all). They'll all regret it and the Jets should be congratulated for drafting him.

So what does all this mean for the league?

Well, trades and free agency had such a monumental impact in the off-season that it was always going to be difficult for the draft to have as much of an effect. Let's just quickly remind ourselves of the main transfer moves. Seattle (yes, that Seattle, the one with the best team in the NFL and the 6.25/1 Super Bowl favourites) only went and nabbed Jimmy (the freak) Graham. All that means is that Russell Wilson now has one of the top receiving threats in all of football. That makes Seattle all but unstoppable in the upcoming season. Good for them, boring for the rest of us.

One of the best defensive players the league has seen for a while, Ndamukong Suh, signed for the Dolphins (50.049/1 to win the Super Bowl). Make no mistake - this is a player who is 99% likely to have a better NFL career than anyone coming out of the 2015 draft. He can turn any defence from good to great, and that's phenomenal for the Fish.

In my opinion (although I am slightly biased) THE best defensive player in the whole league, Darrelle (one man is an island) Revis, returned to Florham Park and a Jets franchise that seems to have gone from being the entertainment at a kid's birthday party, to a real force, and about bloody time too. The draft usually spells Doh, Doh, and more Dohs for Jets' fans but this year gang green came out from behind the sofa and watched their new general manager hit back-to-back home runs. Revis, Brandon Marshall and Zac Stacy in trades/free-agency followed up with and an A+ in the draft.

Not only did they manage to secure the widely accepted best player - Wild Hair Williams - with the sixth pick, but they also nabbed one of the fastest wide receivers available, Devin Smith, and one of the most promising quarterbacks on the table, Bryce Petty. Suddenly the J-E-S-T are the JETS again, and not the laughing stock they usually are pre-season. I'll be backing them for the division (for a change!) @ roughly 15-1, but this time I might actually have something to cheer about.

The draft will make very little impact this year. Neither of the top QBs will be able to raise their mediocre teams much above the wooden-spoon race, and it doesn't look as if there's another Odell Beckham Jr hiding in there to take the league by storm.

No, this year it's the trading block that will have the biggest knock-on effect. Look for the Jets and Miami to get much better, and for Seattle to make up for last year's Superbowl sickener by dominating in all areas - 6.25/1 to win it all in 2016, that's value.

As for the big hitters in the draft...the Bucs, the Titans and the Jags, well, next year's BPA is just about all they've got to look forward to.

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