NFL: Betfair's Sunday Night showdown, free bets to be won every Sunday

Can you take on Betfair's NFL tipsters?
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We are launching a new weekly NFL competition involving Betfair twitter followers taking on the might of the Betfair NFL tipsters. Read on for all the details...

You can read all the T&Cs by clicking here.

Each week you'll have the opportunity to choose between the top two players* in a given position (QB, RB, WR etc) to represent you in our Sunday Night Showdown.

*The "Top Two" will be based on projected points according to the NFL Fantasy page.

The player with the most votes will then take on OUR pick on Sunday Night Showdown.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. £££

We'll then let you vote for who you think will come out on top; the Fan's player, or ours.

If you correctly predict the Sunday Night Showdown winner - you'll be entered into a draw for a £25 free bet.

Still with us?

To make things even MORE interesting, each time the Fans pick wins the Sunday Night Showdown, we'll add £50 to our Super Bowl Jackpot. Now, there's an incentive to choose wisely...

Think you are smarter than our experts?
Let's find out. Get voting.

Full T&Cs are here

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