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Sports Personality Of The Year: Betfair Ambassadors decide

Four Betfair Ambassadors out of five for Bradley Wiggins

Latest SPOTY Odds
Bradley Wiggins 1.341/3
Jessica Ennis 9.617/2
Mo Farah 11.5n/a

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year is announced on Sunday. It's set to be a fascinating night and the amount of stellar candidates make it a splendid betting event. Betfair Ambassadors Paul Nicholls, Lee Dixon, Will Greenwood and Michael Vaughan are in agreement about who they think should win. Ryan Moore, however, has other ideas...

Paul Nicholls

It clearly is a very strong line-up this year, and you have to marvel at the ability, drive and dedication of the Paralympians in particular. I have seen at first hand . I have seen at first hand with Andy's son, Paul Stewart, just how strong-minded and talented those athletes are in the face of adversity and injury. But my vote goes to Bradley Wiggins. Cycling may be having a bit of a rough time media-wise, but you can't let that detract from the achievements of Bradley, who did phenomenally well to win the Tour de France. And he comes across as a good bloke, too, as well as an outstanding sportsman.

Lee Dixon

For me this is easy: Bradley Wiggins. In 2012, he has taken British cycling to a new level. He set out to win the Tour de France and an Olympic gold. He smashed both targets to pieces. 

Wiggins is a star but his Tour victory was the epitome of a team triumph. He's been acclaimed for being the first British rider to win the Yellow Jersey but he's given great credit to his team mates too.

To top it all, he then came back to Blighty, launched the Olympic opening ceremony, then showed the world what he's all about by giving the ultimate individual effort in the Time Trial.

Wiggins can be controversial and split opinion but, as well as his sporting excellence, he has a big personality which is why he is my sports personality of the year 2012.

Ryan Moore

Bradley Wiggins is clearly the most likely winner. I wouldn't wish to underplay his achievement in taking the Tour De France, but I think it is fair to say that is more of a "team event" than some here and that he received plenty of support along the way. He clearly would be a very worth winner, though. But other sportsmen and women up for the award had to do it on their own. And for that reason I would nominate Andy Murray, and not because some may say we have similar personalities! He's playing tennis at the same time as three all-time greats, so his performance in winning the US Open gets him my vote. I stayed up to watch that and it was sensational sport.

Will Greenwood

If the award takes into account sporting prowess and the style with which it is achieved, both in and out of the arena, then there can only be one winner: Bradley Wiggins, king of cool. I don't do cycling but I want a bike for Christmas. 

Michael Vaughan

My heart and complete loyalty to Sheffield says Jessica Ennis, but it has to be Bradley Wiggins after what he's done this year. No-one has ever achieved what he has and he would be a very deserving winner.


Latest SPOTY Odds
Bradley Wiggins 1.341/3
Jessica Ennis 9.617/2
Mo Farah 11.5n/a

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