Eastenders Betting: Nation in frenzy as killer is revealed

The baby-faced assassin
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Everyone's gone mad for Eastenders with more bets placed on Betfair for Thursday's "Who Killed Lucy" show than during the 2014 Champions League final. And we have plenty of options for Friday night's live show... 

"Bobby Beale was backed by a number of punters at 100/1 in August last year meaning a good few four figure winners!"

Eleven-year-old Bobby was revealed as his sister's killer, a child was born on a pub toilet floor and Kathy Beale returned from the dead after nearly 10 years. Oh, and ANOTHER person was murdered. A pretty eventful Thursday in Albert Square it's fair to say, and the drama was matched in the betting

Our Specials Trader, Cormac Dowling, confirmed that.

"Between the first show starting at 7.30pm and the end of the flashback episode, we took nearly double the amount of bets that we took in-play last year on the Champions League final match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Bobby Beale backed by a number of punters at 100/1 in August last year meaning a good few four figure winners!"

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And there's another dose of live action to come in Friday's show, which judging by the "How is Adam?" clanger could see anything happen. You can back a character swearing live on the show at 5/1 whilst a complete blackout forcing the live show to be cancelled is 25/1. 

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Tonight's episode will spell the end for a hugely anticipated 30th anniversary week and the honour of the final famous 'Enders drumroll looks set to go to EastEnders veteran, Ian Beale, at 7/2. 

You can also bet on who may make a guest appearance during tonight's show (Nigel Farage at 16/1 anyone?), and where you think the last scene of the Live Show be filmed (The Queen Vic at 4/1), even that a character will call another character by their real name at 2/1. 

And you can get 5/1 on the show's Exec Producer, Dominic Treadwell Collins, making it onto the Queen's Summer Honour list if you reckon Liz was on the edge of her throne all week.

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Spare a thought for a confused Bobbie Beale in the USA

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