Britain's Got Talent: Powerful singer stunning value to beat comedian

Alice Fredenham has an outstanding chance this evening
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It's the second semi-final of Britain's Got Talent tonight and Mike Norman believes another vocal act will make it to the final by winning at a decent price this evening...

"In fact, I am convinced that second favourite Alice Fredenham could be an outstanding bet tonight."

Back Alice Fredenham @ [3.5] or better

Last night pretty much went to plan. The favourites to win - Richard and Adam - did so, just like the crux of yesterday's preview alluded to.

I'm not talking specifically about myself selecting the operatic brothers to win - a [2.5] winner isn't exactly the tipping success of the year is it? - I'm talking more about how the favourites to win these semi-finals usually do so because of the way they are organised. A great act, put on last, with some mediocre acts preceding it for example.

And when that last act to appear on the night is amongst the favourites to win the whole competition AND is a vocal act performing opera/theatre, then you have a rock solid wager on your hands.

Not surprisingly, another vocal act also made it to the final a week on Saturday though it wasn't the one I originally expected it to be. Band of Voices were possibly disadvantaged by having to perform early but in all honesty I didn't rate their performance and I have no qualms about the better performer on the night - Arisxandra Libantino - going through.

Richard and Adam are [5.6] second favourites to win the competition behind strong [2.3] favourites Attraction who we'll see later in the week. Arisxandra Libantino is available to back at [24.0].

Tonight's second semi-final is a real puzzle to solve and could be one of those rare occasions where either the favourite doesn't win, or if the favourite does win then it won't be a vocal or dance act.

That's because young comedian Jack Carroll is the early favourite on the exchange in the Semi Final 2 Winner market, but I'm not totally convinced that he should be favourite.

In fact, I am convinced that second favourite Alice Fredenham could be an outstanding bet tonight.

Carroll ([1.6] to win) was good but certainly not jaw-dropping during his audition and the fact is comedians have a terrible record in this competition. You have to be naturally funny, free-flowing, and really have an outstanding act to do well on Britian's Got Talent and Carroll has neither in my opinion. His act is scripted and doesn't flow for my liking and I believe we can get him beat tonight.

Fredenham on the other hand is exactly the type of act we've spoke about for the last few days - a vocal act who received fantastic reviews after her audition and someone who has surely been ear-marked to make the final.

She was rejected by the BBC's The Voice, but their loss is set to be BGT's gain. Simon Cowell described her voice as liquid gold after her audition, and I sense that she is the one, more than Carroll, who producers are desperate makes the final.

If that's the case then I believe she will get the late slot tonight, and if she does then she will take the world of beating. She is available to back at [3.5] right now on the exchange, and that looks an outstanding bet to me.

Watch out for Jack and Cormac, and Gabz Gardiner in the To Qualify market. Again, both are vocal acts who had more of the likeability factor than the X Factor (sorry, wrong show but you know what I mean) at their audition, but both had extremely catchy songs.

If Carroll has a poor comedy act tonight then one of the teenage singing acts could mount a challenge to progress to the final.

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Back Alice Fredenham @ [3.5] or better

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