Big Brother Eviction Betting: Conor a goner

Shievonne is favourite to go but Conor is the value call
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Simon Hopper picked a [6.2] winner in last week's eviction betting - has he spied another bit of value this time round?

"Conor is extremely unpopular with all of the favourites to win the show so it’s likely the public don’t think much of him either."

Back Conor to be evicted @ [2.24]

We picked Arron to be evicted at [6.2] last week and now his good mate Conor looks likely to join him on the outside tonight.

The Northern Irishman is actually the underdog at [2.24] in tonight's sixth eviction market, largely because he survived the public vote just seven days ago. But remember that Conor polled fewer votes than both Becky and Deana last week and only survived because arrogant Arron was so unpopular. This is still the same housemate who generated almost 1,000 complaints to Ofcom about his verbal abuse of Deana and he again expressed his dislike of her in last night's episode - through a very irritating megaphone (don't ask). Conor is extremely unpopular with all of the favourites to win the show so it's likely the public don't think much of him either.

Shievonne ([1.76]) has also been laying into Deana this week - when will they learn that tactic doesn't work? She was actually one of the favourites to win the show a few weeks ago - trading as short as [8.4] at one point - but she's completely lost the plot recently. The fact she didn't cry when her nieces left her a birthday message implied a lack of emotion, which was picked up straight away by the shrewd Adam. She was described as "intimidating" and "snappy" in this week's nominations and that basically sums her up.

However, Shievonne has shown signs of a funny side - in particular her oddly hilarious dislike of clowns - and she may still have some fans ready to pick up the phone.

This will be a tight eviction but Conor has been public enemy number one for a long time and this could finally be the night that he gets his comeuppance. He looks the value call at [2.24].

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Back Conor to be evicted @ [2.24]

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