Rugby World Cup 2019 Quiz

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Which player, during the 2003 World Cup final, famously said this to the ref? "Sir, you know me, I won't go up and I won't go down, but I will go forwards and backwards."

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In 2007, which England player was selected at fly half despite having never played there before but was then changed to a different position shortly before the game against South Africa in the group stages?

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In 2007 which two players served as match day captains in the World Cup

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In 2015 England captain Chris Robshaw did a promotional video for a famous brand of headphones. What was the strap line he said which was particularly embarrassing due to England's early exit?

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In a crunch game v Wales in 2015, who were the two centres selected by England?

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What is Scotland's best showing at a World Cup?

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Scotland have only failed to get out of the group stage once - when was this?

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Who was the referee that incorrectly awarded the match-winning penalty against Scotland in the 2015 quarter final against Australia?

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What is Scotland's largest ever World Cup victory?

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Who is Scotland's top points scorer in World Cup history?

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What is the furthest stage Ireland have got to at a Rugby World Cup?

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What two top tier teams have Ireland NOT played at a Rugby World Cup?

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What team have Ireland played the most at the Rugby World Cup?

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Who scored Ireland's last try in their 2015 quarter final loss to Argentina?

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Ireland scored their highest number of points in a Rugby World Cup against Namibia. How many was it?

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Against England in the 2015 World Cup a Welsh player playing on the wing made an inch perfect kick for another player to score and win the game. Who were they?

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In 2007, Wales lost two games in the group stages. Who where the two teams that beat them?

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Which Welsh World Cup centre played full back for his club and wing on his Welsh debut, but never played there again?

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Which player scored in the last 10 minutes to eliminate Wales from the 2015 World Cup

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Which French player was on the receiving end of Sam Warburton's shoulder when the Welshman received a red card in the 2011 semi-final?

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Who has scored the most points in a single World Cup tournament?

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