US Presidential Election 2020: Trump the 2/1 favourite after confirming re-election plans

Donald Trump
Trump is set to go again
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Customers on the Betfair Exchange make Donald Trump the clear 2/1 favourite to win in 2020 after the president named his campaign manager today...

US Presidential Election 2020 Winner
Donald Trump - [3.0]
Kamala Harris - [15.0]
Bernie Sanders - [16.0]
Mike Pence - [17.0]
Elizabeth Warren - [17.5]
Joe Biden - [21.0]

Donald Trump is already the clear favourite to win the next presidential election presidency on the Betfair Exchange after announcing Brad Parscale as his campaign manager and confirming he will run for re-election in 2020.

Katie Baylis, Betfair Spokesperson, said: "Donald Trump's first year or so in office has without doubt been one of the most controversial premierships of almost any political figure in history, but he is the clear favourite at this stage at [3.0] to be re-elected in 2020.

"Despite his tumultuous reign, Trump's odds of being re-elected have shortened as the year has gone on. While certain controversies saw his odds fluctuate slightly in the second half of last year, his top price of 4/1 was almost a year ago and generally his odds of re-election have shortened since then.

"While we may be two years out from the next US Election, we've already seen almost £350k bet on the outcome as Trump and US Politics continue to be of huge interest to punters. We could even see a challenge to the record breaking 2016 election, which remains the biggest market across any event in Betfair history, with more than £200m bet."

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