US Election: Klobuchar odds shorten in race to be Biden's VP pick

Amy Klobuchar addresses supporters
Klobuchar's odds are shortening
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The Minnesota senator is among the leading candidates to be Joe Biden's running mate along with longtime favourite Kamala Harris, reports Max Liu...

Biden is [2.34] to be America's next president while the incumbent Donald Trump [2.12] is the marginal favourite to win what's shaping up to be a close election.

The odds on Amy Klobuchar being the Democratic Party's vice presidential candidate at November's US election shortened on the Exchange after Joe Biden confirmed she was being vetted for the nomination.

Biden is virtually guaranteed to be the Democratic Party's candidate for president and he confirmed on Thursday that Klobuchar was among those under consideration to be his running mate.

That sent the odds on Klobuchar shortening to [4.6] at the same time as longtime favourite Kamala Harris drifted to [3.05]. Elizabeth Warren, who is believed to be the other leading candidate, is trading at [8.0].

Biden is [2.34] to be America's next president while the incumbent Donald Trump [2.12] is the marginal favourite to win what's shaping up to be a close election.

Extra focus on VP pick in 2020

The vetting process for VP candidates is a rigorous process during which shortlisted candidates consent to a review of their public and private life and work by a group of Biden confidantes, who will review tax returns, speeches, voting records, personal relationships and any potentially scandalous incidents from their past.

The irony is, of course, that Biden himself has not been free of scandalous accusations during this presidential bid and his conduct towards women is likely to come under more scrutiny between now and election day 3 November.


Since Biden confirmed earlier this year that he wanted a woman candidate to share his election ticket, Harris has been at the top of the market. There has perhaps been more intense focus than usual on the Democrats' VP pick than at previous elections due to the candidate's age.

Biden, who served two terms as Barack Obama's vice president from 2008-2016, will turn 78 in November. If he were to win the election and become president, it is possible that he would not seek re-election in 2024, by which time he would be in his early-eighties.

That means that the vice president in a Biden White House could well be the Democratic Party's nomination for president at the 2024 election. So there is an enormous amount riding on who gets the VP pick this time around.

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Monday 17 August, 5.00pm

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