'Binders Full Of Women': Obama beats Romney in second debate

Strong stuff from the President
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President's odds narrow to [1.45] after much improved performance in the second debate. Romney clashes with moderator after fluffing lines on foreign policy and committing gaffe on equal pay...

Next President Latest Odds:
Barack Obama [1.45]
Mitt Romney [3.1]

"Binders full of women." That's what Mitt Romney apparently sifted through in his time as Massachusetts senator as he tried to find female candidates for important federal roles. The phrase was an immediate hit on Twitter as observers mocked the Republican candidate's failure to give a decent account of himself in the second debate.

The night belonged to Barack Obama who managed to underline his achievements as president and paint his rival as an out of touch elitist, shrouded in vested interests. He explained that Romney's plans to reduce the deficit don't add up as the candidates clashed on tax, employment, equal pay and, most successfully for the President, foreign policy.

Romney repeatedly complained to moderator Candy Crowley, arguing that he wasn't being given enough time to get his views across. At points he appeared rude, at others needy. He's now out to [3.1] in Betfair's Next President market.

It'll be a few days before the polls give a clear view of how opinion has altered but the markets are already reacting, with money pouring in, and we'll have a full betting report on the election later today.

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