Brexit Latest: No deal trades at evens ahead of People's Vote march

The UK Parliament in Westminster
100,000 are expected to march in support of a People's Vote
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Around 100,000 people are expected to attend Saturday's People's Vote march, to demand a referendum on the final Brexit deal, but the odds suggest they're unlikely to get their way. Max Liu has the latest...

"As thousands prepare to march against Brexit, a referendum on Brexit before 2020 is trading at [3.5] on the Exchange."

A no deal Brexit is trading at evens on Betfair Sportsbook after Theresa May struggled to make progress in her negotiations with EU leaders at a summit in Brussels.

It's been another difficult week for the PM, as she was forced to consider an extended transition period for Britain after Brexit, which caused fury among hard Brexiteers in her party, and she failed to come up with any kind of solution to the Irish border issue - the real sticking point in the talks.

Estimated 100,000 expect at anti-Brexit march

On Saturday, London will host the biggest anti-Brexit demonstration yet as 100,000 are expected to march through the capital to show their opposition to Brexit. Remainers know that time is running out, with the UK [1.58] to leave the EU by March 29 next year, and they know they need to make their point louder and clearer than ever.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable will both address a rally at the march, which is being organised by the People's Vote movement, as will a host of political figures and celebrities who are backing calls for a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

At the moment, a referendum on Brexit before 2020 is trading at [3.5] on the Exchange. The other option, and the one for which the Labour Party are calling, is a general election before Brexit. You can get [3.15] on that happening.

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