French Presidential Election: Big money comes for Macron

The next president? Macron is odds-on
The next president? Macron is odds-on
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Macron is the popular choice in the French Presidential Election, attracting more than 50% of money placed over the weekend and now trading at odds-on ahead of live TV debate but Le Pen remains firm favourite to win first round of voting...

To Win The First Round
Marine Le Pen - [1.63] (61% chance)
Emmanuel Macron - [2.9] (34% chance)
François Fillon - [21.0]
Alain Juppé - [140.0]
Jean-Luc Melanchon - [200.0]
Benoît Hamon - [220.0]

Emmanuel Macron is [1.62] on the Betfair Exchange to become the next President of France ahead of a two-and-a-half hour debate between the five frontrunners in the race.

Marine Le Pen is 7/2 to become president but continues to receive plenty of support in the market. The far-right candidate is also still the odds-on favourite to win the first round of voting with Macron her only rival in the market trading with just a 34% chance.

François Fillon has seemingly recovered from recent reported discrepancies and is trading with a 16% chance, having hit a high of [40.0] on March 5. The deadline to replace him in the race, should the Republicans so wish, is March 22 and although Alain Juppé and François Baroin had been backed heavily to step into his place, they are both now trading at three-figure odds.

Benoît Hamon may have rallied thousands of supporters to a packed Paris arena on Sunday but punters still don't seem convinced he will be able to make an impact alone against the other candidates with the Socialist representative trading at 64/1.

Naomi Totten, Spokesperson for Betfair, said: "At the beginning of March, Macron had been trading at around [2.38] but has been well-backed over the past few weeks and traded at a low of [1.61] on Sunday night. The most activity has been on Macron and Le Pen in the past week with the pair accounting for more than 50% of all bets placed on the market.

"The market has already traded £7.6m and tonight's TV debate will be a huge opportunity for each candidate to state their case and prove themselves to voters, which is also very likely to attract attention from punters."

French Presidential Election 2017, Next President Odds - £7.6m Matched

Emmanuel Macron - [1.63] (61% chance)
Marine Le Pen - [4.6] (22% chance)
François Fillon - [6.4] (16% chance)
Benoît Hamon - [65.0]
Alain Juppé - [510.0]
François Baroin - [720.0]

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