I Will Punish The HUD Users!

HUD Users: You will be punished!

Happy New Year to all my faithful readers and listeners I hope you all had a really enjoyable Christmas and New Year celebrations. As I wrote in my previous update I spent the Christmas back at home in Cardiff and it was surprisingly and relatively nag free!

They are just penny-pinching muff monkeys so I need to punish them, that is my task for January and February punish the muff monkey regulars!

It was really good to be home, having home cooked food and being around my family so I actually really enjoyed it but since I returned back to London I have been so busy it is untrue. I have actually bought a business, but more on that later, so that has taken up a lot of my time and when I am not dealing with that I have been playing a lot online and working on my game a bunch, I just want to win!

My main goals for this month are to play a minimum of 100,000 hands and be in the top three winners on Betfair because I feel I have to be one of the biggest winners being a representative of the site! So far this month I have played about 45,000 hands, which is a normal working 45-hour week for me. Usually I play 10 or more tables but I've not been able to this month because the games just haven't been running despite the fact I am playing lower so that I can try a few new things out.

It's been kind of weird because a lot of my hands have been heads up or three-handed in an attempt to get games up and running but it just hasn't worked, nobody wants to sit and play unless there is what they perceive to be a big fish at the table. Some of the regulars on Betfair Poker are pretty good but a lot of them not only hide behind their HUDs and don't actually play poker but they even hit and run, in ring games! As soon as a weak player loses all of his money they won't even play another hand, they just hit the sit out button and then stay at the table until that guy reloads then they sit back in! It's so tilting because they don't realise they are killing the games doing this. The weak player realises what is going on, they aren't stupid because they've got their money from somewhere and they see they are being targeted so they don't want to play any more so sit out, then the other sit out then there are no games!

Then when a weak player does come to a site and sees there are no games they will either play at a lower level or will just leave the site completely and play at a different site. It actually angers me, these guys anger me! They are just penny-pinching muff monkeys so I need to punish them, that is my task for January and February punish the muff monkey regulars!

Hopefully I will see a few of you at GSOP Salzburg but if not, make sure you tune into my Wednesday radio show and take part in the Ambassador Challenge too on Betfair Poker!

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