Has anyone seen my bankroll?

Pud's Poker Progress RSS / Matthew Pitt / 24 September 2008 / 6 Comments

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My horrific run has continued over the past few days and my bankroll has been severely depleted, I am nowhere near busto but I have dropped around half of my bankroll and it stings. I have made a few poor plays that have cost me money but according to my tracking software I have had five KK into AA situations, four set over sets, a few two pair into high two pairs, stuff like that. I have even lost three AA into KK situations. Obviously, all the above were all in for full $25 stacks. Grrrr!

This is definitely the worst run I have ever been on and it feels like it is never going to end! I know it will but it is draining my mentally and I know I am playing pretty weakly at the moment so I will probably take the remainder of the month off, chill out and come back refreshed on October 1.

In life stuff, the car (more...) is going well and seems a bargain for what was paid for it. I have just dropped it off at the garage for the fluids changing, I was going to do them myself but my tool box consists of a screw driver, a hammer and some pliers, plus I am about as practical as an ashtray on a motorbike so best to leave it to the professionals!

Mrs P and I will get to see the baby for the first time on Monday. She was meant to have a scan around week 12 but the NHS have dragged their feet as per and she will be about 16/17 weeks on Monday which may mean we can find out the sex of Baby Pud! Conning sods want £4 per scan picture though, WTF! I would love to get one of the new 4D scans but I have been told they are about £100 or something stupid so doubt we will bother.

It seems everyone is having babies lately! Snake_Eyes from the forum has announced Mrs Snake is expecting, BurnleyMik left a post on the forum yesterday saying that they were inducing his Mrs today, Racing Ferret has just become a dad, Dremeber has also become a father and Rossi has announced Mrs R is preggers too! Stay away from the forum and this blog as it seems the pregnancy fairy is out in force, either that or everyone is skint so we just stay in and ..... :o)

It is WSOPE time and I have been keeping up to date with the articles and blog entries on the Betfair WSOPE site. There are some great articles on blogs on there from Chris Edwards (more...), Rob Eddy and I have some drivel that has been published also. Check it out for the latest updates, news and views from the Empire Casino.

I will leave it there for now, I can hear Tiger Woods calling me from the PlayStation!

As always, thanks for reading and best of luck at the tables!

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Comments (6)

  1. marley | 24 September 2008


    Just to let you I have a little one due next month and we had the same shit with the NHS and ended up getting a 4d scan. Cost £150 but it was worth it as they also spent an hour with us explaining all the questions we had.

    Anyway nice read.

  2. david | 24 September 2008

    It's not just me with KK into AA thing then? I had it three times in about 15 minutes on one table!
    Proof for the 'only on the internet' people that AA does hold up against KK most of the time.
    Don't seem to see it very often live though......

  3. Rossi | 25 September 2008

    Alright mate.

    Just been for our first scan this morning at 11 weeks and was only £1 per scan photo.

    Liverpool has its own Womens Hospital which is good.

    Am sure you will get through the downswing, i have just come out of a near $4k one!!!!

  4. Rosie | 26 September 2008

    You don't get a scan until 20 weeks in Bristol!

    Good luck with everything to you and Mrs P - You know what they say, unlucky at cards - lucky at love!

  5. lukybugur | 28 September 2008

    All the best for Monday Mate.

    And stick in at turning that downswing around. I took 6 weeks off playing and feel better for it. I'm still downswinging but I'm def handling it better having taken the break.

  6. Pud's Poker | 29 September 2008

    Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated.

    A new post will be up today or tomorrow I should expect with good news!

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