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The game of poker is constantly evolving and in order to stay one step ahead of the game you need to constantly learn the latest poker strategies. Whether you are a rank amateur or are a seasoned professional poker player looking to improve your poker game then the Betfair Poker blog is the place for you to do just that. Our dedicated poker players create excellent, original articles on a plethora of poker variants including No Limit Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha and Seven Card Stud. They produce several strategy articles every week, helping you to beat cash games, excel in single table tournaments and win multitable tournaments. Play now at Betfair Poker.

Tourney Strategy: The Stop-and-Go


Being short-stacked in a no-limit hold'em tournament is never ideal, whether during the early, middle, or late stages. Whereas a big stack affords you a wide range of options both before and after the flop,...

Taking Hands Off

After winning a big pot, some players will instinctively fold the next hand or two.

Say you're in a no-limit hold'em cash game. After struggling for most of the session, you've just won a nice pot and now suddenly you're back in black. The next hand has begun, it folds...

How To Play Longer Poker Sessions

An online poker grinder's workstation

When I first started taking online poker more seriously I always used to read about professional players logging eight hour sessions and just wonder how on Earth they used to manage it because I'd be...

Light Three-Betting in No-Limit Hold'em

The decision to three-bet light often has more to do with your opponent, position, and stack sizes than with the cards you're dealt.

Once upon a time a preflop three-bet -- that is, a reraise over an opening raise -- was an unmistakable signal of strength in no-limit hold'em. When it came to preflop play, the vast majority...

Push 'em Provides Chance to Sharpen Short-Stacked Strategy

In a Push 'em game, ace-eight will likely be among the range of hands with which you'll be making those all-in shoves.

There's a new game debuting on Betfair Poker this week called Push 'em, a variant designed to provide action in a hurry. A no-limit hold'em cash game, Push 'em requires players to buy in for...

Playing The Short-Stacked Ninja

Ninjas. What would they move all-in with?

When a poker player enters a tournament they envisage themselves being armed with so many chips that they can play any way they want and even if they make a mistake it will have no...


Matthew Pitt

23 Mar 2012

Bet-Sizing in No-Limit Hold'em

Whether a bet is

Those of us who have been playing no-limit hold'em for a while sometimes forget what it was like when we first started out. While the rules of the game are relatively easy to pick up,...

Single-Suited Flops in No-Limit Hold'em

A flop consisting of three cards of the same suit comes a little over 5% of the time.

It happens more often than you might think in no-limit hold'em -- a flop containing three cards of the same suit. About once every 19 hands or so (a little over 5% of the time),...

Playing Fixed Limit Hold'em Tournaments

Fixed-limit hold'em tournaments can be profitable for those with a solid background in both LHE and tourney strategies

You might have noticed how my partner in crime YorkyPuds has been playing in the Grand Series of Poker VIII over the last week-and-a-half (both the GSOP and Mini-GSOP). There are still a few days...

The Squeeze Play

A well-planned squeeze play can put your opponents in a painful spot.

The term "squeeze play" is sometimes used loosely to describe all sorts of situations in "big bet" games like no-limit hold'em and pot-limit Omaha in which a player exerts pressure on another with a hefty...

Opening Raise Sizes with Premium Hands

Some players instinctively want to raise more before the flop with pocket aces than they would otherwise, which may or may not be a good instinct depending on the game.

I recently reviewed Nathan Williams' Crushing the Microstakes and interviewed Williams as well. As the title suggests, the book focuses on the lowest-limit games, with Williams' concentrating primarily on NL2 and NL5 full ring no-limit...

On Open-Shoving from the Small Blind Late in Tournaments

Some players seem especially ready to push all in from the small blind when the table folds to them.

If you play a lot of sit-n-gos or multi-table tournaments, you've probably seen it -- the small-blind open-shove. Particularly late in tourneys when the stacks become relatively shallow, you'll see players sometimes opting to push...

Isolating Weak Players

Chase the fish into a corner and eat them all yourself

Whenever you sit down at the virtual felt on Betfair Poker or at the actual felt in your local casino you should be doing everything in your power to play hands with players that are...


Matthew Pitt

14 Feb 2012

Going for Knockouts in Tournaments: Is It Worth It?

Knocking out an opponent in a tournament sure feels good, but does it always pack that much of a punch to do so?

So-called "bounty" or "knockout" tournaments have become increasingly popular over recent years, especially when it comes to online poker. These are tourneys for which part of the prize pool is set aside to reward players...

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