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The Floating Explosion

110 Poker Strategy

One of the key changes that has affected all games in the last twelve months or so has been the massive increase in the number of players refusing to believe flop bets. It used to...


Dave Allan

21 Jul 2011

Flatting with aces in PLO

210 Pot Limit Omaha

This is one of the hardest things to drill into good Hold'em players when they start playing Pot Limit Omaha - learning to flat with aces in many situations. Although there is certainly a time...


Dave Allan

20 Jun 2011

How to play a good or bad card on the turn or river

200 No Limit Holdem

Most players are aware of how 'good' or 'bad' a card can be on the turn or river in Hold'em or Omaha. Good cards can throw up great bluffing opportunities, make your hand much safer...

The Three Poker Sites Who May Have Messed It Up For Everyone

100 Poker News

For anyone who talked about how softened the internet generation were to gambling compared to the old Texan road players, the events of the last few weeks in poker have certainly hardened everyone who may...


Dave Allan

6 Jun 2011

Letting go of hands

110 Poker Strategy

Most players see poker as a game of action - a world of big calls, well timed bluffs and constant aggression. However, arguably the biggest part of poker revolves around the simple fold button, and...

Button bashing

110 Poker Strategy

After a long and uneventful five thousand hand break even stretch online, I recently took a break and started to wade through Poker Tracker to see if I was just running bad, or if something...

Forcing the action

320 Multi Table Tournaments

Most poker players will know the feeling well. A big chip stack, deep in a tournament, the big prizes looming, a need to try and take control of the table. Good, aggressive and dynamic play...

The Best Hand Fallacy

110 Poker Strategy

Many people approach poker with one single aim in mind - get it in with the best hand. They reason that as you can compare the direct odds of hands, that the overall aim of...

Raising the ante

110 Poker Strategy

The ante and/or blinds is effectively what makes poker work. Without forced bets, every player would simply wait for aces, and it is the simple fact that you have to pay before you even get...

Resolution and creative play making

110 Poker Strategy

If we were to imagine poker players as pictures, then each piece of information given out by them would be akin to a pixel in the picture. Each pixel would be improving our resolution and...

Dealing with loose aggressive heads up players

330 Heads Up

As anyone who has had the misfortune of playing a very high grade loose-aggressive player (LAG) heads-up will testify, at points in battles with these players it can feel like you are simply being engulfed...

Making adjustments when playing live

240 Live Poker

With the huge changes in the online poker landscape in recent weeks, many players will be turning their attention to live games, and with numerous events like Betfair Live and the WSOP coming up, the...

PLO - Staying in the game

210 Pot Limit Omaha

One of the interesting things about Pot Limit Omaha, and arguably the thing that makes it by far the most profitable game out there for the astute player at the moment, is how few people...

Poker community to blame for UB/AP fiasco

100 Poker News

Obviously I work for Betfair Poker, so am a little bit biased when it comes to discussing other companies, but I am also a poker player and gambler at heart, and have learnt a great...

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