Premier League Poker 2008

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So I'm back home now after playing in one of the biggest televised tournaments around - probably the biggest in terms of money and I must say that I've never had as much fun playing poker for a week in my five-year long poker career!

For those who don't know how the Premier League works or would like to follow the action a little easier when it comes on telly, here's how it works:

Premier League Poker - $75k buy-in 12 players invited.

Each player contests six, six-man SNG's against each other, which are randomly drawn before play starts. Points are awarded depending on where you finish.

Full line-up:- Phil Hellmuth, Annette Obrestad, Tom 'durrr' Dwan, Tony G, Vicky Coren, Roland De Wolfe, Dave Ulliot, Andy Black, Peter Eastgate, Juha Helppi, JC Tran and Nenad Medic.

Points awarded as follows - 10 points for a win, 6 points for second, 4 points for third place, 3 points for fourth, 2 points for fifth place and nothing for being the first to be knocked out.

The top four after six heats qualify directly for the final and take chips with them according to how many points they amassed.

The players finishing fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth plays a best of three heads-up for the last two seats in the final.

On to some action

As for me, I won't go into too many details about hands and stuff as I don't want to spoil the fun for anyone, but I'll say this - playing with all the sick players in that line-up was an extremely helpful experience, and I'm very thankful to Betfair Poker for putting me in it. I can only pray that they liked me and will give me a chance to play against next year.

One thing I thought was kind of funny is that a lot of the players really lacked knowledge of basic short stack strategy and since the structure was as fast as it was, I thought nobody would have a big edge.

As it turned out, almost everyone made small mistakes that they simply shouldn't be making. I won't mention names, but I saw a lot of raise/folding from people with less than 10x big blinds, and too many folds where people should either be shoving any two cards, or calling a little lighter because of the other players shove tendencies.

I don't think Hellmuth will hate me for saying this, but I've never laughed as hard in a long time than I did when he limped utg with 2bbs with Ah6h 5 handed, and folded to a bet on the flop from durrr who had 7 high, I think, LOL... Still love ya Phil, but that was just not good :).

Look forward to some good action when it is broadcast (January, I think). I won't give any spoilers this time but if you guys have any questions about hands they show, ask in the comments below and I'll try to make another post about it when that time comes!




I did a Q&A recently and was asked a couple of questions about the whole Premier League experience so I thought it would be good to add those comments here.

Ok, first question was just about my experience at the event. Probably covered this above but I basically said the Premier League is the coolest tournament I'd ever played.

All the trash talk that was going on behind the scenes, and being around good poker players 24/7 for a week discussing hands and having fun was a great experience. Also, having the opportunity to play against some of the best live players out there really made me feel good about my game afterwards. I didn't feel like an underdog at all, and I think I played my best the whole week and can't wait for it to air.

I also was asked about Phil Hellmuth - so here's my quick take on Phil.

Phil is exactly how you think he is. You either love him or hate him. I think he's awesome. I love having him around. He's so entertaining and funny, and he has a completely different style than everyone else which makes it interesting to talk hands with him. (Although I don't always agree with what he says, and he does a lot of stuff that I'd never even think of doing.) Whatever works I guess!

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    Comments (4)

    1. Tom from Slovenia | 15 December 2008

      Well, I know you cannot say.. what most of ppl think, but I can. After watching lot of poker in last year I'm only playing 7 months) .. and lot of Hellmuth too. I can only wonder, how the hell this guy won bracelets? He is complete jerk...on and off the tables! Sorry, just couldn't resist to comment this.
      Still keeping fingers crossed 4 ya Annette.Your play at WSOPE last year was very impressive. Hope there´s more to come! Cheers!

    2. Paul Gibbo | 18 December 2008

      Hi Annette,

      Really looking forward to watching you play again on TV. Saw you play a while back, you made a great call against Ian Fraser after he made some big bets with nothing, very impressive stuff - love watching you play and I hope you did well in the premier league.

      There was a poker nations cup on British TV recently - Any plans to captain a Norwegian team??


    3. harkin | 04 January 2009

      While I can't stand Hellmuth's tantrums and the lack of respect for other players that that entails, I am still fascinated by his game and the way he grinds in tournaments. Doyle Brunson says he will stake Phil heads-up against anyone in the world and that's not bad.

      Hope to one day be at your table Annette, stay cool.

    4. Robert | 07 January 2009

      Good luck annette your really hot and a great poker player I hope you kick all their asses especially devilfish xxx

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