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I just got back couple of days ago. My friend got 2nd in the tournament which was huge for him. Kinda sucks that he didn't win cuz he was way better than his opponent when he got HU, he just didn't have the chips to fight with. He's happy tho, and I'm proud of him for doing so well at his first big FT! Good job Mike :).

I'm actually going back to Barcelona in just a week for the WPT there, so if anyones going, come say hi. I'll be there from the 20th-27th I think and then heading to Portugal for a Portuguese event sponsored by Betfair Poker. Actually looking forward to it. Will be my first time in Portugal and I've heard it's really nice there. Not sure what the tournament will be like but I know for sure I wont donk outta this one unless I get really unlucky. Can't be too many pros in it since its only a small buy in. Should be easy heh.

On a poker related note, I've been running really well on Betfair lately. Have played a lot of tourneys the last couple of days and I'm starting to really get a feel for the site. I was struggling in the beginning because the play here was just generally so different from other sites. You'd expect that because Americans can't play there would be a lot of Scandis, but maybe I'm generalizing too much when I say most Scandinavian players are over aggro. The play here is really weak for the most part and the avg skill level of the players compared to the buy in of the tourney is a lot lower than any other place I've played. Looking forward to get into the head of the regulars here thats for sure.

One specific thing that I've noticed is that ppl play really tight when they're shortstacked. They dont shove any two if they have 7bbs in the CO and its folded to them. I kept making the same mistake isolating medium strength hands like KJ, A2, 33 vs them thinking they're on any two cards but they dont seem to care if they get very short. So after seeing this and adjusting my ranges accordingly I've stayed out of situations that I used to get into too often. (This of course doesnt count for every player on the site cuz some of them knows what they're doing)

Enough about that... don't want them to know the mistakes they're making :), altho I'll prolly call someone out when I start making vids. I tried recording today for the first time. Had an hour of material untill I found out the audio wasnt Oh well, just gonna have to do another one I guess. If anyone has any requests for what to record, please make a post in the Betfair Forum and I'll try to look through it from time to time!

Will write again soon (I promise).


Comments (10)

  1. Leo | 14 May 2008

    2+2 sucks. Bunch of jock-ridden testosterone monkeys. Wasn't like what it was before when Greg Raymer was learning on there. Really random but i dont know where else to tell u lol (dont have a P5 or 2p2 account.. weird huh)

  2. KiNgKoNg | 15 May 2008

    GL for Barcelona Annette, enjoy !!

  3. Peppe | 16 May 2008

    There you go, at last you're writing a little more! ;)

    Good luck in Barca!


  4. Riddle | 18 May 2008

    Hey Annette ! I wish i could see you play here in Portugal , but i cant go to Algarve ! I think you'll like your stay in Portugal , probably you'll get good weather !

    Have fun and good luck !

  5. Alli | 19 May 2008

    Are you planning on playing the FullTilt $25k buy-in HU event this weekend? Crazy number of solid pros are signed up already. Its going to be a tourny for bragging rights. Love to see you play and do well in this one.


  6. Finnish Flash | 23 May 2008

    I guess they leave the shoving w/ any two cards to you. 'Cause you seem to do that a lot, regardles of the position and how many chips you have. You shouldn't play wpt events, too deep stacks (until final table) and requires skills palying after flop :)

  7. StalkerB | 27 May 2008

    Are you basing your opinions on what you've seen on TV or hours of playing against Annette?

    If it's based on TV you're an idiot, obviously they only show the action hands and not the build up of the last hour where the player has put the squeeze on and gets played back at or whatever.

  8. Amsellem jeremy | 27 May 2008

    I saw you has Barcelona! It is a pity that you is not made by result in tournament, But you killed it in cash you were at the table with my father, i was on the table just behind you!
    you outclassed it felicitation except a bluff which is not crossed that's poker!
    I want to know where are you going now ?( after barcelona)
    nice to meet you
    see you soon!

  9. matt | 28 May 2008

    i always wanted to comment on how well you play, and how bright your future is. glad i found your blog. i watch you when i am on the other site you used to play on, or still do......with the tim burton avatar, lol. anyway continued success, and i hope to meet you one day, cause i think you rule :P

  10. Manuel "Pokerpiu1" Lopes | 05 June 2008

    Hey ,

    Just found out about this blog and thought i would stop by to say hi.I just recently saw you in Vilamoura at the tournament ... actually we even stayed at the same hotel . Im one of the players of the Bwin ProTeam Portugal. Not sure u would remember me hehehe as everyone was always around you asking u stuff . Hope you enjoy playing in portugal ... i thought it was a nice event with a nice structure . Too bad my 2nd position on the first day turned out to be 28 th at the end time , hehe .

    See yuo on the tables


    Manuel " Pokerpiu1" Lopes

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