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Just thought I'd take this opportunity to thank everyone who has these pages linked up from their poker blog. I know I'm not always the most regular with my updates so the fact people are still linking to me is really appreciated.

So here goes with the list in no particular order, if I've missed anyone out I'm sorry - leave a comment and I'll add ya when I get a chance. To be fair to anyone clicking through to these links, I've only added blogs that have been updated in the past two months. If you update or add to your blogroll let me know. Hopefully Betfair will soon sort out a proper blogroll for here soon and we can share some link love:)

UK Bloggers
Amatay's Blog
Racing Ferret
Mike and Louise Saban
Gaz of Cas
Poker Goth
Thadeas Westlake
Steve Holden

US Bloggers
Shane Schleger
Ed Miller
Slugger's Tales
Pokerstar Blog

Spanish/Portuguese Bloggers
Re-Raise Blog
Sir Freddy

Italian Blogger
Still Motion

French Blogger

Canadian Blogger
Jordan's Blog

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    Comments (13)

    1. Breeze81 | 21 January 2009

      If it's not too much trouble I would dig a link.
      I already have your blog linked and I do update, lol.

    2. Pokerstar Blog | 22 January 2009

      Hello Annette
      Thank you very much for the link back to The Pokerstar Blog
      Good Luck at the tables ;)

    3. Shannon | 22 January 2009

      Hi Annette,
      Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed watching you play on Day 2 of the Aussie Millions, in there raising and re-raising and playing well. I was going to come say hi but got a bit shy, and had to catch the train home but anyway good luck and really enjoy your blog.

    4. RacingFerret | 22 January 2009

      Nice one Annette, thanks for the link :)

      P.S. Update your blog more!

    5. Daniel Perfeito | 23 January 2009

      Hi Annette,
      Thanks for the link!
      Hope to see you again in Portugal. ;)

    6. Dream of Vegas | 23 January 2009

      I've had you hooked up (So to speak!) to my baby stakes blog for awhile and have enjoyed your blog for sometime although a few more updates wouldn't go a miss hun ;op

      Watched the hightlights of the WSOPE the other night UL with the KK although having to put up with the banter between the Magician and Unibummer makes your play even more impressive! "What would Jonny Lodden do?" lol

    7. Danny W. from USA | 23 January 2009

      Hey Nette,
      Congrats on 21st place finish or whatever in Australia. I know, I know...1st place or nothing. It'll come again. Just don't change a thing!! peace, danny w. from usa.

    8. tikita | 24 January 2009

      Thanks sweetie..;)

      See u soon!! I hope! xD

      Kisses from Portugal;**

    9. z4tz87 | 11 February 2009

      Read through your blogposts last couple of days and you have a lot of good points in what you write.
      Hope you make an update soon and that the pokergods are on your side ^^

      Best regards

    10. Dray | 15 February 2009

      Thanks girl! I'm happy to link you. I get excited anytime I hear about you doing well or going deep in any tourney.

      Keep up the good work and keep pimpin'. Hehehe

    11. cheer_dad | 19 February 2009

      Really enjoy your posts, when you have a chance to make them. I'd appreciate a link as well. Congrats on your continued and continuing success!

    12. Robert Jackson | 28 March 2009

      Hi Annette 15:

      I'm a would be tournament poker player in Southern California and I have a blog where I keep track of my tournament record. Everyone who looks at it will know it is for real because it records $5750 in losses last year and nobody makes up losses. Laugh out loud.
      Anyway if anyone wants to check it out it's

      R Jackson

    13. Wild Bill | 08 May 2009

      Let us know when you get that blogroll. Enjoy the blog.

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