15:55 Wetherby

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  • Date: 23 February 2021
  • Going: HEAVY
  • Surface: Turf
  • Status: Completed

Racingtv.com Mares' Handicap Hurdle (Qualifier) (3) (Class 3)

  • Distance: 2m 5f 56y
  • Age: 4 years old+
  • Runners: 6
  • Prize: £10,500
  • Race status: Weighed In

Full result

Notched second success in good style at Plumpton (25f) in December and creditable fourth off 9 lb higher at Kempton last time. Not taken lightly in first-time cheekpieces now.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
27/12/20 Kempton Park 4/8 Hurdle 3m 121y Heavy 11st 2lbs Jack Tudor 7.2
07/12/20 Plumpton 1/5 Hurdle 3m 217y Soft 11st 11lbs Bryan Carver 2.52
21/11/20 Ascot 2/8 Hurdle 2m 7f 118y Gd/Sft 11st 2lbs Bryan Carver 9.4
07/11/20 Wincanton 11/14 Hurdle 2m 5f 82y Good 9st 12lbs Jack Tudor 14.24
01/10/20 Warwick 3/14 Hurdle 2m 5f Good 11st 6lbs Bryan Carver 11.55
11/03/20 Huntingdon 1/14 Hurdle 2m 4f 145y Soft 12st 3lbs Jack Tudor 4.63
16/01/20 Ludlow 7/13 Hurdle 2m 7f 174y Heavy 10st 11lbs Jonathan Burke 38
01/01/20 Fakenham 6/10 Hurdle 2m 4f 1y Soft 10st 11lbs Kielan Woods 8.2
07/12/19 Sandown Park 4/13 Hurdle 2m 3f 173y Heavy 10st 11lbs Jonathan Burke 44
19/11/19 Lingfield Park 3/8 Hurdle 2m 3f 110y Heavy 10st 12lbs Kielan Woods 11.5
01/11/19 Uttoxeter 4/13 Hurdle 1m 7f 168y Soft 11st 5lbs Jonathan Burke 74.96
03/10/19 Warwick 6/10 Bumper 2m Gd/Sft 10st 7lbs Jonathan Burke 124.1
30/03/19 Uttoxeter 9/13 Bumper 1m 7f 168y Gd/Sft H 10st 7lbs Max Kendrick 46

Enhanced excellent record at Ayr when landing 20f heavy-ground handicap in December. Back from a break but still merits consideration once more despite 5 lb rise.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
14/12/20 Ayr 1/8 Hurdle 2m 4f 100y Heavy 11st 3lbs Mr Connor Wood 8.59
11/11/20 Ayr 4/8 Hurdle 2m 4f 100y Heavy 11st 12lbs Mr Connor Wood 25.71
07/03/20 Ayr 1/8 Hurdle 2m 5f 91y Heavy 11st 3lbs Callum Whillans 17.01
29/12/19 Kelso 6/12 Hurdle 2m 2f 25y Soft 11st 6lbs Callum Whillans 6.8
11/12/19 Hexham 1/9 Hurdle 2m 4f 28y Heavy 11st 6lbs Callum Whillans 5
13/11/19 Ayr 4/9 Hurdle 2m 4f 100y Heavy 11st 1lbs Callum Whillans 18.79
02/12/18 Carlisle 2/10 Hurdle 2m 4f 8y Heavy B 10st 9lbs Callum Whillans 15.5
12/11/18 Carlisle 5/8 Hurdle 2m 1f Soft 11st 9lbs Callum Whillans 13.5
20/04/18 Ayr 8/16 Hurdle 3m 70y Good 10st 6lbs Callum Whillans 32
31/03/18 Haydock Park 5/13 Hurdle 2m 2f 191y Heavy 10st 6lbs Callum Whillans 26
11/02/18 Ayr 2/3 Hurdle 2m 3f 110y Heavy 11st 12lbs Callum Whillans 2.6
15/01/18 Ayr 1/7 Hurdle 2m Heavy 11st 8lbs Callum Whillans 8
23/12/17 Newcastle 2/15 Hurdle 2m 98y Soft 11st 12lbs Callum Whillans 77.43
24/03/17 Musselburgh 5/8 Hurdle 2m 85y Good 11st 0lbs Callum Whillans 19.59
15/02/17 Newcastle 2/4 Hurdle 2m 98y Heavy 10st 9lbs Callum Whillans 4
29/01/17 Sedgefield -/10 Hurdle 2m 178y Soft 11st 6lbs Callum Whillans 14.5
30/10/16 Carlisle 9/11 Hurdle 2m 4f 8y Gd/Sft 10st 5lbs Callum Whillans 189.35
21/03/16 Kelso 3/12 Hurdle 2m 2f 25y Soft 10st 7lbs Callum Whillans 58.36
06/03/16 Sedgefield 4/7 Hurdle 2m 3f 188y Heavy 10st 9lbs Callum Whillans 414.6
22/02/16 Carlisle 7/7 Hurdle 2m 3f 61y Heavy 10st 10lbs Callum Whillans 100
13/12/15 Carlisle 4/5 Bumper 2m 1f Heavy 10st 12lbs Callum Whillans 48.13

Improved performer last term, winning 4 times, and signalled she's ready to strike again when second of 12 in handicap at Doncaster (19.4f) 43 days ago. Weighted to go very close now.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
11/01/21 Doncaster 2/12 Hurdle 2m 3f 88y Soft 11st 11lbs Millie Wonnacott 21
19/12/20 Newcastle 4/7 Hurdle 2m 4f 62y Soft 11st 12lbs Millie Wonnacott 12.32
08/02/20 Uttoxeter 6/9 Hurdle 2m 3f 207y Heavy 10st 13lbs Millie Wonnacott 6.8
17/01/20 Chepstow 1/8 Hurdle 2m 3f 100y Heavy 11st 3lbs Millie Wonnacott 7.84
26/12/19 Fontwell Park 1/9 Hurdle 2m 5f 164y Heavy 11st 1lbs Millie Wonnacott 6.8
27/11/19 Hereford 3/12 Hurdle 2m 3f 147y Heavy 10st 13lbs Ben Jones 4
14/11/19 Taunton 2/8 Hurdle 2m 3f 1y Gd/Sft 11st 0lbs Ben Jones 4.24
15/10/19 Hereford 1/11 Hurdle 2m 3f 147y Gd/Sft 11st 4lbs Ben Jones 2.99
24/09/19 Warwick 1/8 Hurdle 2m 3f Gd/Sft 10st 13lbs Ben Jones 5.5
04/09/19 Uttoxeter 5/6 Hurdle 1m 7f 168y Gd/Frm 10st 13lbs Lorcan Williams 7.2
21/07/19 Stratford-On-Avon 4/9 Hurdle 2m 2f 148y Good 11st 12lbs Lorcan Williams 17.43
20/06/19 Ffos Las 10/11 Hurdle 2m 4f Good 11st 11lbs Tom Scudamore 58.53
29/05/19 Warwick 6/7 Hurdle 2m Gd/Sft 11st 9lbs Lorcan Williams 63.9
30/09/17 Market Rasen 4/9 Hurdle 2m 148y Good 11st 5lbs Tom Scudamore 11
07/09/17 Sedgefield -/5 Hurdle 2m 178y Good 11st 5lbs Tom Scudamore 1.53
20/08/17 Southwell 1/8 Hurdle 1m 7f 153y Good 10st 9lbs Tom Scudamore 5.75
16/07/17 Southwell 9/12 Bumper 1m 7f 153y Good 11st 3lbs Noel Fehily 4.4
01/02/17 Hereford 1/8 Bumper 2m 53y Heavy 10st 0lbs Tom Scudamore 10.5

Winner of 2 of her first 3 starts for new yard this season, in 2¼m Kelso handicap on latter occasion. Turned in poor effort at Newbury last time though so needs to get back on track.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
20/01/21 Newbury 7/9 Hurdle 2m 69y Heavy 11st 1lbs Aaron Anderson 10.5
29/12/20 Kelso 1/7 Hurdle 2m 2f 25y Heavy 11st 12lbs Aaron Anderson 6.2
12/12/20 Cheltenham 5/8 Hurdle 2m 4f 56y Soft 9st 6lbs Aaron Anderson 38
09/11/20 Carlisle 1/7 Hurdle 2m 1f 33y Soft 11st 11lbs Aaron Anderson 15.65
12/03/20 Doncaster 4/12 Hurdle 2m 3f 88y Gd/Sft z 11st 10lbs L. P. Dempsey 18.85
14/01/20 Doncaster 6/10 Hurdle 2m 3f 88y Heavy 11st 7lbs Colm McCormack 9.6
15/12/19 Southwell 1/6 Hurdle 2m 4f 62y Heavy 11st 12lbs Mr Dale Peters 1.98
29/12/18 Kelso 6/8 Hurdle 2m 2f 25y Good H 11st 12lbs Jamie Hamilton 4.6
07/12/18 Sedgefield 4/11 Hurdle 2m 178y Soft 11st 8lbs Jamie Hamilton 6.05
14/11/18 Ayr 6/12 Hurdle 2m 4f 100y Heavy 11st 11lbs Jamie Hamilton 24.54
26/03/18 Huntingdon 3/16 Hurdle 2m 4f 145y Gd/Sft H 11st 6lbs Brian Hughes 4.53
26/12/17 Wetherby 2/9 Hurdle 2m 3f 154y Soft H 11st 5lbs Brian Hughes 5
18/11/17 Wetherby 1/8 Hurdle 2m Gd/Sft H 10st 10lbs Brian Hughes 2.15
29/10/17 Aintree 6/18 Bumper 2m 209y Gd/Sft H 11st 2lbs Brian Hughes 6.4
20/05/17 Bangor-On-Dee 3/9 Bumper 2m 145y Soft H 11st 7lbs Brian Hughes 4.6
25/04/17 Hexham 1/7 Bumper 2m 48y Good H 10st 5lbs Brian Hughes 2.71
23/11/16 Wetherby 3/8 Bumper 2m Soft 10st 12lbs Jake Greenall 9.24

Bagged handicaps at Fontwell/Chepstow in November and has continued on the up, runner-up at Ffos Las (2m) 19 days ago. May do better still now returned to further so well in the mix.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
04/02/21 Ffos Las 2/8 Hurdle 1m 7f 182y Heavy 11st 5lbs David Noonan 3.5
17/12/20 Hereford 2/12 Hurdle 2m 3f 147y Heavy 11st 10lbs Fergus Gillard 2
20/11/20 Chepstow 1/10 Hurdle 2m 3f 100y Heavy 10st 10lbs David Noonan 2.48
08/11/20 Ffos Las 1/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 182y Heavy 11st 2lbs K. Brogan 3
02/10/20 Fontwell Park 4/7 Hurdle 2m 3f 49y Soft 11st 6lbs David Noonan 9.89
21/08/20 Newton Abbot 2/12 Hurdle 2m 167y Good 10st 4lbs David Noonan 18.5
21/01/20 Exeter 4/16 Hurdle 2m 175y Heavy 10st 0lbs David Noonan 26

Won first 3 starts over hurdles for Philip Kirby last season. Largely underwhelming since but not disgraced after wind op when fourth last two runs, in Newcastle jumpers bumper latest. Respected.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
08/02/21 Newcastle 4/9 Bumper 2m 56y Std/Slow 10st 11lbs Joe Colliver 14.19
02/01/21 Sandown Park 4/6 Hurdle 2m 3f 173y Soft 11st 2lbs Joe Colliver 41.02
05/12/20 Aintree 10/11 Hurdle 2m 4f Heavy 10st 10lbs Joe Colliver 95
31/10/20 Wetherby 7/7 Hurdle 2m Soft 11st 0lbs Joe Colliver 79.71
10/03/20 Cheltenham David Nicholson Mares' Hurdle 9/9 Hurdle 2m 3f 200y Soft 11st 5lbs Sam Twiston-Davies 1000
21/02/20 Warwick 4/6 Hurdle 2m 3f Heavy 11st 7lbs Thomas Dowson 10.86
26/01/20 Sedgefield 1/7 Hurdle 2m 3f 188y Heavy 12st 2lbs Danny McMenamin 1.16
21/12/19 Haydock Park 1/10 Hurdle 2m 2f 191y Soft 11st 0lbs Thomas Dowson 32.49
15/11/19 Newcastle 1/10 Hurdle 2m 4f 62y Heavy 10st 12lbs Thomas Dowson 25
17/10/19 Carlisle 12/15 Bumper 2m 1f 33y Gd/Sft 10st 12lbs Thomas Dowson 77.91
18/04/19 Cheltenham 10/15 Bumper 2m 179y Good 10st 9lbs Thomas Dowson 116.42
05/03/19 Newcastle 3/11 Bumper 2m 98y Gd/Sft 10st 3lbs Thomas Dowson 26

Timeform Verdict Timeform Verdict

None of the septet can be safely ruled out but RUNASIMI RIVER scored four times last season and looks primed for a bold showing after an encouraging second at Doncaster. Fontaine Collonges rates a big threat stepping up in trip on her handicap bow and the progressive Sexy Lot is another well worth a second look.

Betting Forecast

9/1 Midnightreflection, 7/1 Baby Ticker, 6/1 Runasimi River, 20/1 Schiaparannie, 7/2 Sexy Lot (Ger), 22/1 Desaray Girl (Fr)
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