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  • Date: 22 July 2021
  • Going: GOOD to FIRM
  • Surface: Turf
  • Status: Completed

Sky Bet Go-Racing-In-Yorkshire Summer Festival Handicap (4) (Class 4)

  • Distance: 6f 2y
  • Age: 3 years old+
  • Runners: 8
  • Prize: £9,250
  • Race status: Weighed In

Scored at Southwell in January and has continued in good nick, third of 4 in handicap at Ayr (7.2f, good to firm) 30 days ago when needing stronger gallop. Can give another good account.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
22/06/21 Ayr 3/4 Flat 7f 50y Gd/Frm 9st 2lbs Paul Mulrennan 1.99
07/05/21 Ascot 5/13 Flat 6f Gd/Sft 9st 2lbs Paul Mulrennan 7.66
20/04/21 Yarmouth 3/11 Flat 6f 3y Gd/Frm 9st 7lbs Paul Mulrennan 10
28/01/21 Southwell 1/8 Flat 6f 16y Std/Slow 9st 5lbs Paul Mulrennan 2.02
15/12/20 Newcastle 1/11 Flat 6f Std/Slow 9st 5lbs Paul Mulrennan 5.5
04/12/20 Newcastle 5/13 Flat 6f Slow 9st 5lbs Tom Eaves 55

Slipping in the weights, and not disgraced when third of 14 in handicap at Beverley (5f, good to firm) 3 days ago. Worth considering now back up in trip.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
19/07/21 Beverley 3/14 Flat 5f Gd/Frm 0 8st 11lbs Duran Fentiman 28
05/07/21 Ripon 5/6 Flat 6f Good 0 8st 13lbs Duran Fentiman 22.22
19/06/21 Redcar 4/7 Flat 5f Gd/Frm 0 8st 8lbs David Allan 7.57
31/05/21 Redcar 9/13 Flat 5f Gd/Frm 0 9st 4lbs David Allan 40.71
01/05/21 Thirsk 10/10 Flat 5f Good 0 8st 9lbs David Allan 15.04
15/09/20 Redcar 4/12 Flat 5f Gd/Frm 0 9st 7lbs David Allan 14.37
06/09/20 York 7/13 Flat 5f 89y Good 9st 8lbs David Allan 21
20/08/20 York 18/19 Flat 6f Good 9st 0lbs James Sullivan 226.58
10/08/20 Chester 4/5 Flat 6f 17y Good 9st 2lbs David Allan 55
24/07/20 Beverley 1/11 Flat 5f Good 9st 1lbs James Sullivan 40
18/06/20 Redcar 7/11 Flat 5f 217y Gd/Sft 9st 2lbs David Allan 43.23

Winner at Ripon in April and not disgraced dropped back in trip when seventh of 15 in 5f handicap at York 13 days ago. High on the shortlist off an easing mark now reverted to his optimum distance.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
09/07/21 York 7/15 Flat 5f Good 8st 11lbs Tony Hamilton 29.87
02/06/21 Ripon 6/7 Flat 6f Good 9st 6lbs Tony Hamilton 3.5
24/04/21 Doncaster 2/10 Flat 6f 2y Firm 9st 7lbs Tony Hamilton 5.1
15/04/21 Ripon 1/13 Flat 6f Gd/Frm 8st 11lbs Tony Hamilton 32.08
07/10/20 Nottingham 12/12 Flat 6f 18y Soft 9st 5lbs Josephine Gordon 124.11
26/09/20 Ripon 6/7 Flat 6f Soft 9st 2lbs Robbie Downey 277.27
04/09/20 Thirsk 9/10 Flat 7f Gd/Sft 9st 5lbs Robbie Downey 100

Yet to score this term but he's been in good form until only seventh of 8 in handicap at Wolverhampton (6.1f) 16 days ago. Sort to bounce back.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
06/07/21 Wolverhampton 7/8 Flat 6f 20y Slow 9st 9lbs Richard Kingscote 2.47
26/06/21 Doncaster 2/6 Flat 5f 143y Good 9st 3lbs Thore Hammer Hansen 4.5
12/06/21 Bath 2/7 Flat 5f 160y Firm 9st 13lbs Jane Elliott 9.98
29/05/21 Chester 7/10 Flat 6f 17y Gd/Sft 9st 1lbs Jane Elliott 16
22/05/21 Haydock Park 5/9 Flat 6f Heavy 9st 4lbs Jane Elliott 12.4
05/05/21 Chester 4/8 Flat 5f 15y Soft 8st 5lbs Jane Elliott 7.8
15/04/21 Ripon 2/13 Flat 6f Gd/Frm 9st 8lbs Martin Harley 6.6
07/11/20 Doncaster 4/7 Flat 6f 2y Soft 8st 13lbs Richard Kingscote 8.36
10/10/20 York 8/8 Flat 6f Soft 8st 10lbs Jane Elliott 34
27/09/20 Chester 1/9 Flat 6f 17y Good 8st 11lbs Richard Kingscote 8.71
12/09/20 Chester 1/6 Flat 6f 17y Gd/Sft 8st 11lbs Hayley Turner 10
04/09/20 Haydock Park 4/8 Flat 7f 212y Soft 9st 0lbs Richard Kingscote 4.5
22/08/20 Sandown Park 5/8 Flat 7f Good 9st 0lbs Richard Kingscote 35.27
18/07/20 Haydock Park 6/10 Flat 7f 37y Gd/Sft 9st 0lbs Alistair Rawlinson 20.02

Fair winning juvenile but he's yet to hit top form this term, only thirteenth of 14 in handicap at Thirsk (6f, soft) 75 days ago. Has had a wind op. Not written off yet.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
08/05/21 Thirsk 13/14 Flat 6f Soft 9st 3lbs Kevin Stott 8.8
23/04/21 Doncaster 5/7 Flat 6f 2y Gd/Frm 8st 8lbs Megan Nicholls 14.18
03/10/20 Redcar 13/21 Flat 5f 217y Heavy 8st 9lbs Andrew Mullen 22.53
20/08/20 York 6/19 Flat 6f Good 9st 0lbs Kevin Stott 8.91
19/07/20 Newbury 4/25 Flat 5f 34y Good 8st 12lbs Kevin Stott 10.83
24/06/20 Hamilton Park 1/9 Flat 5f 7y Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs Kevin Stott 3.35
10/06/20 Pontefract 4/12 Flat 5f 3y Good 9st 5lbs Kevin Stott 18.5

Fair 6f winner as 2-y-o but he's yet to match that form in 2021, fourth of 5 in handicap at Pontefract (5f, soft) 16 days ago. Not easy to make a case for.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
06/07/21 Pontefract 4/5 Flat 5f 3y Soft 0 9st 7lbs Clifford Lee 20.92
22/05/21 Haydock Park 7/9 Flat 6f Heavy 9st 4lbs Harrison Shaw 26
14/05/21 York 11/13 Flat 5f Good 8st 5lbs Jane Elliott 34.74
13/10/20 Newcastle 3/11 Flat 6f Slow 0 9st 9lbs Ben Curtis 3.5
18/09/20 Ayr 3/10 Flat 6f Gd/Sft 0 8st 12lbs Clifford Lee 26.78
05/09/20 Wolverhampton 9/11 Flat 6f 20y Std 9st 7lbs Harrison Shaw 4.5
11/08/20 Wolverhampton 1/11 Flat 6f 20y Slow 9st 2lbs Clifford Lee 3.22
24/06/20 Hamilton Park 3/9 Flat 5f 7y Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs Clifford Lee 4.53

On the up when last seen out in March, bagging two 6f Lingfield handicaps. Off 118 days but he must enter calculations in his hat-trick bid.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
26/03/21 Lingfield Park 1/6 Flat 6f 1y Std/Slow 8st 4lbs Hollie Doyle 3.89
03/03/21 Lingfield Park 1/8 Flat 6f 1y Std/Slow 8st 9lbs Barry McHugh 5.1
30/01/21 Lingfield Park 4/6 Flat 7f 1y Std/Slow 8st 7lbs Laura Pearson 5.53
31/12/20 Newcastle 4/7 Flat 7f 14y Slow 9st 4lbs Barry McHugh 3.6
21/12/20 Lingfield Park 2/10 Flat 6f 1y Std 9st 1lbs Franny Norton 3.69
04/12/20 Newcastle 4/10 Flat 6f Slow 9st 2lbs Paul Hanagan 5.4
24/11/20 Lingfield Park 2/9 Flat 6f 1y Std 0 9st 2lbs Paul Hanagan 3.45
03/11/20 Southwell 4/10 Flat 4f 214y Fast 8st 12lbs Tony Hamilton 7.4
22/10/20 Wolverhampton 2/10 Flat 5f 21y Slow 8st 11lbs Barry McHugh 6.8
07/10/20 Newcastle 4/13 Flat 6f Slow 0 8st 12lbs Tony Hamilton 6.06
23/09/20 Redcar 5/16 Flat 5f 217y Soft 8st 13lbs Paul Hanagan 53.33
25/08/20 Yarmouth 4/7 Flat 6f 3y Gd/Sft 9st 6lbs Barry McHugh 6.43
05/08/20 Ayr 6/8 Flat 6f Heavy 9st 2lbs Tony Hamilton 9.18
05/06/20 Lingfield Park 6/10 Flat 6f 1y Std/Slow 9st 2lbs Tony Hamilton 9.2

Opened his account in 5f Beverley maiden last September and posted two more good placed runs on AW at Newcastle in the winter. Back from a break having been gelded. No forlorn hope.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
16/02/21 Newcastle 3/5 Flat 5f Slow 9st 5lbs Graham Lee 4.57
15/01/21 Newcastle 3/6 Flat 5f Slow 9st 7lbs Paul Mulrennan 5.47
16/09/20 Beverley 1/10 Flat 5f Good 9st 5lbs Graham Lee 23
09/08/20 Thirsk 7/10 Flat 5f Good 9st 5lbs Graham Lee 54.17

Timeform Verdict Timeform Verdict

Marginal preference in a tight-knit handicap is for TEES SPIRIT, who should really benefit from the return to this distance having performed with credit over the minimum trip at York last time. Whittle Le Woods is proving a consistent sort and rates next on the list, although both Patsy Fagan and Tom's Reign Beau are two others who can have a say.

Betting Forecast

11/2 Whittle Le Woods, 8/1 Tom's Reign Beau, 6/1 Tees Spirit, 9/2 Harmony Lil (Ire), 16/1 Tinochio (Ire), 20/1 Boogie Time (Ire), 10/3 Patsy Fagan (Ire), 9/1 Equate
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