13:45 Kempton Park

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  • Date: 18 October 2020
  • Going: GOOD
  • Surface: Turf
  • Status: Completed

Racing Tv Novices' Handicap Chase (4) (Class 4)

  • Distance: 2m 2f
  • Age: 4 years old+
  • Runners: 7
  • Prize: £8,035
  • Race status: Weighed In

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Lightly-raced sort who signed off for last season with 2m novice hurdle win at Huntingdon. Off 8 months ahead of chase debut now but commands respect for good yard.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
20/02/20 Huntingdon 1/11 Hurdle 1m 7f 171y Heavy 11st 2lbs Jonathan Burke 6.77
24/01/20 Doncaster 3/9 Hurdle 2m 128y Gd/sft z 11st 4lbs Jonathan Burke 10.56
24/10/19 Southwell -/9 Hurdle 2m 4f 62y Heavy 11st 0lbs Jonathan Burke 16
11/05/19 Warwick 7/13 Bumper 2m Gd/sft 11st 2lbs Jonathan Burke 15.79
16/03/19 Newcastle 3/6 Bumper 2m 98y Heavy 11st 0lbs Jonathan Burke 4.52

Modest maiden hurdler last season. Now goes chasing after 7 months off and needs to show bit more if he's to gain a first success.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
08/03/20 Warwick 13/19 Hurdle 2m 5f Heavy 11st 0lbs Nick Scholfield 15.5
21/12/19 Ascot 3/9 Hurdle 2m 7f 118y Heavy 11st 1lbs James Bowen 24.4
12/12/19 Taunton 12/15 Hurdle 2m 3f 1y Heavy 10st 6lbs Nick Scholfield 75
15/11/19 Southwell 3/6 Hurdle 1m 7f 153y Heavy 11st 0lbs Nick Scholfield 2.7
17/10/19 Wincanton 4/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 65y Good 11st 0lbs Nick Scholfield 44
06/10/19 Uttoxeter 8/12 Hurdle 1m 7f 168y Soft 11st 0lbs Nick Scholfield 26

Fair winning hurdler who signed off last term with creditable third in Taunton handicap. Goes chasing now on comeback and not discounted.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
17/03/20 Taunton 3/6 Hurdle 2m 104y Soft 11st 9lbs Bryan Carver 2.89
28/11/19 Taunton 10/16 Hurdle 2m 104y Gd/sft 11st 8lbs James Best 16.23
04/11/19 Plumpton 3/6 Hurdle 1m 7f 195y Heavy 11st 2lbs James Best 4.6
17/10/19 Wincanton 6/12 Hurdle 1m 7f 65y Good 10st 12lbs James Best 95
01/03/19 Newbury 9/9 Hurdle 2m 69y Gd/sft 11st 4lbs James Best 19.38
19/01/19 Ascot 6/8 Hurdle 1m 7f 152y Gd/sft 11st 4lbs James Best 4.3
11/12/18 Fontwell Park 1/11 Hurdle 2m 1f 162y Heavy 10st 12lbs James Best 2.7
08/04/18 Lignieres 3/8 Bumper 1m 3f 205y Gd/sft 9st 11lbs Julien Guillochon -

Fair 2m winner over hurdles who shaped encouragingly after 10 months off when fading third of 4 in handicap chase at Warwick (16.2f, good) 26 days ago. Should have more to offer.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
22/09/20 Warwick 3/4 Chase 2m 54y Good 11st 0lbs James Davies 8.2
18/11/19 Plumpton 4/5 Chase 2m 3f 164y Soft 10st 8lbs Leighton Aspell 24
13/05/19 Kempton Park 6/8 Hurdle 2m Gd/frm 11st 12lbs Leighton Aspell 6.34
12/04/19 Ayr 3/11 Hurdle 2m Gd/frm 11st 2lbs James Davies 22.2
17/02/19 Market Rasen 9/11 Hurdle 2m 148y Good 11st 7lbs Rex Dingle 5.19
26/11/18 Kempton Park 1/7 Hurdle 2m Good 11st 0lbs Rex Dingle 2.84
22/11/18 Wincanton 1/10 Hurdle 1m 7f 65y Good 11st 12lbs Rex Dingle 4.5
05/11/18 Plumpton 5/10 Hurdle 1m 7f 195y Good 11st 0lbs Tom Cannon 16.5
22/02/18 Huntingdon 9/15 Hurdle 1m 7f 171y Soft 11st 2lbs Tom Cannon 37.1
22/11/17 Warwick 8/12 Hurdle 2m Soft 10st 12lbs Liam Treadwell 42
01/11/17 Fakenham 3/9 Bumper 2m 3y Good 11st 4lbs Bryony Frost 10.5

Made winning debut over fences at Cartmel in July and not disgraced when fifth of 10 in handicap chase at Perth (20.1f, soft) 24 days ago when going off too hard. Not discounted.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
24/09/20 Perth 5/10 Chase 2m 4f 20y Soft 11st 9lbs Richie McLernon 10.8
06/08/20 Stratford-On-Avon 6/7 Hurdle 2m 6f 7y Gd/frm 11st 1lbs Richie McLernon 3.85
04/08/20 Southwell -/8 Chase 2m 4f 88y Good 11st 12lbs Richie McLernon 3.7
26/07/20 Cartmel 1/10 Chase 2m 5f 34y Good 11st 4lbs Richie McLernon 6.28
06/07/20 Uttoxeter 9/12 Hurdle 2m 3f 207y Good 11st 3lbs Richie McLernon 17
16/01/20 Market Rasen 7/12 Hurdle 2m 2f 140y Gd/sft 11st 12lbs Jonjo O'Neill Jr. 5.9
10/12/19 Uttoxeter 5/10 Hurdle 1m 7f 168y Heavy z 11st 12lbs Richie McLernon 9
26/06/19 Ffos Las 4/9 Hurdle 2m 4f Good 11st 7lbs Richie McLernon 8.8
07/06/19 Market Rasen 5/9 Hurdle 2m 2f 140y Good H 11st 12lbs Richie McLernon 16.5
11/03/19 Stratford-On-Avon 4/11 Hurdle 2m 70y Soft 11st 10lbs Jonjo O'Neill Jr. 14.75
06/09/18 Sedgefield 8/8 Hurdle 3m 3f 9y Gd/frm 11st 11lbs Aidan Coleman 5.2
19/08/18 Southwell 2/7 Hurdle 2m 7f 209y Good 11st 3lbs Aidan Coleman 6.92
25/06/18 Chepstow 3/5 Flat 1m 2f Gd/frm 9st 3lbs Martin Harley 6.12
04/06/18 Newton Abbot 6/12 Hurdle 2m 2f 110y Good 10st 7lbs Aidan Coleman 10.5
12/05/18 Warwick 6/9 Hurdle 2m 3f Good 11st 2lbs Aidan Coleman 16.5
20/04/18 Ayr 10/14 Hurdle 2m Good 11st 12lbs Barry Geraghty 7
09/01/18 Taunton 4/14 Hurdle 2m 3f 1y Soft 11st 10lbs Aidan Coleman 3.55
15/11/17 Bangor-On-Dee 3/13 Hurdle 2m 145y Soft 11st 5lbs Aidan Coleman 9.97
21/10/17 Market Rasen 1/9 Hurdle 2m 148y Good 11st 0lbs Aidan Coleman 1.8
21/10/16 Deauville 2/5 Bumper 1m 4f 94y Good 10st 1lbs Ioritz Mendizabal -
03/10/16 Argentan 3/12 Flat 2m 1f 142y Good 10st 6lbs Mr Maxime Denault -

Scored at Southwell on his reappearance but below that form both runs since, only fourth of 7 in handicap chase at Sedgefield (16.4f, good) 44 days ago. Cheekpieces back on with bit to prove now.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
04/09/20 Sedgefield 4/7 Chase 2m 77y Good V 11st 3lbs James Best 13.9
30/07/20 Southwell 5/7 Chase 1m 7f 182y Gd/frm V 11st 7lbs James Best 4.62
14/07/20 Southwell 1/7 Chase 1m 7f 182y Good V 10st 13lbs James Best 43.76
10/12/19 Fontwell Park -/4 Chase 3m 1f 210y Heavy 11st 3lbs Leighton Aspell 28.24
04/08/19 Market Rasen -/12 Hurdle 2m 7f 16y Gd/frm 11st 13lbs Leighton Aspell 24.63
23/06/19 Southwell -/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 153y Gd/sft 0 11st 12lbs Leighton Aspell 20.81
09/05/19 Worcester -/13 Hurdle 2m 7f Gd/sft 12st 0lbs Harry Stock 21.28
24/04/19 Fontwell Park 2/4 Hurdle 2m 1f 162y Good 12st 0lbs Harry Stock 6.92
26/10/18 Cheltenham 16/16 Hurdle 2m 87y Good 11st 4lbs Harry Stock 44
10/10/18 Ludlow 1/3 Hurdle 2m 5f 55y Gd/frm 11st 4lbs Richard Johnson 2.95
23/09/18 Plumpton 1/6 Hurdle 2m 1f 164y Good 10st 12lbs Aidan Coleman 7
09/09/18 Fontwell Park 3/6 Hurdle 2m 1f 162y Good 10st 12lbs Aidan Coleman 5.3
09/07/18 Worcester 3/5 Bumper 2m Gd/frm 11st 7lbs Aidan Coleman 2.5
09/05/18 Fontwell Park 1/8 Bumper 2m 1f 162y Good 10st 12lbs Aidan Coleman 7.28
19/02/18 Lingfield Park 9/12 Bumper 2m Std 11st 2lbs Harry Stock 28.38
30/09/17 Market Rasen 8/11 Bumper 2m 148y Good 11st 0lbs Andrew Tinkler 18.5

Twelve runs since last win in 2018 but he arrives on back of good second of 6 in handicap chase at Uttoxeter (20f, good) 23 days ago. Cheekpieces again worn so expected to be bang there.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
25/09/20 Uttoxeter 2/6 Chase 2m 4f Good 0 10st 11lbs Page Fuller 6.4
05/09/20 Stratford-On-Avon 3/11 Chase 2m 213y Gd/frm z 11st 1lbs Page Fuller 9.82
17/08/20 Uttoxeter 4/10 Chase 1m 7f 214y Gd/sft z 10st 13lbs Gavin Sheehan 7.22
21/07/20 Stratford-On-Avon 3/9 Chase 2m 213y Gd/frm z 11st 3lbs David Bass 16.76
28/06/20 Windsor 9/9 Flat 1m 3f 99y Gd/frm z 8st 11lbs Liam Keniry 180
31/08/19 Newton Abbot 4/5 Chase 2m 75y Good z 10st 11lbs David Bass 4.3
19/08/19 Bangor-On-Dee 2/10 Chase 2m 1f 77y Good z 12st 1lbs David Bass 7.6
29/07/19 Newton Abbot 2/4 Chase 2m 75y Good z 11st 0lbs David Bass 13.39
02/07/19 Stratford-On-Avon 5/9 Chase 2m 3f 98y Good z 11st 12lbs David Bass 29.01
06/05/19 Kempton Park 4/4 Hurdle 2m Good 11st 0lbs Nico de Boinville 4.7
24/04/19 Taunton 2/6 Hurdle 2m 3f 1y Gd/sft 10st 12lbs David Bass 10
01/12/18 Newbury 5/5 Hurdle 2m 69y Soft 11st 0lbs Aidan Coleman 120.1
19/11/18 Hereford 3/11 Hurdle 2m 53y Good 10st 12lbs David Bass 12
05/11/18 Hereford 1/3 Hurdle 2m 53y Good 11st 4lbs Mikey Hamill 3.4
17/07/18 Worcester 5/12 Hurdle 2m Good 10st 12lbs David Bass 8.15
15/06/18 Newton Abbot 3/12 Hurdle 2m 167y Good 10st 10lbs David Bass 28
28/05/18 Huntingdon 4/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 171y Good 10st 9lbs David Bass 180
15/05/18 Wincanton 5/7 Hurdle 1m 7f 65y Gd/frm 10st 5lbs David Bass 7.1
04/10/17 Kempton Park 7/12 Flat 1m 2f 219y Std 9st 10lbs Charlie Bennett 106.91
21/07/17 Newbury 8/9 Flat 1m 5f 61y Good 9st 7lbs William Buick 7.92
28/06/17 Carlisle 4/14 Flat 1m 3f 39y Soft 9st 2lbs Charlie Bennett 13.29

Timeform Verdict Timeform Verdict

FAIRWAY FREDDY gets the nod as he has more to offer over fences and seems sure to build on his encouraging Warwick comeback third. Demon D'Aunou wasn't seen to best effect when fifth at Perth last time so looks the one to give Nick Gifford's improver most to do, although Admiral's Sunset and chasing debutant Rock On Rocco are others worth a second look in an open handicap.

Betting Forecast

7/2 Rock On Rocco (Ire), 20/1 Defuture Is Bright (Ire), 9/1 Fresno Emery (Fr), 11/2 Fairway Freddy (Ire), 5/1 Demon D'aunou (Fr), 11/1 Lord Condi (Ire), 3/1 Admiral's Sunset
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