14:45 Plumpton

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  • Date: 12 February 2024
  • Going: SOFT
  • Surface: Turf
  • Status: Completed

Strong Flavours Catering Handicap Chase (4) (Class 4)

  • Distance: 2m 214y
  • Age: 5 years old+
  • Runners: 4
  • Prize: £11,000
  • Race status: Weighed In

Useful chaser at best but signs of decline this season, well held at Newbury 3 weeks ago.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
23/01/24 Newbury 4/6 Chase 2m 92y Soft 11st 11lbs Harry Bannister 12.47
12/11/23 Sandown Park 4/6 Chase 1m 7f 99y Gd/Sft 11st 6lbs David Bass 48.63
02/07/23 Uttoxeter 5/8 Chase 1m 7f 214y Good 11st 7lbs Harry Bannister 8.2
08/05/23 Worcester 4/11 Chase 2m 110y Soft 12st 2lbs Harry Bannister 8
04/03/23 Newbury 7/11 Hurdle 2m 4f 118y Gd/Frm 11st 9lbs Harry Bannister 12.43
23/09/22 Worcester -/12 Hurdle 2m 4f Gd/Sft 11st 9lbs Harry Bannister 8.03
28/07/22 Stratford-On-Avon 1/6 Hurdle 2m 2f 148y Good 11st 9lbs Harry Bannister 1.21
29/06/22 Worcester 1/7 Hurdle 2m Good 11st 2lbs Harry Bannister 1.31
21/05/22 Stratford-On-Avon 2/7 Chase 2m 3f 98y Gd/Sft 12st 0lbs Harry Bannister 2.84
17/04/22 Market Rasen 1/4 Chase 2m 1f 43y Gd/Frm 11st 4lbs Harry Bannister 2.43
29/03/22 Fontwell Park 1/4 Chase 2m 1f 165y Gd/Frm 12st 1lbs Harry Bannister 1.32
26/03/22 Stratford-On-Avon 1/4 Chase 2m 3f 98y Gd/Sft 11st 12lbs Harry Bannister 1.7
23/01/22 Warwick 5/8 Chase 2m 4f Gd/Sft 11st 2lbs Harry Bannister 2.51
19/11/21 Catterick Bridge 1/6 Chase 2m 3f 51y Good 12st 0lbs Harry Bannister 2.06
26/10/21 Bangor-On-Dee 2/9 Chase 2m 1f 77y Gd/Sft 11st 9lbs Harry Bannister 2.5
04/10/21 Stratford-On-Avon 2/9 Chase 2m 3f 98y Good 11st 8lbs Harry Bannister 8.2
15/08/21 Tramore 10/11 Chase 1m 7f 170y Gd/Sft z 11st 10lbs A. W. Short 9.63
18/07/21 Tipperary 6/13 Chase 2m 120y Gd/Sft z 12st 0lbs H. Morgan 6.6
18/05/21 Limerick 7/15 Chase 2m 1f 160y Gd/Sft z 11st 13lbs A. W. Short 6.77
06/05/21 Tipperary 1/16 Chase 2m 1f 60y Gd/Sft z 10st 12lbs A. W. Short 45.24
04/02/21 Down Royal 6/9 Chase 2m 50y Heavy 11st 1lbs A. W. Short 70

Fair chaser in France, winning amateur riders minor event at Auteuil in 2021/22. Missed last season and left David Cottin for €10,000. Left yard debut well behind when second at Wincanton 5 weeks ago and entitled to come on again.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
06/01/24 Wincanton 2/4 Chase 1m 7f 149y Heavy H 11st 3lbs Harry Kimber 2.99
12/12/23 Wincanton 5/8 Hurdle 1m 7f 50y Heavy H 11st 11lbs Harry Kimber 27.54
19/04/22 Auteuil 5/7 Chase 2m 7f 80y Soft h 10st 6lbs Kevin Nabet 9.18
20/03/22 Auteuil 1/7 Chase 2m 1f 88y Soft h 10st 6lbs Mr Thibault Journiac 3.05
06/03/22 Auteuil 1/15 Hurdle 2m 1f 197y Soft h 10st 7lbs Kevin Nabet 22.31
26/01/22 Pau 2/10 Hurdle 2m 2f 196y Soft h 11st 11lbs Etienne Capdet 4.39
17/01/22 Pau -/9 Hurdle 2m 2f 196y Soft z 11st 3lbs Kevin Nabet 7.42
05/01/22 Pau 1/16 Hurdle 2m 1f 88y Soft z 11st 0lbs Kevin Nabet 3.85
04/12/21 Pau 7/11 Chase 2m 3f 85y Heavy z 10st 10lbs Felix de Giles 19
23/05/21 Dax 4/10 Hurdle 2m 1f 88y Gd/Sft z 11st 0lbs Anthony Renard -
19/04/21 Le Lion-D'angers -/7 Chase 2m 198y Soft 10st 8lbs Felix de Giles -
28/03/21 Argentan 1/12 Hurdle 2m 1f 197y Gd/Sft 10st 8lbs Anthony Renard -
15/09/20 Clairefontaine 3/10 Hurdle 2m 198y Soft 10st 6lbs Anthony Renard 14.64

Left previous chasing efforts behind when winning 17f handicap at Plumpton in April. Well held next 3 starts but sparked back to life by first-time cheekpieces and a tongue strap when capitalising on a falling mark returned to hurdling here 5 weeks ago. Big player with a repeat back chasing.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
07/01/24 Plumpton 1/10 Hurdle 1m 7f 195y Soft + 11st 8lbs Rex Dingle 38
08/12/23 Sandown Park 6/8 Chase 1m 7f 99y Soft 11st 0lbs Rex Dingle 18.5
11/11/23 Wincanton 12/12 Chase 2m 4f 35y Soft 11st 2lbs Freddie Gordon 29.89
14/05/23 Plumpton 6/6 Chase 2m 3f 164y Gd/Frm 11st 8lbs Tom Cannon 3.35
10/04/23 Plumpton 1/7 Chase 2m 214y Soft 10st 12lbs Bryony Frost 4
19/02/23 Newbury 3/3 Chase 2m 92y Gd/Frm 11st 2lbs Tom Cannon 2.34
26/12/22 Wincanton -/12 Chase 2m 4f 35y Gd/Sft 11st 8lbs Tom Cannon 15.5
11/11/22 Cheltenham -/19 Hurdle 2m 87y Good 11st 4lbs Tom Cannon 6.8
29/10/22 Ascot 2/6 Hurdle 2m 3f 58y Good 11st 4lbs Fergus Gillard 5.58
23/04/22 Sandown Park 3/12 Hurdle 1m 7f 216y Good 10st 2lbs Adam Wedge 22.37
03/04/22 Plumpton 1/5 Hurdle 1m 7f 195y Gd/Sft 11st 6lbs Tom Cannon 5.17
14/03/22 Taunton 3/10 Hurdle 2m 104y Soft 11st 6lbs Paul O'Brien 29.86
07/02/22 Fontwell Park -/13 Hurdle 2m 1f 162y Soft 11st 6lbs Tom Cannon 46
19/01/22 Newbury 5/9 Bumper 2m 69y Soft 11st 4lbs Tom Cannon 54.64
20/03/21 Wexford 5/11 Bumper 2m 2f Soft 11st 9lbs Mr J. W. Hendrick 11.26

Fair ex-French hurdler who found just one too good all 4 starts in juvenile/maiden hurdles last term. Again runner-up when going agonisingly close on return/chase debut at Fontwell (19.5f, soft), a race he probably would've won but for a bad mistake 2 out. Heavy ground an excuse since. Headgear on.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
12/12/23 Fontwell Park -/5 Chase 2m 3f 104y Heavy 11st 4lbs Niall Houlihan 1.1
19/11/23 Fontwell Park 2/6 Chase 2m 3f 104y Soft 10st 3lbs Jamie Moore 3.22
23/04/23 Plumpton 2/7 Hurdle 1m 7f 195y Soft 10st 12lbs Jamie Moore 3.27
26/12/22 Fontwell Park 2/8 Hurdle 2m 1f 162y Soft 11st 2lbs Niall Houlihan 1.55
06/12/22 Fontwell Park 2/5 Hurdle 2m 1f 162y Gd/Sft 11st 0lbs Jamie Moore 4.51
13/11/22 Fontwell Park 2/7 Hurdle 2m 1f 162y Good 11st 0lbs Jamie Moore 2.75
01/04/22 Bordeaux 4/8 Hurdle 2m 89y Gd/Sft z 10st 8lbs Kevin Nabet 4.46

Timeform Verdict Timeform Verdict

ALTO ALTO responded well to headgear/a tongue strap when scoring over hurdles here 5 weeks ago and can follow up back in this sphere. Prince Quali was all the better for his yard debut/belated return when runner-up at Wincanton and is next best.

Betting Forecast

11/2 Give Me A Moment (Ire), 7/4 Prince Quali (Fr), 3/1 Alto Alto (Fr), 11/4 Aviles (Fr)
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Monday 12 February 2024

Catterick Bridge