15:30 Catterick Bridge

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  • Date: 12 February 2024
  • Going: SOFT
  • Surface: Turf
  • Status: Completed

Best Odds Guaranteed At Vickers.bet Handicap Hurdle (Qualifier) (3) (Class 3)

  • Distance: 1m 7f 156y
  • Age: 4 years old+
  • Runners: 7
  • Prize: £11,650
  • Race status: Weighed In

Free-going front runner who is 2-2 for new yard, just holding on at Fontwell on Boxing Day. Grade 2 winner in his younger days so still well treated and could be hard to peg back around here.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
26/12/23 Fontwell Park 1/3 Hurdle 2m 1f 162y Soft z 11st 8lbs Dylan Johnston 1.63
19/12/23 Fakenham 1/8 Hurdle 2m 3y Heavy z 12st 1lbs Sean Bowen 3.97
23/10/23 Plumpton 5/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 195y Gd/Sft 11st 6lbs Kielan Woods 21.46
26/08/23 Cartmel 9/10 Hurdle 2m 1f 46y Soft 0 11st 2lbs Kielan Woods 9.23
07/07/23 Newton Abbot -/8 Hurdle 2m 167y Good 11st 10lbs Harry Bannister 5.12
24/05/23 Warwick 5/11 Hurdle 2m Gd/Frm 11st 12lbs Harry Bannister 5.81
30/01/23 Huntingdon 7/10 Hurdle 1m 7f 171y Gd/Sft z 11st 9lbs Bryan Carver 25.34
27/12/22 Kempton Park 10/14 Hurdle 2m Soft z 11st 5lbs Kielan Woods 25.11
19/11/22 Ascot Ascot Hurdle 4/4 Hurdle 2m 3f 58y Good z 11st 0lbs Kielan Woods 16
16/10/22 Kempton Park 4/5 Hurdle 2m Good 11st 2lbs Kielan Woods 19.69
26/09/22 Newton Abbot 3/4 Chase 2m 75y Gd/Sft 12st 1lbs Harry Bannister 2.46
09/04/22 Aintree Maghull Novices' Chase 4/6 Chase 1m 7f 176y Gd/Sft 11st 4lbs Kielan Woods 110
16/03/22 Cheltenham Grand Annual Chase -/16 Chase 1m 7f 199y Heavy 10st 8lbs Harry Bannister 9.45
12/02/22 Warwick KIngmaker Novices' Chase 4/4 Chase 2m 54y Gd/Sft 11st 0lbs Kielan Woods 25.16
29/01/22 Doncaster Lightning Novices' Chase -/3 Chase 2m 78y Gd/Sft 11st 0lbs Harry Bannister 5.26
13/12/21 Plumpton 1/3 Chase 2m 214y Gd/Sft 11st 2lbs Harry Bannister 4.05
17/11/21 Warwick 3/5 Chase 2m 54y Good 11st 2lbs Harry Bannister 10.5
05/11/21 Warwick -/5 Chase 2m 54y Gd/Sft 11st 2lbs Harry Bannister 11
09/04/21 Aintree Top Novices' Hurdle 5/10 Hurdle 2m 103y Gd/Sft 11st 4lbs Harry Bannister 12.75
16/03/21 Cheltenham Supreme Novices' Hurdle 3/8 Hurdle 2m 87y Gd/Sft 11st 7lbs Harry Bannister 76.19
21/02/21 Newbury 14/23 Hurdle 2m 69y Gd/Sft 11st 5lbs Harry Bannister 62.32

Tricky to catch right but one of his better efforts when second over C&D last month, leading briefly run-in and not beaten far. This is tougher.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
11/01/24 Catterick Bridge 2/7 Hurdle 1m 7f 156y Soft 11st 7lbs Conor Rabbitt 24.31
07/12/23 Market Rasen 6/6 Hurdle 2m 125y Heavy 11st 4lbs Conor Rabbitt 34.52
26/08/23 Cartmel 2/10 Hurdle 2m 1f 46y Soft 10st 4lbs Aaron Anderson 50.69
07/08/23 Ripon 6/7 Flat 1m 1f 170y Soft 9st 9lbs Cam Hardie 54.54
24/07/23 Beverley 1/5 Flat 1m 1f 207y Soft 9st 12lbs Cam Hardie 28
01/07/23 Newcastle 7/11 Flat 1m 4f 98y Slow 9st 8lbs Cam Hardie 170
29/05/23 Redcar 8/8 Flat 1m 2f 1y Good 9st 1lbs Graham Lee 46.85
16/05/23 Wetherby 3/14 Flat 1m 2f Gd/Frm 9st 7lbs Andrew Mullen 510.49
04/03/23 Doncaster 6/7 Hurdle 2m 128y Good 11st 2lbs Ross Chapman 315.87
28/12/22 Catterick Bridge -/11 Hurdle 2m 3f 66y Soft 12st 0lbs Aaron Anderson 300
29/09/22 Clonmel 6/12 Hurdle 2m 3f 198y Gd/Sft 0 12st 0lbs A. P. Kelly 9.4
16/09/22 Dundalk 10/14 Flat 1m 4f Slow 0 10st 0lbs J. Kearney 13.5
01/08/22 Cork 8/12 Hurdle 2m 1f Gd/Sft 0 11st 5lbs Patrick O'Hanlon 29
12/06/22 Downpatrick 5/6 Hurdle 2m 1f 65y Gd/Sft 0 11st 7lbs Patrick O'Hanlon 3.54
23/03/22 Dundalk 1/14 Flat 1m 2f 150y Slow 0 9st 11lbs Wesley Joyce 6.8
16/02/22 Dundalk 3/14 Flat 1m 2f 150y Slow 0 10st 1lbs D. King 9.98
01/12/21 Dundalk 4/14 Flat 1m 2f 150y Std 0 9st 8lbs D. King 4.52
12/11/21 Dundalk 1/14 Flat 1m 2f 150y Slow 0 9st 10lbs J. Coen 7.79
23/10/21 Leopardstown 7/20 Flat 1m 2f Good 0 9st 10lbs Emmet McNamara 27
10/10/21 Curragh 9/18 Flat 1m Soft 0 9st 8lbs C. J. MacRedmond 8.48
23/09/21 Listowel 4/15 Flat 1m 1f Good 0 9st 11lbs Emmet McNamara 7.64

Better than ever this season, completing a hat-trick in handicap hurdles under this rider. Shaped as if still in top form from an 8 lb higher mark at Carlisle last week, arguably making his effort earlier than ideal. This is tougher again but he can't be dismissed.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
05/02/24 Carlisle 4/11 Hurdle 2m 1f Soft h 10st 12lbs Conor Rabbitt 11.6
23/12/23 Haydock Park 1/8 Hurdle 2m 2f 191y Heavy h 10st 4lbs Conor Rabbitt 12.66
28/11/23 Sedgefield 1/10 Hurdle 2m 178y Heavy h 11st 4lbs Conor Rabbitt 3.55
16/11/23 Sedgefield 1/8 Hurdle 2m 178y Heavy h 10st 7lbs Conor Rabbitt 2.7
09/11/23 Sedgefield 3/10 Hurdle 2m 178y Soft h 10st 7lbs Conor Rabbitt 4.8
28/10/23 Kelso 2/15 Hurdle 2m 51y Heavy h 9st 9lbs Conor Rabbitt 14.5
08/10/23 Uttoxeter 11/14 Hurdle 1m 7f 168y Gd/Sft h 10st 7lbs Harry Reed 23.54
27/04/23 Perth 3/10 Hurdle 2m 47y Gd/Sft h 10st 9lbs Thomas Dowson 6.2
14/04/23 Sedgefield 4/10 Hurdle 2m 178y Heavy H 10st 9lbs William Shanahan 5.46
21/03/23 Wetherby 7/9 Hurdle 2m Soft h 10st 13lbs Alan Doyle 10.91
10/03/23 Ayr 7/11 Hurdle 2m 4f 100y Good h 11st 2lbs Alan Doyle 20.84
25/02/23 Newcastle 9/11 Hurdle 2m 190y Gd/Sft H 11st 7lbs Alan Doyle 9.93
29/01/23 Sedgefield 10/12 Hurdle 2m 178y Soft H 11st 5lbs William Shanahan 16.68
03/01/23 Musselburgh 9/12 Hurdle 1m 7f 124y Soft H 12st 0lbs William Shanahan 10.94
28/02/22 Carlisle 7/13 Hurdle 2m 1f Gd/Sft H 11st 12lbs Thomas Dowson 22.03
05/02/22 Musselburgh 6/12 Hurdle 1m 7f 124y Gd/Sft H 11st 7lbs William Shanahan 11
18/01/22 Newcastle 5/11 Hurdle 2m 46y Gd/Sft h 11st 10lbs William Shanahan 6.96
01/01/22 Catterick Bridge 2/14 Hurdle 1m 7f 156y Gd/Sft H 11st 10lbs William Shanahan 4.5
19/12/21 Fakenham 5/10 Hurdle 2m 3y Soft H 11st 6lbs William Shanahan 5.2
03/12/21 Sedgefield 1/14 Hurdle 2m 178y Soft H 11st 4lbs William Shanahan 11.78
16/11/21 Ayr 4/14 Hurdle 2m 3f 110y Gd/Sft H 11st 4lbs Sam Coltherd 32

Has had a good season already, undoubtedly aided by such a strong pace around the minimum trip when scoring at Sedgefield (17f, heavy) under this rider recently. 4 lb rise demands more but she'll probably get a similar scenario here.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
26/01/24 Sedgefield 1/6 Hurdle 2m 178y Heavy 11st 6lbs Tom Midgley 11
26/12/23 Sedgefield 2/7 Hurdle 2m 3f 188y Soft 11st 7lbs Jonathan England 19.51
07/12/23 Market Rasen 5/6 Hurdle 2m 125y Heavy 11st 11lbs Tom Midgley 12
23/11/23 Newcastle 1/12 Hurdle 2m 190y Gd/Sft 11st 9lbs Tom Midgley 17.48
26/10/23 Carlisle 11/11 Hurdle 2m 1f 33y Soft 10st 11lbs Tom Midgley 48.98
23/05/23 Hexham 5/9 Hurdle 2m 4f 28y Good 10st 10lbs Tom Midgley 16.06
13/05/23 Hexham 1/6 Hurdle 2m 4f 28y Gd/Sft 11st 0lbs Tom Midgley 4.5
24/04/23 Hexham 2/15 Hurdle 2m 4f 28y Soft 11st 9lbs Tom Midgley 7.2
15/04/23 Newcastle 2/10 Hurdle 2m 4f 62y Gd/Sft 12st 1lbs Tom Midgley 12.5
14/03/23 Sedgefield 7/8 Chase 2m 1f Heavy 12st 0lbs Brian Hughes 3.35
25/02/23 Newcastle 1/11 Hurdle 2m 190y Gd/Sft 11st 11lbs Tom Midgley 7.35
01/02/23 Leicester 2/8 Hurdle 1m 7f 113y Soft 11st 2lbs Jamie Hamilton 11
13/01/23 Sedgefield 7/11 Hurdle 2m 3f 188y Soft 11st 8lbs Dylan Johnston 69.13
28/12/22 Catterick Bridge 4/8 Chase 2m 3f 51y Gd/Sft 11st 11lbs Dylan Johnston 13.35
17/11/22 Newcastle 12/14 Hurdle 2m 7f 149y Soft 12st 1lbs Tom Midgley 101.5
22/10/22 Kelso 9/10 Chase 2m 1f 14y Gd/Sft 11st 7lbs Jamie Hamilton 11.5
08/04/22 Sedgefield 2/4 Chase 2m 5f 28y Soft 11st 3lbs Jamie Hamilton 3.2
17/03/22 Hexham 2/13 Chase 2m 4f 15y Gd/Sft 11st 10lbs Jamie Hamilton 20.35
03/10/21 Killarney 6/9 Chase 2m 7f Soft 11st 7lbs Jack Foley 7.44
10/09/21 Ballinrobe 3/14 Chase 2m 7f Gd/Sft 11st 11lbs J. J. Slevin 35.83
20/08/21 Killarney 5/14 Chase 2m 4f Gd/Sft 10st 13lbs J. J. Slevin 16.36

Dual bumper winner for Emmet Mullins and again over hurdles at Market Rasen (2m) for Mark Walford early last season. Sold cheaply and work to do starting out for new yard.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
13/10/23 Newcastle 6/7 Flat 1m 2f 42y Slow z 9st 11lbs Joanna Mason 260
22/07/23 Cartmel 10/12 Hurdle 2m 6f 31y Heavy z 11st 6lbs Jamie Hamilton 26.74
17/06/23 Hexham 5/11 Hurdle 2m 48y Good z 11st 12lbs Dylan Johnston 1.74
01/06/23 Market Rasen 1/7 Hurdle 2m 125y Good z 11st 7lbs Jamie Hamilton 1.37
12/05/23 Market Rasen 1/7 Hurdle 2m 125y Gd/Sft z 11st 4lbs Jamie Hamilton 1.59
30/03/23 Warwick 3/11 Hurdle 2m 5f Heavy z 11st 7lbs Daryl Jacob 2.69
02/09/22 Kilbeggan 2/14 Hurdle 2m 3f Good 11st 12lbs D. E. Mullins 2.12
13/08/22 Tramore 7/12 Flat 1m 4f Good 10st 4lbs D. E. Mullins 5.55
06/02/22 Leopardstown Liffey Handicap Hurdle 6/27 Hurdle 2m Soft 10st 1lbs D. E. Mullins 6.4
21/01/22 Lingfield Park 3/12 Hurdle 2m Soft 10st 12lbs P. Townend 5
27/11/21 Fairyhouse 2/19 Hurdle 2m 4f Good 11st 0lbs D. E. Mullins 11.5
13/11/21 Punchestown 5/21 Hurdle 2m 3f 120y Gd/Sft 11st 9lbs B. Hayes 2.58
29/07/21 Galway 5/12 Hurdle 2m 11y Good 11st 2lbs J. W. Kennedy 3.05
09/07/21 Cork 2/18 Hurdle 2m Gd/Sft 11st 9lbs B. Hayes 1.5
08/06/21 Roscommon 1/13 Bumper 1m 7f 80y Good 12st 0lbs P. Byrnes 2.34
01/05/21 Punchestown 1/16 Bumper 2m Gd/Sft 11st 8lbs P. Byrnes 4.2

Returned to winning ways in 2m Ffos Las handicap in the mud in December and not disgraced in tougher race over further at Wetherby since. Same mark but will relish testing conditions back down in trip.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
13/01/24 Wetherby 4/9 Hurdle 2m 3f 154y Heavy h 10st 10lbs Gavin Sheehan 5.57
12/12/23 Ffos Las 1/10 Hurdle 1m 7f 182y Heavy h 11st 12lbs Gavin Sheehan 7.6
22/10/23 Kempton Park 5/8 Hurdle 2m 5f Good h 11st 8lbs Gavin Sheehan 7.6
29/04/23 Sandown Park 9/15 Hurdle 1m 7f 216y Gd/Sft z 11st 0lbs Gavin Sheehan 70
08/04/23 Newton Abbot 4/9 Hurdle 2m 167y Soft z 11st 9lbs James Davies 12.1
15/03/23 Huntingdon 1/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 171y Soft z 11st 6lbs Gavin Sheehan 3.05
28/12/22 Leicester 6/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 113y Heavy z 11st 1lbs Gavin Sheehan 12.59
16/11/22 Hexham 3/9 Hurdle 2m 48y Heavy 11st 0lbs Gavin Sheehan 1.88
26/10/22 Fakenham 2/9 Hurdle 2m 3y Gd/Sft 11st 3lbs Gavin Sheehan 2.66
15/03/22 Cheltenham Boodles Juvenile Hurdle 13/21 Hurdle 2m 87y Good 10st 11lbs Gavin Sheehan 117.27
21/10/21 Auteuil 3/9 Hurdle 2m 1f 88y Soft h 10st 10lbs Thomas Coutant 7.81
03/06/21 Lyon Parilly 3/6 Hurdle 2m 198y Soft h 10st 10lbs Florent Bayle 7.7
20/05/21 Vichy 3/7 Hurdle 2m 89y Soft h 10st 8lbs Florent Bayle 8.21

Juvenile hurdle winner at Cartmel and over C&D last season and struck again in 2m Haydock handicap in the mud in December. Too free at Kelso last time and hood goes back on.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
14/01/24 Kelso 3/4 Hurdle 2m 51y Heavy 11st 7lbs Ross Chapman 3.3
23/12/23 Haydock Park 1/6 Hurdle 1m 7f 144y Heavy 11st 4lbs Ross Chapman 12.51
30/11/23 Musselburgh 2/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 124y Soft 12st 0lbs Ross Chapman 18.5
08/11/23 Musselburgh 7/9 Hurdle 1m 7f 124y Gd/Sft H 11st 5lbs Nathan Moscrop 18.5
24/03/23 Musselburgh 5/13 Hurdle 2m 1f 87y Gd/Sft H 11st 11lbs Nathan Moscrop 10.77
25/02/23 Kempton Park Adonis Juvenile Hurdle 7/8 Hurdle 2m Gd/Sft H 11st 0lbs Nathan Moscrop 80
05/02/23 Musselburgh 2/6 Hurdle 1m 7f 124y Gd/Sft H 11st 0lbs Nathan Moscrop 8.25
27/12/22 Chepstow Finale Juvenile Hurdle 4/9 Hurdle 2m 11y Gd/Sft H 11st 0lbs Nathan Moscrop 114.95
18/11/22 Catterick Bridge 1/8 Hurdle 1m 7f 156y Gd/Sft H 11st 7lbs Nathan Moscrop 1.71
03/11/22 Sedgefield 2/7 Hurdle 2m 178y Soft H 11st 7lbs Nathan Moscrop 2.9
29/08/22 Cartmel 1/4 Hurdle 2m 1f 46y Good H 10st 12lbs Nathan Moscrop 3.15
19/08/22 Newcastle 1/6 Flat 2m 56y Slow H 9st 11lbs Ben Curtis 3.87
23/06/22 Newcastle 7/8 Flat 1m 4f 98y Slow H 8st 6lbs Cam Hardie 41.63
09/06/22 Haydock Park 4/13 Flat 1m 2f 42y Good 9st 6lbs Hollie Doyle 30.76
02/02/22 Dundalk 6/10 Flat 1m 2f 150y Slow 9st 8lbs S. M. Crosse 4.36
14/01/22 Dundalk 6/13 Flat 1m Slow 9st 7lbs J. Coen 4.49
03/12/21 Dundalk 6/13 Flat 1m Std 9st 7lbs Declan McDonogh 14.5

Timeform Verdict Timeform Verdict

A good contest that can go to FOR PLEASURE. Still well-handicapped on his 2020 Grade 2-winning form, he's 2-2 for Olly Murphy and has been given a break since his Fontwell victory on Boxing Day. Holly and Moonlight Glory were also both successful last time and are feared.

Betting Forecast

3/1 For Pleasure (Ire), 9/1 Very Excellent (Ire), 12/1 El Jefe (Ire), 6/1 Moonlight Glory (Ire), 40/1 Carrarea (Ire), 6/1 Milldam (Fr), 14/1 The Churchill Lad (Ire)
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Monday 12 February 2024

Catterick Bridge