20:30 Aintree

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  • Date: 11 June 2021
  • Going: GOOD
  • Surface: Turf
  • Status: Completed

Watch Race Replays At Racingtv.com Mares' Handicap Hurdle (4) (Class 4)

  • Distance: 3m 149y
  • Age: 4 years old+
  • Runners: 6
  • Prize: £7,200
  • Race status: Weighed In

Bagged a Newcastle handicap chase off 9 lb higher mark in December, so claims from a handicapping perspective and just about her best effort over hurdles when third at Cartmel a fortnight ago.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
29/05/21 Cartmel 3/11 Hurdle 2m 6f 31y Good 11st 6lbs Conor O'Farrell 11.47
15/04/21 Cheltenham 5/9 Hurdle 2m 4f 56y Good 10st 4lbs Conor O'Farrell 29.77
09/03/21 Newcastle 3/6 Chase 2m 7f 91y Gd/Sft 11st 9lbs Conor O'Farrell 6.2
21/02/21 Uttoxeter 4/4 Chase 2m 4f Heavy 10st 12lbs Conor O'Farrell 4.76
19/12/20 Newcastle 1/6 Chase 2m 4f 19y Soft 11st 11lbs Conor O'Farrell 3.66
21/11/20 Huntingdon 2/7 Chase 2m 3f 189y Gd/Sft 11st 6lbs Conor O'Farrell 4.9
31/10/20 Ayr 2/9 Chase 2m 4f 110y Heavy 11st 9lbs Conor O'Farrell 7.57
03/03/20 Newcastle 1/4 Chase 2m 4f 19y Soft 11st 8lbs Conor O'Farrell 3.15
18/02/20 Musselburgh 2/6 Chase 2m 4f 68y Heavy H 11st 12lbs Conor O'Farrell 13.5
28/01/20 Newcastle 2/9 Hurdle 2m 46y Soft H 11st 8lbs Bruce Lynn 7.4
29/12/19 Kelso 3/12 Hurdle 2m 2f 25y Soft H 11st 12lbs Bruce Lynn 34
30/07/19 Perth 10/11 Hurdle 2m 7f 207y Good 11st 11lbs Ross Chapman 9.45
30/06/19 Uttoxeter 6/7 Hurdle 2m 7f 70y Good 10st 13lbs Bruce Lynn 6.24
14/06/19 Aintree 2/8 Hurdle 3m 149y Gd/Sft 11st 12lbs Ross Chapman 5.47
24/05/19 Worcester 1/8 Hurdle 2m 4f Good 11st 11lbs Ross Chapman 4.66
07/05/19 Ayr 1/7 Hurdle 2m 4f 100y Gd/Frm 10st 12lbs Ross Chapman 3.9
23/04/19 Sedgefield 3/9 Hurdle 2m 3f 188y Gd/Sft 10st 7lbs Ross Chapman 163.21
05/04/19 Sedgefield 6/11 Hurdle 2m 178y Good 10st 12lbs Ross Chapman 66.91
12/04/18 Limerick 7/12 Hurdle 2m 3f Heavy 11st 7lbs D. J. McInerney 995
24/03/18 Thurles 10/15 Hurdle 2m Soft 10st 11lbs R. P. Treacy 1000
10/03/18 Gowran Park 10/12 Hurdle 2m Heavy 11st 5lbs D. J. McInerney 1000

Modest maiden hurdler/chaser for Sophie Leech. Looked hard work when fourth at Ffos Las a week ago and now tries a new trip.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
03/06/21 Ffos Las 4/12 Hurdle 2m 4f Good z 11st 6lbs K. Brogan 36
06/05/21 Worcester 7/10 Hurdle 2m 4f Gd/Sft z 11st 0lbs Ben Poste 14
25/03/21 Chepstow 5/16 Hurdle 2m 3f 100y Good z 11st 0lbs Ben Poste 171.4
03/11/19 Huntingdon 8/10 Chase 2m 3f 189y Gd/Sft z 11st 8lbs A. P. Heskin 10.76
15/10/19 Hereford 3/8 Chase 2m 4f 194y Gd/Sft z 9st 8lbs Paddy Brennan 16
24/09/19 Warwick 3/5 Chase 2m 54y Gd/Sft z 10st 10lbs Paddy Brennan 12.5
20/05/19 Ludlow 3/4 Hurdle 2m 5f 55y Good z 11st 0lbs Paddy Brennan 2.98
22/04/19 Chepstow 2/6 Hurdle 2m 3f 100y Gd/Frm z 10st 12lbs James Bowen 2.41
06/04/19 Chepstow 4/15 Hurdle 2m 3f 100y Gd/Sft 11st 11lbs Sean Houlihan 14.45
21/03/19 Chepstow 3/12 Hurdle 2m 11y Gd/Sft 11st 11lbs Sean Houlihan 10.4
20/02/19 Ludlow 5/12 Hurdle 1m 7f 169y Gd/Sft 10st 3lbs Paddy Brennan 71.22
06/08/18 Cork -/24 Hurdle 2m Gd/Sft 11st 7lbs P. D. Kennedy 21
27/07/18 Wexford 4/14 Hurdle 2m Good 10st 11lbs P. D. Kennedy 4.1
07/02/18 Fairyhouse 5/14 Hurdle 2m Heavy 10st 12lbs Robbie Power 45.11
30/01/18 Punchestown -/21 Hurdle 2m Heavy 11st 5lbs Robbie Power 85
18/10/17 Punchestown 9/15 Bumper 2m Soft 11st 5lbs Miss K. Harrington 43.36
28/09/17 Clonmel 6/11 Bumper 2m 192y Soft 11st 3lbs Miss K. Harrington 10.1

Breakthrough success over 20.4f at Southwell in November. Lost little caste in defeat with a brace of runner-up efforts in 2021 and she can remain competitive upped slightly in trip.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
01/04/21 Ffos Las 2/13 Hurdle 2m 5f 192y Gd/Sft 11st 11lbs Jonjo O'Neill Jr. 5.5
04/01/21 Fakenham 2/10 Hurdle 2m 7f 95y Heavy 11st 9lbs Jonjo O'Neill Jr. 5.1
04/12/20 Sedgefield 6/12 Hurdle 2m 3f 188y Heavy 11st 11lbs Brian Hughes 4.7
13/11/20 Southwell 1/11 Hurdle 2m 4f 88y Gd/Sft 11st 12lbs Jonjo O'Neill Jr. 3.8
30/08/20 Perth 4/12 Hurdle 2m 4f 35y Gd/Sft 11st 12lbs Jonjo O'Neill Jr. 7.2
10/03/20 Sedgefield 3/9 Hurdle 2m 3f 188y Soft 10st 12lbs Richie McLernon 7.6
22/01/20 Warwick 8/12 Hurdle 2m 5f Soft 11st 0lbs Richie McLernon 19
24/11/19 Uttoxeter 6/14 Hurdle 1m 7f 168y Heavy 10st 10lbs Richie McLernon 34
04/11/19 Plumpton 3/12 Hurdle 2m 4f 114y Heavy 10st 12lbs Richie McLernon 60
17/10/19 Carlisle 7/15 Bumper 2m 1f 33y Gd/Sft 10st 12lbs Jonjo O'Neill Jr. 9.23

Off the mark despite hanging badly left in 23f handicap at Exeter in April. Shaped as though amiss at Worcester a fortnight later, though.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
06/05/21 Worcester 9/9 Hurdle 2m 7f Gd/Sft 11st 3lbs Tom O'Brien 2.94
22/04/21 Exeter 1/11 Hurdle 2m 7f 25y Gd/Frm 12st 0lbs Tom O'Brien 3.82
06/04/21 Exeter 2/9 Hurdle 2m 7f 25y Good 11st 6lbs Tom O'Brien 8.6
15/03/21 Taunton 8/17 Hurdle 2m 3f 1y Soft 11st 12lbs Tom O'Brien 16.89
30/12/20 Taunton 13/17 Hurdle 2m 3f 1y Heavy 11st 10lbs C. M. Leonard 64.21
10/12/20 Taunton 10/16 Hurdle 2m 3f 1y Soft 10st 9lbs Sean Houlihan 34
28/02/20 Doncaster 4/9 Hurdle 2m 3f 88y Heavy 10st 12lbs Tom O'Brien 13.5
26/12/19 Wincanton 4/12 Hurdle 1m 7f 65y Heavy 10st 10lbs Tom O'Brien 130
13/11/19 Exeter -/16 Hurdle 2m 2f 111y Heavy 10st 12lbs Richard Johnson 13
10/10/19 Worcester 6/11 Bumper 2m Soft 10st 5lbs Richard Johnson 4.56
18/04/19 Cheltenham 6/15 Bumper 2m 179y Good 10st 9lbs Richard Johnson 14.29

Progressive when winning 3m handicaps at Market Rasen and Doncaster in November. Right back at that level with her reappearance under her belt when runner-up at Cartmel 11 days ago.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
31/05/21 Cartmel 2/5 Hurdle 3m 1f 83y Good 11st 11lbs Sean Quinlan 5.28
14/05/21 Aintree 10/11 Hurdle 2m 4f Good 11st 4lbs Sean Quinlan 14.2
04/12/20 Sedgefield 7/12 Hurdle 2m 3f 188y Heavy 11st 12lbs C. M. Leonard 3.19
27/11/20 Doncaster 1/16 Hurdle 3m 84y Good 11st 6lbs Sean Quinlan 3.15
19/11/20 Market Rasen 1/10 Hurdle 2m 7f 16y Good 10st 8lbs Sean Quinlan 17.79
01/11/20 Carlisle 4/11 Hurdle 2m 1f 33y Soft 10st 9lbs Sean Quinlan 13.32
25/02/20 Catterick Bridge 3/10 Hurdle 2m 3f 66y Soft 11st 11lbs Abbie McCain 6.8
14/01/20 Doncaster 5/16 Hurdle 3m 84y Heavy 11st 8lbs Jack Tudor 15.5
19/12/19 Hereford 4/10 Hurdle 3m 1f 119y Heavy 11st 11lbs Sean Quinlan 30.51
30/11/19 Bangor-On-Dee 2/9 Hurdle 2m 7f 7y Heavy 11st 11lbs Jack Tudor 27.14
02/10/19 Bangor-On-Dee 4/9 Hurdle 2m 145y Heavy 10st 7lbs Sean Quinlan 80
10/09/19 Kelso 9/10 Hurdle 2m 51y Good 10st 5lbs Thomas Dowson 190
24/08/19 Cartmel 6/9 Hurdle 2m 1f 46y Gd/Sft 10st 5lbs Thomas Dowson 45.5
19/08/19 Bangor-On-Dee 7/10 Hurdle 2m 145y Good 10st 9lbs Thomas Dowson 46
26/07/19 Uttoxeter 5/11 Bumper 1m 7f 168y Good 10st 12lbs Brian Hughes 11

Back-to-back winner of novice hurdles last summer but has found life tougher since, brushed aside on recent stable debut at this venue. Up in distance.

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Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey BSP
14/05/21 Aintree 7/11 Hurdle 2m 4f Good 11st 5lbs Gavin Sheehan 28
27/03/21 Newbury Mares' Limited Handicap Series Final 10/12 Hurdle 2m 4f 118y Gd/Sft 10st 10lbs Sam Twiston-Davies 150
05/03/21 Doncaster 4/7 Hurdle 2m 3f 88y Good 11st 12lbs Sam Twiston-Davies 21.67
11/12/20 Cheltenham 7/11 Chase 2m 4f 127y Soft 11st 11lbs Sam Twiston-Davies 19.54
05/11/20 Market Rasen 4/6 Chase 2m 7f 191y Gd/Sft 11st 0lbs Tom Bellamy 13.5
16/10/20 Fakenham 2/3 Chase 2m 5f 44y Gd/Sft 11st 10lbs Sam Twiston-Davies 1.75
19/09/20 Newton Abbot 3/8 Hurdle 2m 5f 122y Good 11st 3lbs Gavin Sheehan 2.5
22/08/20 Uttoxeter 1/9 Hurdle 2m 3f 207y Gd/Sft 11st 5lbs Gavin Sheehan 2.37
27/07/20 Market Rasen 1/10 Hurdle 2m 4f 139y Good 10st 12lbs Gavin Sheehan 2.64
20/02/20 Huntingdon -/15 Hurdle 2m 4f 145y Heavy 11st 2lbs Sam Twiston-Davies 11.51
18/01/20 Ascot 5/7 Hurdle 2m 5f 141y Soft 10st 9lbs Jordan Nailor 70
08/12/19 Huntingdon 4/10 Bumper 1m 7f 171y Gd/Sft 11st 0lbs Gavin Sheehan 35.6
16/11/19 Cheltenham 8/11 Bumper 2m 87y Heavy 11st 0lbs Tom Bellamy 70.17
09/10/19 Ludlow 2/12 Bumper 1m 7f 169y Gd/Frm 11st 0lbs Sam Twiston-Davies 11.18

Timeform Verdict Timeform Verdict

There's scope from SHE'SASUPERMACK's hurdles mark given her chase form and given she ran as well as she ever has over timber at Cartmel recently, so everything looks in place for a bold bid. At First Glance and Catchmeifyoucan also arrive in top form and head the opposition.

Betting Forecast

10/3 She'sasupermack (Ire), 14/1 Stephanie Sunshine (Ire), 11/4 At First Glance (Ire), 5/1 Singapore Saga, 10/3 Catchmeifyoucan (Ire), 18/1 Bit On The Side (Ire)
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