Rivaldo Exclusive: Appointing rookie Solari a risk for Real Madrid

Santiago Solari - Real Madrid
Four wins in four for Solari - but the appointment is a risk, warns Rivaldo
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Real Madrid are on the verge of appointing Santiago Solari as full-time head coach after he won four games on the bounce but Rivaldo fears the former B team boss doesn't have enough experience for the role...

"Four matches and four wins; he must be congratulated for that, but it remains to be seen if he can take that momentum into the Champions League as his future as Real Madrid manager could be decided there."

A good start - but the hard work is yet to come

As I have said here before, Santiago Solari still hasn't got the required experience to be Real Madrid manager, but sometimes victories make a coach. And as long as he keeps winning, the fans won't care if he comes from Castillla

Solari has brought the team back to winning ways and the players seem to be united again, which is very positive for the manager. Four matches and four wins; he must be congratulated for that, but it remains to be seen if he can take that momentum into the Champions League as his future as Real Madrid manager could be decided there.

Big games bring difficult moments and only then will we know if Solari really is the right manager for the club.

Vinícius Júnior could take advantage of Bale's dip in form

I believe Vinícius should already have been playing regularly from the start of the season - and he didn't need to prove that in the third division as he brought a good amount of experience and competitive matches from Brazil last season. But he didn't get the chance under Lopetegui.

Now, he is having a few more opportunities under Solari and I believe he will keep earning the right to play more minutes as he is a great player who is showing great personality every time he goes on to the pitch.

And if Gareth Bale continues to underperform then Vinicius can get chances to play more often, perhaps even starting matches against the lesser sides. The 18-year-old is showing lots of maturity for such a young player.

Barca will bounce back from shock Betis defeat

I don't think the 4-3 loss to Betis will put Ernesto Valverde's position in danger, but when you are manager of a big club there is always that pressure to get results.

It's never good to lose at home to a weaker team but Barcelona remain relaxed; the result happened at the right time as we are still in the early part of the season, and they have already qualified for Champions League next phase and are leading La Liga.

I don't think the loss will affect the players or manager and I expect a good response in their next match.

Barca's loss was even more surprising given that Lionel Messi was back (and scoring twice). The only explanation I can find is that this is football, and football is so beautiful! Even when you have a great player on the pitch you still can lose.

It has been a good season for Spanish football so far, with smaller teams creating trouble for the big clubs and that's positive for the competition.

Talk of Quique Setien to Barcelona is knee jerk

He has a great playing style, but I believe it's too soon to talk about Betis manager Quique Setien moving to Barcelona. This is only being discussed because of the surprising victory at Camp Nou.

I'm sure Valverde will do a good job this season and no one will speak about managerial changes at the end of it. That doesn't mean Setien can't become Barcelona's manager one day, but I don't think the club will be thinking about it so soon.

The team is fine, they are La Liga and Copa del Rey champions, and this season are dominating in the Champions League and leading La Liga, so all seems to be running according to the script for Barcelona.

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