Premier League Title Races Quiz: Test your knowledge on past season finales

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Last season Man City pipped Liverpool to the title by one point. But in what season was the race even closer?

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How many clubs have won the Premier League?

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They say the team that's top at Xmas goes on to win the title but how many times has it happened in the Premier League?

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Which two clubs share the record for finishing as Premier League runners-up the most?

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How many clubs have retained the Premier League title?

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Leicester are one of two teams to win the Premier League once and once only. Can you name the other?

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How many times has a team won the Premier League and FA Cup in the same season?

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Three managers won the Premier League title in their first season in charge of which club?

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How many times has the Premier League title been decided on the final day of the season?

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Which player has the most Premier League winners' medals?

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How many managers have won the Premier League title once and once only?

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Who was the last player to win the Golden Boot in a title winning side?

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The Premier League has seen some thrilling title races over the years so here's our quiz on the winners, losers, top scorers and more...

Football was invented in 1992. So the joke about the Premier League's tendency to self-importance goes. The truth is, though, that there has been a different feel to top flight English football since the inaugural Premier League season of 1992/93. There's just been a bit more gloss, with better players, longer shorts and lusher pitches. And of course there's been more money and players from all over the world.

It's made for some fascinating title races, a few which have gone right to the wire, and several which have pitted the greatest football minds against each other. There have been great, all-conquering teams, like Sir Alex Ferguson's treble winners of 1999, and there have been fairytales like Claudio Ranieri's Leicester in 2016.

Here's our quiz on the Premier League title races, to let you test your knowledge and relive some wonderful achievements. Let us know how you score...

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