Fabrizio Ravanelli Exclusive: Looking forward to the first ever Serie A Boxing Day

Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Juventus
Juve's Cristiano Ronaldo needs to be at his best against Atalanta
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Ahead of Juventus' trip to Atalanta on Boxing Day - the first time Serie A fixtures have been played on the day - we caught up with former Juve striker Fabrizio Ravanelli...

"In England on Boxing Day, entire families go to the stadium and all the supporters are dressed up as Santa Claus, so it's a great joy, regardless of the result."

What do you remember about winning 1-0 away to Atalanta with Juve in the 1995/96 season?

I remember that we won thanks to a goal of mine from a penalty. It was very satisfying. Winning in Bergamo is never easy, even in the years 1995/96 it never was. Atalanta was a grumpy team and hard to beat, as it is now. It's a team that plays great football. I remember that game with great affection, because when you manage to score and win 1-0, it means that your goal was really important.

How do you compare the Juventus team in your time with Juventus now?

I find many similarities. Both teams have great character and determination. This Juventus is beating all records, especially at this start of the season. So, I have to admit that they really are two great Juventus teams.

For the first time Serie A will play on December 26. You already played with Middlesbrough on Boxing day, what can you say about it? What should Italian fans expect?

In England, it has always been a great tradition. Playing after Christmas is a big party, not just for the players, but especially for the supporters. In England, the entire families go to the stadium and all the supporters are dressed up as Santa Claus, so it's a great joy, regardless of the result. There is a different mentality in England. Plus, if your team wins, the party becomes even bigger. For this reason, I think it will be a fantastic experience for Italy too. In addition, it will bring great satisfaction if Juventus can get three points on Boxing Day, as it will help them to win their eighth championship.

How do you think Atalanta v Juventus will end?

It is obvious for me to say that I hope Juventus will win, but I expect a difficult match. To get three points, Juventus will have to play a great game without making any mistakes. We have seen that Atalanta has given a hard time both to Napoli and Inter. Juventus will have to provide a great performance as it was able to offer last year. We hope Juventus can come back from Bergamo with three more points.

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