Football League Play-offs Quiz: Test your knowledge on the end of season drama

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When were the English Football League play-offs established?

Question 2 of 10

Which club have won more play-off finals than any other?

Question 3 of 10

The play-off semi-finals are played over two legs. Which team achieved the biggest aggregate win of all time?

Question 4 of 10

What was unusual about the 1990 old second division play offs?

Question 5 of 10

Which team won the 1992 old second division play-off final to take the last remaining place in the Premier League?

Question 6 of 10

The 1998 first division play-off final between Charlton and Sunderland and was the highest-scoring ever. What was the score?

Question 7 of 10

Sheffield Utd and Reading share the record for the most play-off final defeats. How many have they each lost

Question 8 of 10

Which two clubs have won all three divisional play-off finals?

Question 9 of 10

Who is the most successful manager in play-offs history?

Question 10 of 10

In what year did Manchester City win the Division Two play-off final to gain promotion to Division One?

The play-off finals are usually a highlight of the May sporting calendar so, in their absence, we've put together a quiz on their history and invite you to give it a go...

There's nothing quite like the English Football League play-offs for end of season drama. If your team can gain promotion automatically then that's great but, for fans of the teams that finished third, fourth, fifth and sixth in their respective divisions, the play-offs offer a two-legged semi-final and the possibility of a Wembley final.

Over the years there have been some real humdingers, with goals, controversy and almost unbearable levels of tension. The stakes are so high that losing really hurts while winning is exhilarating. It's round about now that the play-off finals would usually be taking place at Wembley, so we've put together a quiz on their history which will let you take a trip down memory lane and test your knowledge. Good luck!

Max Liu,

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