Dimitar Berbatov: Solskjaer must be praised for Champions League performances

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer deserves huge credit for his team's Champions League performances

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer deserves praise for another superb Man Utd performance in the Champions League says Dimitar Berbatov, while Marcus Rashford's stock continues to rise, on and off the field...

"Ole deserves credit for performances like this, it can't be a situation where good results are the players, the bad results are the manager, that does not work."

Everyone assumed United would have a tough time against Leipzig, but they were really excellent, a complete performance. They pressed when they needed to press, attacked the ball well, passed the ball well, and they also showed that the goals are there, it's just a matter of bringing them out. It was a great night for the team all around.

It's hard to know why they have been so good in Europe, but less impressive in the Premier League, at times it's just different in both competitions. Fatigue and motivation play a part, it can be hard to switch back and forth, and a lot of it is just coincidence too.

Incredible result will bring about more confidence

This result at home will do wonders for United's confidence, as their home record hasn't been fantastic. Not only have they won at home, they've beaten Leipzig 5-0! That is an incredible result. Hopefully this win will change their fortunes going forward.

Ole deserves credit for performances like this, it can't be a situation where good results are the players, the bad results are the manager, that does not work. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that United all of a sudden can win the Premier League or the Champions League, it is too early and they need to become that word again, consistent. They have lacked this over the last while, if they find that then we can wonder about titles, but they need to win games regularly.

Rashford is a superstar on and off the pitch

Marcus Rashford was amazing last night, to score a hat-trick coming on as a sub speaks volumes. By now, he's well established as a superstar, but the impact he had when he came on was just outstanding. Sometimes when you come on as a sub, you don't feel right, or you're annoyed not to start, and you don't play well. For Marcus, he knows he is integral to the team, and Ole would've explained to him that he was going to rest him. This allows him to relax about his position and focus on playing.

All the attackers had the ball in the net, though Cavani had his disallowed, but it's fantastic to see all your attackers in a rhythm like this. There was controversy that maybe Greenwood was offside, but I don't think he was- maybe a toenail, but to me he was onside. I was happy to see him bag his goal, he is a brilliant talent.

Al-VAR-o Morata will be feeling like s**t

I saw Alvaro Morata had a disallowed hat-trick, oh man! I'd feel s**t if that happened to me, it's awful. This is the life of VAR, and like it or not it is here to stay. He will have been pissed off at what happened, but it is reality. Players are all the same, when VAR is helping you it's great, when it stops you scoring it is brutal.

Overall, I probably wouldn't like it, and I don't like to see players scoring goals and having to wait and see if it's allowed, it takes away from the atmosphere. It has taken the fun out of football a bit, in my opinion. You can't enjoy a goal while you're praying that it will even be allowed! We've seen so many goals lately where VAR has played a part, negatively and positively, and it is just our new reality.

Morata Juve.jpg

Vinicius needs to confront his teammates

I saw the conversation between Benzema and Mendy about Vinicius, and in football these things happen. You will say to other players 'he's playing bad today, keep the ball away from him', but as a joke or banter, to the players face. If that is not the case here, then it is strange, and it's not good to hear it. I was surprised to be honest. This is football, and perhaps there is another issue there now, not all players on the same team love each other.

I have been in a team where the ball hasn't come to me, and it is frustrating. For Vinicius, he needs to have this talk with his teammates, he needs to scream for the ball more perhaps, and it needs to be resolved. Usually players can resolve this issue themselves without a manager, and I would be interested to hear the conversation at the Real Madrid training ground to hear what is said!

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