Dimitar Berbatov: Overhead kick against Liverpool was my greatest goal

Dimitar Berbatov playing for Manchester United
Dimitar Berbatov celebrates scoring for Manchester United

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov picks the five greatest goals he scored and the top five he witnessed while playing for Manchester United, Spurs, Leverkusen and Bulgaria...

"At the Valley in 2007, I flicked the ball around Talal El Karkouri then out-sprinted him down the other side. People think I was slow but I was actually very quick. Then I put it in the back of the net and ran to the Spurs fans."

When I was asked to pick the top five goals of my career I thought: "How come you only want five? Why not 10 or 20?" I could tell you about many goals and why I'm proud of them. But here are my top five, although I know I'm going to think of others later and wish I'd included them. Enjoy.

1. Overhead kick v Liverpool

The first goal that springs to mind is the second of my hat-trick against Liverpool at Old Trafford in 2010. Any United player who scores against their fiercest rivals has a special place among fans, so I was overjoyed to hit three in this Premier League clash. I took the ball down on my knee from Nani's cross then fired a quick overhead kick into the top corner. Pepe Reina didn't even move.

2. Goal out of nothing

I scored one of my favourite goals for Bayer Leverkusen against Roma in a Champions League tie at the Stadio Olimpico in 2004. You want to know what's so great about it? Watch the video below. Then you'll think "f***in hell Berba!" I made that goal out of nothing because that's how I liked to play football. I was in the box with a defender on me and I had to come up with some magic fast. I did it and I'm really proud of the finish over the keeper.

3. Always proud to score for Bulgaria

I have to choose a goal I scored for Bulgaria away to Belarus in 2007, at moment in my career when I was feeling really confident. I picked up the ball near the halfway line, set off dribbling, went past three defenders and, with the outside of my boot, struck the ball into the corner of their goal. Bam! Every time I scored for Bulgaria I felt enormous pride.

4. Not as slow as you think

I scored one of my favourite Spurs goal against Charlton in '07. Ledley King sent a long pass to me in the air. I flicked it around Talal El Karkouri then out-sprinted him down the other side. People think I was slow but I was actually very quick. Then I put it in the back of the net and ran to the Spurs fans.

5. Scissor kick king

For my fifth and final goal I'm going to cheat and pick three scissor kicks for United against Sunderland, Newcastle and Blackburn. All three are similar in execution. You need to have imagination and instinct to score goals like those and I think I did really well with all of them.

Zidane's volley among my favourite goals by other players

Zinedine Zidane's volley against Leverkusen in the Champions League final of 2002 was f***ing unbelievable. I was on the halfway line, behind Zidane, and I could see him waiting for the ball to drop, preparing to catch it with his left foot. I knew it was going in. Oh no, I thought. But it was the most beautiful goal ever scored in a Champions League final.

I was involved in Wayne Rooney's sublime bicycle kick goal against Manchester City. Nani crossed and Wayne scored one of the most spectacular goals ever. City keeper Joe Hart didn't even bother diving and he was probably thinking the same as me: "What the f**k?"

At Spurs we played a thrilling 4-4 draw against Chelsea at the Lane in 2008. We were 4-3 down in the 88th minute when their keeper tried to clear the ball but it hit a Chelsea defender, dropped to Robbie Keane outside the box and he curled the ball into the corner of their net. Magical.

Another fine goal from outside the box was scored by Jermaine Jenas in stoppage time against Arsenal in 2007. That goal, which snatched us a 2-2 draw, would have been special in any match but the fact that it was scored in a north London derby makes it even more significant.

The goal that Cristiano Ronaldo scored for United against Arsenal in the second leg of the 2009 Champions League semi-final showed the speed, power and quick-thinking of our forwards. It was lightening. Wayne, Ronnie and Ji-Sung Park sprinted forward with intent. From the moment they got the ball they intended to score. It was a phenomenal demonstration of how devastating we were on the counter-attack.

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