St Lucia T10 Blast Tips: Ed Hawkins' lowdown on the tournament

Darren Sammy
Sammy is the star of the show
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The latest short-form tournament is underway in St Lucia and Ed Hawkins is expecting one side blessed with big names to dominate...

"It does seem that with Sammy and Charles in their squad, the Lions are significantly more powerful than the rest. It would be a major surprise if they failed to make it to at least the semi-finals"

What is it?

Another Caribbean T10 pop-up to sate the hunger of cricket fans starved by the pandemic. It follows sharply from the Vincy Premier League, won by the Salt Pond Breakers.

Like the Vincy the competition has been organised in conjunction with Dream 11, an Indian-based fantasy cricket league company. All matches will be streamed on their app and website plus on YouTube.

There are some recognisable names. Darren Sammy and Johnson Charles, both former West Indies internationals, have been picked up by South Castries Lions. And some less recognisable. Watch out for Ackeem Auguste, who is with Castries Mindhood. At 16, Auguste is rated as one of the islands' top batting prospects.

It does seem that with Sammy and Charles in their squad, the Lions are significantly more powerful than the rest. It would be a major surprise if they failed to make it to at least the semi-finals.

Who's playing?

Babonneau Leatherbacks Altenor Linus, Abraham Steven, Charles Jevon, Thomas Caleb, Anthony Kissinger, Pierre Tristan, Antoine Zayee, Joseph Alex, Henry Quaine, Eugene Devon, Wilfred Nehemiah, Wilfred Isiah, Elizee Graig.

Castries Mindhood Ackeem Auguste, Alleyn Prospere, Keygan Arnold, Alvin Prospere, Sanjay Hayle, Dillan John, Stephen Naitram, Gaspard Prospere, Keddy Lesporis, Jamaal James, Tyler Sookwa, Jaden Elibox, Jemmi Mauricette, Johnnel Eugene, Rahym Joseph.

Choiseul Clay Pots Audy Alexander, Clem St. Rose, Jason Simon, Vince Smith, Canice Richardson, Valange St. Ange, Quincy St. Rose, Nick Joseph, Stephan Theophan, Alvinaus Simon, Bronte Bess, Junior Henry, Sky Laffeuille.

Gros Islet Cannon Blasters Dalton Polius, Garvin Serieux, Tarryck Gabriel, Tyrel Chicot, Dane Edward, Lee Solomon, Vernillius Gabriel, Dornan Edward, Jard Goodman, Larry Edwards, Kimani Melius, Kymani Sexius, Simeon Gerson

Mabouya Constrictiors Christian Ange, Dale Smith, Denzel James, Chard Polius, Nean Deterville, Rick Smith, Randal Rithal, Murgaran Shoulette, Maius Stanislaus, Shem Severin, Zachary Edmund, Lennice Modeste, Orey Changoo.

Mon Repos Stars Christian Charlery, Sabinus Emmanuel, Craig Emmanuel, Dichege Henry, Keon Gaston, Mervin Wells, Shervin Charles, Sadrack Descartes, Hazel Charlery, Rohan Lesmond, Kendal Samuel, Kevin Augustin and Jamal Lesmond.

Soufriere Sulphur City Ashley Hippoltye, Bradley Tisson, J Sylvester, Tennacy Hippoltye, Shani Mesmain, Kevin Gassie, Dalius Monrose, Denver Didier, Quint Mesmain, Kervell Prospere, Sanjay Pamphile, Wayne Prospere, Xytus Emmanuel.

South Castries Lions Daren Sammy, Johnson Charles, Alex Antoine, Kester Charlemagne, Malcolm Monrose, Kemrol Charles, Noelle Leo, Daniel Jn Baptiste, Collinus Callender, Tonius Simon.

Vieux Fort North Raiders Atanus Alberson, Chrislon Fanis, Hafeez Ali, Junior Peter, Richie Robert, Jevin Isidore, Al Prince, Garvey Mitchel, David Naitram, Curtly Johnny, Ernell Sextius, Shem Paul, Ricky Hippoltye.
Labourie Bay Royals TBC

How does it work?

The ten teams are split into two groups. The top two will then play-off in semi-finals with, obviously first in group A playing second in group B etcetera. The final will be on July 8.

Group A Mabouya Constrictors, Mon Repos Stars, South Castries Lions, Laborie Bay Royals and Soufriere Sulphur City.
Group B Choiseul Clay Pots, Babonneau Leatherbacks, Vieux Fort North Raiders, Central Castries Mindhood and Gros Islet Cannon Blasters.

All the matches will be played at the Darren Sammy Cricket Stadium. As the tournament progresses we would expect chasing to become tougher, as we saw in the recent Vincy Premier League T10. This bucked the trend for previous T10 tournament which has been heavily bias towards the side batting second.

Any betting angles?

We are expecting big runs. There were some monster total in the warm-up matches and in game two on Tuesday, Repos Stars amassed 152 for four to beat Mabouya by 56 runs. In the opener, Soufriere's total of 90 was chased with eight balls and eight wickets to spare by Choiseul.

Boundaries appear to be very short indeed and it could be smart to play big numbers on big scores in the first-innings runs markets. Look for nine or even ten an over.

For more insight on the St Lucia 10, check out the latest episode of Cricket...Only Bettor

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