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West Indies v England Fifth Test Live Blog: Day Five

Live Test Match Blogging RSS / / 10 March 2009 /

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It's come to the fifth day of the final Test and England need a miracle to pull off the win. Ed Hawkins leads you through the last few sessions of the series. Email me at hawkeyeview@hotmail.co.uk

West Windies regain the Wisden Trophy. Fully deserved. England? They got what they deserved, too. If you fail to learn from mistakes, then you do not improve. That goes for any aspect of life. In Antigua (twice), Barbados and twice more in Trinidad, England batted on too long. They delayed the declaration on each occasion. Had they given themselves an extra 10 overs in this game, they would probably have won and levelled the series. And that is not after-timing. We said so from around 15.00. Until England start learning from their errors, they will be bad, bad value. Signing off.


21.16 WI 109-8
England don't know they're beaten in this series. Anderson rearranges Powell'sstumps. Edwards the new man in. From the teens into [5.00]

21.09 WI 109-7
Eight catchers around the bat for Panesar to Powell. The pitch, with five overs or 20 minutes left, has finally gone. He's bowling pea-shooters.

21.05 WI 109-7
It has been such a dramatic afternoon that I have completely forgotten to buy something for dinner. Disastrous. It might have to be a fish and chips option. Annoying isn't it how fish and chips are never actually as tasty as you think they're going to be? Time erodes how disappointing the meal can actually be. Hold fire on that plan...I've just checked the store opening times and I've got all night. Unlike England. Did I mention that they batted on too long?

21.00 WI 109-7
Nasser Hussain correctly points out that Powell did not face Panesar in Antigua.Monty wasn't playing. Also, although there are eight overs left, we will play to 29 minutes past the hour so it is a question of many England get in.

20.54 WICKET WI 107-7
Just when you thought West Indies were almost safe...Monty Panesar has trapped Chris Gayle leg before. They'll need another one sharpish, though. ENgland are [4.10] and the draw is [1.24]. Perhaps worth a nibble on England because Panesar's rthythm is first class and Anderson is reversing it. A big ask for Daren Powell, who denied England in Antigua. Now, I am a big one for the law of averages. And they dictate that Powell should not manage such a feat again.

20.27 WI 103-6
Just to break the tension. I watched some of the women's World Cup last night. Sad, I know. But Danny Morrison, the Kiwi commentator, said something that tickled me. Unaware of the words coming out of his mouth, Morrison commented of the female sub-continental cricketers' shot selection: "they like it big and hard".

20.25 WI 98-6
True to form England have thrown away their final referral. Can you believe the intelligence levels of pro players wasting one on a no-shot-played leg before? No, I can't either. Gayle was the batter in question and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Monty 'what are the rules again?' Panesar was doing the asking. I repeat for the umpteenth time in this Test: there has to be conclusive evidence that the on-field umpire made a mistake.

20.19 WI 98-6
Five catchers around the bat for England as Swann and Panesar work in tandem. Desperation is not far away, though. Ramdin and Gayle are just blocking. Quite right, too. They would be bonkers to play any shots. TCozier, suggesting he does not think WI are going to hold on, is criticising the home side for being too negative in team selection. It is difficult to argue with the great man, although he should not be too perturbed. I reckon they'll hold on. England are [5.10] and the draw is [1.23].

20.07 WI 90-6
Gayle is playing a dangerous game by padding up to the spin, offering no shot. England only one wicket away from the bowlers now. England are at [3.50]. Worth playing that because we know it will only go go up, up, up and away with each passing unsuccessful over. There are another 21 available.

20.00 WICKET WI 90-5
Another one. England into [3.00] now. Chris Gayle is the new man at the crease. Why is he allowed a runner? He was bowling yesterday.

19.55 WI 88-5
England are down to 24 overs and they are out to [6.60]. But that is how it is in such situations. England will drift with each passing dot ball. And then when they take a wicket, the price will collapse. I bet they will regret not declaring 10 overs, earlier.

19.33 WICKET WI 85-5
Collapso. England's price, that is, although the word may soon apply to West Indies' batting. England have created the panic that they craved and Brendan Nash has been trapped in front by James Anderson. England into [2.88] now and the draw [1.55]. Gosh, they might pull this off. There are 31 overs left.

19.26 WI 84-4
It is wickets in clusters that England require. The dismissal of Shiv is all very well but if they don't claim another quickly then their hopes drift again, just like their price. They have managed it once in this innings. Simmons and Smith fell within 24 balls. Sarwan was out 8.5 overs later, however and Chanderpaul a frustrating 15 overs. Chipping away aside, quick wickets cause great tension in the dressing room. England cannot win the game without that element.

19.21 WI 80-4
England have a squeak because Shiv Chanderpaul has gone. Leg before to that man Swann. Shiv referred it too, so WI have no more get out of jail card's. There are 32 overs left. England are [6.60]. Brendan Nash in now. Surely he is due a failure in these tight situations?

19.02 WI 78-3
England need seven wickets in 35 overs. West Indies need to survive. In Antigua, West Indies were five down at tea and England still couldn't force victory. The wicket is not as good to bat on, but there's not a huge difference.

18.43 WI 78-3 TEA
That's tea. There are just 35 overs left and one has to say that with EnglanD failing to break the Chanderpaul-Hinds axis in that spell, they are hugely up against it. A wicket before the break and they would have been buoyant but despite both batsmen looking shaky, they failed to break through. Draw is [1.15]. West Indies are not going to chase the remaining 165, either. Our excitement might be over for the day

18.33 WI 75-3
Prior having a poor time of it behind the stumps. He is going up too early to the spinners, which means when one keeps low he is in no state to stop. Four byes there of Monty. A total of 12 in the innings. The pressure is building on this pair, though because Monty and Swann are bowling well in tandem. One feels a wicket could fall any over. However, if WI ride this storm, England will feel deflated.

18.16 WI 65-3 WI need 240 to win
There are 44 overs left. Just in case you were wondering. The biggest wicket for England will be that of Shiv Chanderpaul.If he goes quickly panic could spread in the WI dressing room. He is their lynchpin. Their rock. Prior has asked for a stumping against Hinds...not out.

18.05 WI 58-4, WI need 240 to win
Huge wicket for England. It's Ramnaresh Sarwan. Graeme Swann is the man who has done for him. A sharp catch by Collingwood at slip. England are into [5.60] and the draw is [1.57]. West Indies are [5.70]. All good stuff. We love this excitement. We love this volatility.

17.51 WI 43-2 WI need 240 to win
England have wasted another referral. That ability, coupled with their refusal to declare in reasonable time, does not paint Andrew Strauss as the shrewdest captain England have ever had. Ramnaresh Sarwan was the man in question. Monty reckoned he had him leg before but it was sliding down leg and although it would have hit, you just don't get those decisions.

17.41 WI 39-2, WI need 240 to win
England reckon Ryan Hinds is walking wicket for Graeme Swann. You can see why. He goes at the spinner with 'hard hands', which brings the close catchers into play. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, he really throws his body at the ball, as if he is trying to smash a door down. It increases the chances of an edge flying off his pad. You are supposed to play spinners with soft hands. "Like making love to a woman," my coach told me. I was 12 at the time.

17.32 WI 34-2, WI need 240 to win
Devon Smith has gone leg before to Swann. He referred it but it was absolute plumb. Interesting to see the impact on the market when Smith asked to go upstairs. West Indies came in to [4.00] from [4.60] and England went out from [8.40] to [9.20]. Those are huge moves and illustrate the lack of faith punters have in the system. Anyway, that should be the end of the West Indies challenge. They will almost certainly shut up shop. England have dismissed WI's two weakest batsmen and the third, Ryan Hinds, is now in. Potential for momentum here for the visitors.

17.19 WI 26-1 WI need 240 to win In Test history the average number of overs bowled per wicket in the fourth innings is 11. Impressive that eh? That's every single Test ever played we're talking about here. You're welcome. England have 58 overs to take 9. Best of luck breaking you're way through that forcefield, chaps

17.12 WICKET WI 25-1 WI need 240 to win
As if to prove my last point, the wicket of Lendl Simmons has pushed out WI to [3.05] and the draw is down to [1.60]. Paul Collingwood, with a brilliant catch at slip off Anderson, is a spoilsport. We want freescoring or a clatter of wickets. England are [15.50].

17.08 WI 25-0 WI need 240 to win
Hang about. West Indies are scoring quickly. They are going at 3.9 runs per over and need only 3.6 for the win. As a result they are as skinny as [2.36]. They have been rather streaky, though. The draw is out to [1.73]. This situation is more about timing than ever before. As soon as WI lose a wicket the value goes on the two markets I've mentioned, whereas England will remain big outsiders.

16.55 WI 9-0 WI need 240 to win
Just to highlight in a statistical fashion why England have batted on too long, I've got the calculator out. In the last 10 Tests on this ground the average number of overs bowled per wicket in the fourth innings is 9. So England could get West Indies about seven down, at which stage they will regret wasting time before lunch. Fools. Why does no-one on their huge staff look into such stats? They are hugely useful.

16.44 WI 0-0 WI need 240 to win
England have declared. Thank goodness for that. I've found it all rather stressful. I just cannot abide idiocy from a team who have to win to save the series. I'm going to have a Cadbury's cream egg to calm myself down. You may recall that I exclusively revealed on this blog a couple of days ago that I had pinched a cream egg from a west London store. By mistake I might add. The idea of telling the world was to see if the power of the internet would ensure I faced the consequences. The police have not been in touch. However, I have kept seeing reminders of my thievery. At a shop close to where I live there is a sign saying "Dear Thieves, have you not heard of Karma?" That's some sort of curry isn't it?

16.05 Eng 237-6 LUNCH
KP is out for 102. And that is lunch. Presumably England will declare with a lead of 238. You should hope. If not there will be no blog for the rest of the day because I will have thrown myself out of the window at the futility of it all.

15.56 Eng 229-5
Pietersen has his ton. I tell you what, forget a potential series-levveling win, KP could get a double if he plays his cards right.

15.31 Eng 226-5
The market knows. The draw sliding down again. [1.28] it is currently from a high of [1.40] this morning.

15.48 England 221-5
"The only time you're wasting is your own." Remember when your teacher used to say that? I do. Andrew Strauss obviously doesn't. For the fourth time in the series (I've included the first dig in this Test) he has not declared quickly enough. The runs England are currently accumulating are utterly irrelevant. It is highly likely they have not left themselves enough overs to take 10 wickets. Even more likely is the fact that West Indies are simply not interested in scoring these runs. Strauss should have been capable of ensuring that he made neither of those errors. At best we would have allowed him one. But both? Well, goodness me.

15.37 Eng 207-5
A burst of speed from Steve Harmison as he runs onto the ground to relay another message to KP from Andrew Strauss. The fastest we've seen him move for about four years. We have the utterly insane situation of England waiting to allow KP time to get a ton. They do not deserve to win with such an attitude.

15.35 WICKET Eng 207-5
Matt Prior's stumps are allover the place. Off Priot trots for 61. KP should join him but instead he is having a drink courtesy of Harmison. There are 25 minutes to lunch as Stuart Broad comes out to waste more overs.

15.31 Eng 203-4
We've been here before. Antigua. Barbados. I just can't see the point of England batting on. They risk making the same mistake as in the previous two Tests when they have been unable to comprehend that it is time, not runs that they need. There are 72 overs left. They must give themselves as many overs as possible to take 10 wickets on this surface.

15.24 Eng 192-4
Sirloin of Beef says England should bat for another 10 minutes. For the first time in yonks, I agree with the great man. "But knowing them after Antigua, they'll declare tomorrow afternoon." Matt Prior has 50.

15.16 185-4
There are 75 overs left and England lead by 186. Mmmm. England cannot afford to go on too long here. West Indies have to have an incentive to go for the win but I'm sure they would balk at anything more than 200. West Indies haven't won a series for five years and they are desperate to end that drought. They won't risk it all for the thrill of the chase.

15.02 Eng 164-4
We are close to the tipping point in this game. Anything more than three an over and West Indies will block for the draw. If England bat at their run rate of 7 for the next seven overs that would leave West Indies 68 overs to get 213. That is a rate of 3.1. Surely Strauss isn't going to be greedy? I beginning to feel slightly on edge. Yep, I've made my mind up. If England bat for more than another seven overs, they've blown it.

14.53 Eng 153-4
Captain_S is getting worried. "Strauss has batted on too long three times in this Test series now so I have every faith that he will repeat his mistake a fourth time." Yes, Captain, it is a concern. I think a target of 200 or more would be too much and West Indies would just shut up shop.

14.41 Eng 130-4
Stumper reckons England will go at six an over for the next 12 and declare. "A target of about 200 in 70 overs is enough for both sides to win". Perhaps England would be well advised to set a target which could embarrass the hosts if they didn't go for it.

14.33 Eng 112-4
KP goes to 50 with an incredible French cricket-style shot. Next ball he brings out the switch hit, but no run. We love to speculate on this blog, so feel free to email predictions for the target England will set. Get me at hawkeyeview@hotmail.co.uk

14.27 Eng 107-4
Michael Holding, Alec Stewart and Bob Willis all reckon this Test will end in a draw. Sirloin of Beef, bless him, says England will win. The former three may well be correct. Holding says he does not trust Andrew Strauss to make a declaration to keep West Indies interested and if one is being honest, it is difficult not to feel a little uncomfortable about having to second guess the skipper. He says he wants to be positive, he says he is prepared to lose. Words and actions are different things, however. What we must remember is that there will be huge fluctuations in prices as England try to get in a position to win this game. They are at [17.00]. I am sure that will collapse at some stage so it is worth a nibble.

14.21 WICKET Eng 101-4
Paul Collingwood has chipped a catch back to Ryan Hinds. Not a problem that for the chance of a result in this Test. Hell, we are quite happy to see England shot out for 150. They may not be too bothered, either. West Indies at [5.00], the draw at [1.34] and England [19.5].

14.14 Eng 96-3
Well, England have made a positive start. Their run rate in the last 10 overs is 6.33 and they lead by 98. They are just picking off the singles currently, which is wise. The mad dash for runs will come later. That is when we can expect the most market moves.

14.00 Eng 80-3
Afternoon all and welcome to the final day of the series between West Indies and England. We could be in for a pulsating day. Andrew Strauss has confirmed this morning that his team are prepared to lose. We discussed the permutations last night. How many would England set West Indies? How many overs would they give them as a carrot? Remember, England lead by 82 with 90 overs left. I reckon England will give themselves 65 overs to take the 10 wickets they need to level the series. The problem is they must not set the hosts more than 200 otherwise they will just block. Here are the prices: WI [4.80], England [18.5] and the draw [1.34].


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