Graeme Swann: Jofra Archer and Mark Wood are a risky combination - and Broady will have to bowl even more!

England bowler Mark Wood
Wood is finally fit again but his record may preclude him from bowling too many overs
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England might be able to name their fastest ever bowling attack but Graeme Swann wonders whether it might leave things a little unbalanced...

"Jofra Archer has to be that man to make breakthroughs when it’s not happening because he’s the one with the attributes to do that - so they have to look after him"

It could be tough to get Wood and Archer in the same team

Now they are starting to get the chemistry of the team right and they need to look at all the different parts to decide how they are going to get to No 1 in the world. One of the things they need is a go-to man for the captain to run up and bowl at the speed of light. Jofra Archer has to be that man to make breakthroughs when it's not happening. He's the one with the attributes to do that - so they have to look after him still.

Mark Wood's injury record says that he should be a pretty similar player, so maybe you can't play them both together all the time. But I hope that Woody finds a way to string a few games because he was magnificent in that third Test as well and the smile on his face is just infectious. If you're Stuart Broad you might look at those two in the team and hang your head a bit because it means he has to keep bowling millions of overs! But he's built for that and he can do it.

The Wanderers is a ground for positive cricket

Everyone says it's the quickest wicket in the world - but it's actually not. It's a good wicket and it's got this thatchy grass covering over it. The ball does carry through because the thin air of the altitude, so you stand miles back and because it's a small ground everything looks quicker from the outside. But it spins as well because the Kookaburra ball really grips on that grass. It's a good wicket to bowl on but it can also be a very fast-scoring ground.

Crucially it's a result wicket. So England have to go in with the confidence and attitude to win this match, rather than trying not to lose it, which would be tempting with a 2-1 lead in the series.

Understand the lure of IPL but Banton needs red-ball cricket

Tom Banton has burst onto the scene in T20 and I can understand why he is going to play IPL. There is a quick road to riches there and if you haven't got the deep-seated love of Test cricket and the want to play for England, then go for it. But if you've have grown up watching Test cricket and wanting to make it in the game, rather than just being a flash in the pan, then you've got to focus on the longer form of the game and a potential Test career.

Money will take care of itself. You get very handsomely remunerated for play Test cricket for England through the central contract system. But Twenty20 contracts can be very fleeting. One year you're the pick of the bunch and then the next no one remembers your name at the auction. I know there are two sides of the argument but I'm old-school - Test matches through and through.

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