Broad must go if England are to shed the cloak of T20 cricketing mediocrity

Should Stuart Broad lose the captaincy?

The champions are out of the T20 World Cup but there's not enough anger for Frank Gregan who demands a head or two - starting with the captain

"It's 2012, let the top lip wobble in synch with the bottom one, let's shed a few tears, throw the odd tantrum but more importantly let's have some retribution for the nation's early exit from yet another ICC World Tournament."

Hero to zero really doesn't do England's T20 decline justice. Let's face it, England have defended the only world title that they have ever won with all the steel, grit and determination of Winnie the Pooh! Now there's a coincidence, pooh succinctly sums up their tournament performance.

There are millions of English supporters that dabble in other sports, watch the horse racing on the box, a bit of NFL, both codes of rugby, perhaps a spot of tennis and golf but when push comes to shove there are two sports that the English are passionate about - football and cricket. It's in the DNA, they are the two sports that we still believe (albeit ridiculously) that we should be the rulers of the world.

The reality is we are dysfunctional, have not responded to the rise in importance of the shorter formats and accept disappointment and failure by showing a stiff upper lip to the rest of the world.

Well we shouldn't. It's 2012, let the top lip wobble in synch with the bottom one, let's shed a few tears, throw the odd tantrum but more importantly let's have some retribution for the nation's early exit from yet another ICC World Tournament. Let's not sweep this under the carpet and "look to take the positives out the tournament." There weren't any, it was a debacle!

But this is cricket, "ah well Jeremy old boy, worse things happen at sea, let's have another gin and tonic." Can you imagine our colonial cousins Down Under reacting in that manner had they not got over the line against Pakistan today, heads would have rolled and a clear message would have been sent out - mediocrity is not an option. It's why Australia has so few barren spells, they get rid of those that perpetuate them.

So where should the witch-hunt begin? First for the chop, the skipper, Stuart Broad. It was folly to appoint Broad in the first place and more importantly it wasn't fair on the Notts man. He was much too young and should have been left to do what he does best, take wickets and chip in occasionally with the bat.

It wasn't Broad's fault, those to blame are those responsible for those "brave" decisions. The sacking of Paul Collingwood was a travesty that slipped under the radar because of the timing, over a year before England had to defend their crown. To replace him with a youngster with no tactical experience was ridiculous and just look at the price that has been paid.

The same selectors and management stuck to their guns and elected to go to the tournament without their best batsman choosing to leave Kevin Pietersen behind stuck in the naughty corner. It looks like they've now resolved the matter - great timing guys, you're about a month too late.

They tried to defend a world title without their best player because of dressing room harmony. It's a work-place and these are young guys with big egos and testosterone issues, get on with it, man-up and sort it but whatever you do make sure the best player is in the team. Those that made the decision considered themselves "brave" to make it, that's fine but now is the time to face the consequences of that "brave" decision.

At the time of writing the pre-tournament recommendation Pakistan are hanging on in there and they look set to give us a run for our money barring a major net run rate shock. The opportunity to turn the screen green is there now that they are in to 4.67/2 to win the event. It's difficult to see beyond Pakistan and the hosts Sri Lanka 4.03/1 so it might pay to hang on a while before cashing in.

As for England, they've managed to beat only Afghanistan and New Zealand in this tournament, hardly the stuff that champions are made of. Thank goodness our ladies can play!

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