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Zero Jacks or Better

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To get the highest poker hand possible.


A standard 52-card deck is used.

This game is similar to poker. The only difference is that you are not playing against anyone but trying to achieve the highest hand possible to gain higher payouts. After placing your bet, you are dealt 5 cards. You have the option of holding your hand, discarding any number of cards and replacing them with new cards, or drawing a whole new hand.

Winning Hands

Jacks or Better Hands

Hand Descriptions

Royal Flush

Ace - King - Queen - Jack - 10 of the same suit

Straight Flush

Any five cards in sequence of the same suit

Four of a Kind

Any four cards of the same value

Full House

Three of a kind and a pair


Five cards from the same suit


Any five cards in sequence but not of the same suit

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same value and two unmatched cards

Two Pairs

Two cards with the same value with another two cards of the same value with any other card

Jacks or Better

One pair of Jacks, or Higher


Game Options:

Go to Main Menu - Options to bring up the following list:

Graphic Quality: You can change this to Low if you are experiencing slowdowns in play because of your computer's processing abilities. Note: Slowdowns in play can also be the result of Internet-related issues such as peak usage periods.

Sound FX: This turns the game sounds (such as the cards snapping into place and beeps when you click on the buttons) on and off.

Load Ambient Sound: This will turn on the sounds of a normal casino, such as people talking in the background. (These sounds are very quiet compared to the other sounds.)

Button Functions

The player buttons light up whenever they can be used. For example, if you haven't bet yet, you won't be able to click on Deal.


Bet One - Each time you press the Bet One button, the credit value amount selected increases by one. For example, if you have selected 2.00 as your Credit Value, and you press Bet One twice, you will have bet 4.00, although the display will show that you have bet 2 credits. If you reach 5 credits and press the Bet One button again, your credits bet amount will reset to 1. In this manner, you can press the Bet One button as many times as desired to select your desired bet amount. The amount you have selected to bet will show in the Bet display, and light up the proper column in the pay table.

Deal - The Deal button is lit up at the beginning of each round and when pressed, deals your opening cards. The amount showing in the Bet display is applied when Deal is pressed. If you are betting the same amount as the previous round you don't need to use the Bet button.

Draw - The Deal button changes to the Draw button when appropriate and is lit up once the opening cards have been dealt. Press the Draw button once you have determined which cards to hold. If you press Draw and have not selected any cards to hold, all your cards are replaced.

Bet Max - Pressing the Bet Max button will automatically place a 5-credit bet and deal the cards. The number of credits you have selected to bet will show in the Bet display, and light up the proper column in the Payout display.

To Hold cards, click on the cards you wish to keep. The card will now be labeled "Held". To remove the Hold, click on the card again. The system will automatically hold cards if there is a winning combination already present for the hand according to the paytable. For example, if you have a pair of Queens, that would count as a pair of Jacks or Better, so those cards would automatically be held. However, you can turn the hold on or off if you want to select different cards. Note that the system just holds cards that form combinations in the pay table, and doesn't automatically hold cards that have a possibility of becoming other combinations. If you think you have a good chance of getting a straight, for example, you can select different cards to be held.

Credit Value - You can increase or decrease the denomination of your credits by pressing the ^ (up) arrow or the v (down) arrow. For example, if you are playing with 1.00 credits and wish to increase this to 2.00, press the ^ arrow once. The Credit Value display will now read 2.00 and your Credits display will change to reflect your balance converted into 2.00 credits.

Game Display

Pay Table - Located above the cards, the pay table display shows all possible winning hands and their payouts. The column that applies to your hand depends upon the amount bet. For example if you bet 1 credit, the first column from the left will light up. If you bet 2 credits, the second payout column from the left will light up.


The Pay Table display will also highlight a winning hand. For example, if you were initially dealt 3-of-a-kind, the 3 of a kind row will light up. If you held the 3 winning cards and drew a pair, the full house row would then light up.

Balance - Balance is the amount of currency you have in your playing account.

Credits - Credits is your balance, converted into the credit denomination you have selected. For example, If your Balance is 1000.00 and you select a credit denomination of 1.00, the credit display will show 1000 credits (worth 1.00 each). With the same 1000.00 balance, if you select a credit denomination of 2.00, the credit display will show 500 credits (worth 2.00 each).

Winner Paid - Shows the number of credits you won on the round just played.

Bet - Shows the number of credits bet on the round just played, and will change to reflect the bet you wish to place on a new round if you use the Bet One or the Bet Max buttons.


The payout is determined by the hand and the value of the credits bet.

Specific payout amounts are shown on the Pay Table display.

Zero Jacks or Better Additional Features

Payout for a Royal Flush on zero Jacks or Better with 5 coins is 4880, 22% higher than the standard Jacks or Better payout of 4000. Expected player return on zero Jacks or Better (using perfect strategy) is 100.0%*.

How to Play

Set your bet amount by clicking the Bet One or Bet Max button. Your bet amount will be shown in the Bet display.

Press the Deal button to get 5 cards.

Select the cards you want to hold by clicking on them.

Press the Draw button to have any cards not held discarded and replaced.

The result of a winning round can be seen on both the Pay Table and Winner Paid displays.

*Correct to 4 decimal places