Mayweather v McGregor: Irishman's odds hit lowest point after 8oz gloves agreed

Mayweather will be in smaller gloves than he's used to
Mayweather will be in smaller gloves than he's used to
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Conor McGregor's odds for the 'fight of the Century' against Floyd Mayweather have hit their lowest point yet after the Nevada authorities agreed to change the glove size from 10oz to 8oz. The news sparked a flurry of bets on the Exchange, with over £1.5m traded since Wednesday...

• McGregor hit a low of [4.8] following the NAC's approval to drop the glove size to 8oz from 10oz
• Mayweather reaches longest odds yet of [1.29]
• Announcement sees flood of activity on Betfair Exchange markets with £1.5m bet on the outcome alone since Wednesday
• Almost £15m bet on the outcome with over a week to go, making it by far the biggest boxing event in Betfair Exchange history (previous record £9m)

Katie Baylis, spokeserson at Betfair, said the gloves announcement "has had a huge impact" on betting for the fight, with £1.5m wagered on the outcome alone since Wednesday, taking the total close to a staggering £15m bet with more than a week still to go.

"Not only has a lot of money been staked since yesterday, but we've also seen over 2,000 individual bets placed with 40% of those on McGregor," Baylis said.

"This has seen his odds come in to [4.8], the shortest they've been since the fight was announced, while Mayweather's odds hit their longest yet at [1.29]."

McGregor's bold prediction that he will beat Mayweather within in two rounds now that 8oz gloves have been approved has garnered plenty of headlines around the world this morning.

Punters who are as confident as the Irishman of that eventuality can get odds of [13.0] for the fight to be all over before the bell rings for round three.

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