Parker v Fury Betting: Back Hughie to win and boost family name

Long way from home - Joseph Parker has only four times fought outside New Zealand
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Nearly two years after Tyson Fury's win over Wladimir Klitschko his cousin Hughie can also win a world heavyweight belt this weekend. Ralph Ellis looks at both the fight and the worrying background behind it...

"Fury's polished footwork and counter punching are his strongest assets, and Fury by a decision at [3.0] in the Method of Victory market looks the best bet."

I wouldn't normally sit down to watch Doc Martin on a night when there's football being played. Not really my sort of thing.

But last night was different. My cousin's daughter, an aspiring young actress, was making her TV debut in the first episode of the new ITV series and so Burton against Manchester United, and even Real Madrid getting turned over at home by Real Betis, took a definite back seat.

If you've never watched the series, Martin Clunes stars as the doctor in a tiny Cornwall village who has absolutely no compassion for his patients but brilliantly diagnoses their ills. And maybe it was listening to him trotting out endless Latin names for diseases that encouraged me this morning to Google "Acne Conglabata" when I was looking at Hughie Fury's chances of becoming world heavyweight champion.

Fury fights WBO champion Joseph Parker in Manchester on Saturday night, and is [2.28] in the match odds to beat Parker [1.89] and so join Anthony Joshua as Britain's second current belt holder in the fight game's toughest division.

He claims it was the debilitating effects of that condition which so badly damaged his movement and power in his last fight when he struggled to beat Fred Kassi.

He says he's cured now thanks to the work of a Harley Street skin specialist, and believes he'll be in peak condition for his first fight since that lacklustre performance some 17 months ago.

To summarise an assortment of medical websites, Acne Conglabata is a complication of more common teenage spots that mostly affects adult men aged 18 to 30. Worryingly, considering that Fury, like his cousin Tyson, is waiting to contest a UK Anti-Doping charge, the medical journals also say it can be caused by anabolic steroid abuse.

While Tyson remains banned while he waits to answer charges, Hughie's initial suspension was dropped to enable the 23-year-old to go on fighting. Their hearing date has continually been pushed back, with UKAD blaming the Fury lawyers for the latest delay.

It should be stressed that both protest their innocence, apparently claiming that eating contaminated offal is to blame. They are expected to bring evidence that they eat a whole boar including internal organs and entrails every week (Yuk!).

I think a fit and firing Fury has the skills to win this fight, although he's unlikely to add to his tally of 10 knock outs so far in his 20-fight unbeaten career. His polished footwork and counter punching are his strongest assets, and Fury by a decision at [3.0] in the Method of Victory market looks the best bet.

The fight is [1.66] to go the distance and if that happens I can't see Parker, who has won 18 of his 23 fights by a knockout but has only four times fought outside his native New Zealand, having the skills to come out on top.

What worries me, though, is that after the shenanigans that followed Tyson's brilliant win over Wladimir Klitschko you can't know what will come next, even if it is maybe unfair to tar both of them with the same brush just because they share the surname Fury.

Hughie himself insists "I am a different character and a different person". Let's just hope that events in the next few months will prove him right and my medical knowledge can go back to concentrating solely on TV fiction.

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