David Haye Exclusive: Fighters' champion Vasyl Lomachenko best in the business

Boxer Luke Campbell
Luke Campbell is in for a tough night when Lomachenko comes to town
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Pound-for-pound great Vasyl Lomachenko faces Luke Campbell at the O2 Arena in August and Betfair Ambassador David Haye believes we're in for a treat...

"He’s got the height and reach, is an Olympic gold medalist and is the real deal, so has nothing to fear"

Lomachenko astounds fellow professionals

Vasyl Lomachenko is universally recognised as, pound-for-pound, the most skillful boxer in the world at the moment. He really is that good. He does things in the ring that astounds fellow professional boxers. He's got speed, amazing accuracy and the awkwardness of his attacks overwhelms opponents. His defensive attributes seem to come naturally to him and that's the reason he's the fighters' champion. Ask any professional boxer who they would most like to learn from and Lomachenko is at the top of every list.

Luke Campbell certainly has his work cut out for him, but he is, in my opinion, one of the best we have in the UK at present. Unfortunately, he has boxed at a time when the division is packed with very good fighters. Campbell's most recent loss came in 2017 against Jorge Linares and it was unfortunate, but he certainly didn't disgrace himself in that fight. He suffered a flash knockdown but got up off the canvas to push the fight out over the 12-round distance before dropping a split decision.

Campbell would make history

Campbell has it all to do but if he can find a way to succeed and does pull off the victory it will go down as one of the biggest and best wins ever from a British fighter. When Lloyd Honeyghan took on Donald Curry in Atlantic City the Ragamuffin Man was considered a huge underdog, but he believed in himself and did the unthinkable.

Campbell can do something similar if he gets it right on the day. He's got the height and reach, is an Olympic gold medalist and is the real deal, so has nothing to fear in that respect. The whole country needs to get behind him. He's a lovely man and a guy who hasn't quite received the recognition he deserves for his achievements so far, but all that will change if he beats Lomachenko.

Support only helps so much

Campbell enjoys home advantage with the fight taking place in London, but he could have all the support in the world, the crowd can only help so much. In a tight fight, hearing your own fans roaring your name can help, but there's not much they can do to stop you taking hard, clean punches. You have to concentrate on the job at hand and a big support helps some fighters do that, and there are others who are completely unfazed by it all.

When I won my first world title it was against Jean Marc Mormeck on the outskirts of Paris. I had a very small support there and it didn't affect me. I wouldn't have fought any harder if I was at the O2 Arena and that's what world class boxers do. They're trained to block out all other distractions and concentrate on the job at hand. Being in the UK is, obviously, to Campbell's advantage, but he's going to need all the help he can get against Lomachenko.

David Haye,

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