David Haye Exclusive: Tyson Fury will get rid of the over-matched Otto Wallin early

Tyson Fury to prove his power with early knockout win this weekend
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Tyson Fury returns to action this weekend when taking on little-known Otto Wallin in Las Vegas. Betfair Ambassador David Haye can't see past an early win for the Englishman...

"I genuinely don’t believe Tyson Fury will want to go the 12-round distance on Saturday"

Wallin deserves respect, but won't get it

Any 6ft 5inch unbeaten southpaw with a 62% knockout average should be respected, but what Otto Wallin deserves from the UK media and what he gets are two very different things. I've not met one reporter or fight fan who gives the Swede more than a one in 100 chance of beating Tyson Fury in Las Vegas this weekend.

People on both sides of the Atlantic truly rate Fury as one of the very best in the world at the minute. I don't know any expert who would have Fury outside of their top three heavyweights on the planet.

Is it fair to completely write Otto Wallin off? No, of course not, but it's just the way it is. He won't get any respect from the media until he beats a recognised name and that's something he hasn't achieved so far.

Tyson must get Wilder's attention

I genuinely don't believe Tyson Fury will want to go the 12-round distance on Saturday. The Englishman wants to put on a masterclass and show he is the real deal. He doesn't want to have any question marks hanging over his punch power as he approaches the Wilder rematch.

In his last fight against Tom Schwarz he looked devastating. The fight prior to that with Deontay Wilder showed he has the kind of power that deserves respect at world championship level. He seemed to buckle the legs of the steely Deontay Wilder a couple of times, a man who is yet to be knocked down conclusively.

I like the fact Tyson Fury doesn't rely on his punch power. Instead he uses skill, speed and punch-evasion to win fights. Against Francesco Pianeta in Ireland he wanted to put on a bit of a boxing show and didn't go looking for the knockout. He was determined to entertain the crowd with his skills that night, but things will be different this weekend. He's going to be all business. He's going to go out there and make the kind of statement that will show the world what he is about.

Fury in the first six rounds

Deontay Wilder winner 1280x720.jpg

Fury is looking for that big rematch with Wilder and to beat Deontay he will have to earn his respect, keep him at bay and show the American he has serious punching power. Tyson Fury will go into the ring and drill Otto Wallin with a straight right early on. He may even turn southpaw to bamboozle his over-matched opponent.

Having said that, it's worth remembering all the pressure is on Tyson Fury to perform in this fight. He's going to need to summon up all that class that he has shown in spurts throughout his career. The win over Wladimir Klitschko was a masterclass, the fight with Deontay Wilder was another big performance. No other fighter has been able to show the level of boxing ability against The Bronze Bomber that Tyson did during that controversial draw.

It's going to be a great fight and it's one I'm really looking forward to. I feel Fury will be too big, strong, experienced and well-rounded for Wallin. He will stop him early, probably within the first six rounds of the contest to send out a statement of intent.

David Haye,

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