David Haye Exclusive: Tyson Fury found a way to win despite horrendous cut

Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder
Betfair ambassador David Haye believes Fury v Wilder II will happen early next year
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Betfair Ambassador David Haye gives his opinion on Tyson Fury's win over Otto Wallin and the effects of that gruesome cut that should keep him out of action...

"He did what he needed to do to get the all-important victory, but we can’t say it was an enjoyable watch by anyone’s standards"

Cut affected the game plan

It was difficult to rate Tyson Fury's performance at the weekend. Firstly, because he was fighting an awkward southpaw and secondly, because of the horrendous cut he received over his eye. The gash seemed to hamper his mindset going into the latter stages of the fight and he would've been aware the bout could have been stopped at any time.

When that happens, fighters usually jump back from their original game plan and either find a knockout punch or underperform. It didn't look like he fully grasped the southpaw stance either.

Tyson seemed a little uncomfortable at times, but he did what all good fighters do, and found a way to overcome those hurdles and win. He did what he needed to do to get the all-important victory, but we can't say it was an enjoyable watch by anyone's standards.

Fury expected to be out for three months

The cut Tyson Fury suffered required 47 stitches and that will demand a significant amount of recovery time. I'd say around two or three months for the injury to heal and then you need to start working to break down any scar tissue that has formed under the skin.

If the scar tissue is allowed to harden the next good punch he takes, whether it's in sparring or against the hard-hitting Deontay Wilder with 10oz gloves on, it's going to open back up again.

The last person you want to have pouring blood impeding your vision against is a sharpshooter like Deontay Wilder, that's for sure. The American has already shown, time and again, if he's given even a fraction of your chin, he's going to hit it with a knockout punch. Tyson needs to allow the cut to heal fully and then start to work in his defence.

I certainly don't expect to see Fury fight again in 2019. He will, I believe, next face Wilder in that all-important rematch following last year's draw at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This time out I'm not too sure where the fight will take place, but it should be scheduled for late February 2020. Both men are going to bring the heat for that one.

Frank Monkhouse,

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