David Haye Exclusive: Whyte may be number one contender but he's in for a tough night's work

Dillian Whyte
Betfair ambassador David Haye expects a Whyte win on points
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Dillian Whyte faces off against unbeaten Columbian Oscar Rivas and Betfair Ambassador David Haye believes it'll be close...

"Oscar was a significant amateur, representing Columbia in the unpaid ranks and was good enough to beat Andy Ruiz Jr"

Underrated and avoided

Dillian Whyte is probably one of the most underrated and avoided fighters of the last few years. He has been mandatory challenger for as long as I can remember, has fought all comers, taken on world class opponents at short notice and has always come up with the goods. The only blemish on his record was the defeat to Anthony Joshua and that fight happened when he was boxing with pretty much one arm, needing an operation on his right shoulder afterwards.

Despite the injury, Whyte gave a really good account of himself that night, came out of the bout with credit and was the first person to put a dent in Anthony Joshua, wobbling him with a crisp left hook counter. Dillian has come on from that night and I feel he has an opportunity to now set the world alight against a very live and dangerous opponent in Oscar Rivas.

Oscar beat Andy Ruiz Jr

Rivas may not be a flagship name in the heavyweight division and there will be many casual boxing fans who have never heard of him before this weekend but he's a guy the purists know all about and respect. It's worth remembering Oscar was a significant amateur, representing Columbia in the unpaid ranks and was good enough to beat Andy Ruiz Jr in the vest. We all know just how good he is following that spectacular knockout victory over AJ, staking his claim as the man who holds the most world heavyweight titles, so that shouldn't be taken lightly.

As a professional Oscar Rivas boasts an unbeaten record and has a very high knockout percentage. Even in his last fight against Bryant Jennings he showed he carries power into the latter rounds. That was a tough fight, Jennings is a tricky customer, but Rivas was able to land clean and take his man out in the final round of what was a very close contest. For me Oscar Rivas is the real deal but Dillian Whyte is a fighter who will raise his game when in with a high-class opponent. This should be interesting, and I'd go as far as to say it's a 50/50 fight.

Rivas reminiscent of Tyson

This may be a little controversial as Dillian Whyte has stopped two of his last three, but I don't see him getting rid of Oscar. The Englishman's best opportunity to win comes from boxing long and keeping Rivas on the outside, aiming to pick-up a solid points victory.

If these guys start going toe-to-toe from the first bell I believe that would play into Oscar's hands. He is the superior up-close fighter, throws great shots and reminds me of Mike Tyson the way he delivers his combinations. It's all out aggression and it would be a very dangerous plan for Dillian Whyte to stand and trade with this man in the first six rounds. I'm taking Whyte on points, although there's a chance Rivas could score an early knockout if Dillian's team get their tactics wrong.

David Haye,

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