David Haye Exclusive: Daniel Dubois is the real deal and he'll prove it again with Royal Albert Hall show

David Haye
Betfair ambassador David Haye expects an early night
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It's the return of Friday fight night and Betfair Ambassador David Haye expects wrecking ball Daniel Dubois to get rid of Tetteh inside six rounds...

"My prediction for Friday night’s fight is Dubois to stop Tetteh within the first six rounds"

Dynamite showed his power

Daniel Dubois proved he was the real deal last time out by, not only beating Nathan Gorman, but taking him apart. Dubois walked through Gorman and the left hook many believed would take the young Londoner out wasn't landing or having any real effect.

He showed his power in that win over a more experienced and fellow unbeaten opponent back in the summer. Friday's fight against Ebenezer Tetteh is another designed to help fine tune Daniel's skills and experience. I understand that Tetteh has never fought outside Africa before now and his opponents won't exactly cause fear in the Dubois camp either.

Learned the hard way

Having said that, this is an important contest for a number of reasons. It keeps the young contender active and fighting regularly, it keeps his timing sharp and it ensures he's in the gym training and improving. Not every fight has to be an improvement on the last and a step up the ladder. It's worth remembering, sometimes with African fighters their record doesn't tell the whole story or show how good they are.

I found that out in my seventh professional fight against a guy called Lolenga Mock. Now, on paper he was a lot smaller than me and didn't have a big knockout record. I went into that fight fully relaxed, expecting a quick knockout - like many people are in this fight - but I found myself on the seat of my pants for the first time in my career and nearly unconscious.

I struggled back to my feet and had to grind out a very tough stoppage victory but that was a real lesson for me. It was taught by a guy from the DR Congo who didn't have an eye-catching CV, but since that point Lolenga Mock went on to challenge for world titles and had a very good career.

Dubois brutality will make the difference

Never overlook an opponent, particularly ones from Africa with records that don't scare you. One thing you can guarantee with fighters from that part of the world is they have a big heart and are always in very physical contests. Tetteh will be in great shape and ready to go to war. Dubois must take this fight as seriously as he did the Nathan Gorman bout.

My prediction for Friday night's fight is Dubois to stop Tetteh within the first six rounds. Once the underdog feels the sheer brutality of Daniel, he'll be in trouble. I expect Tetteh to put in a spirited effort and really give it a go but, technically, he won't have the tools to compete. That will only be the case, however, if Daniel Dubois takes this fight 100% seriously. Let's hope he does.

Frank Monkhouse,

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